Tilda Goldberg: Lessons for Today from a Social

Tilda Goldberg: Lessons for Today from a Social

Tilda Goldberg: Lessons for Today from a Social Work Pioneer Chris Hemsley Social Worker

and Donald Forrester Professor of Social Work Research The Tilda Goldberg Centre for Social Work and Social Care University of Bedfordshire

Tilda Goldberg OBE Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness

(Santayana, 1906 p.284) Tilda & Eva The Early Years

Staatliche Augusta Schule Arriving in the UK Berlin University psychology and economics did not complete

1933 England Dennington Park Road Parents and sister Eva arrive some time later; Eva dies London School of Economics

1933-35 LSE Certificate in Social Science and Administration awarded 1.10.1935 1936 LSE Certificate in Mental Health. Qualifies as a Psychiatric Social Worker

Early Career 1936-43Hertfordshire Child Guidance Clinic 1943-49Regional Aftercare Officer in Newcastle: assessing needs of people discharged from military psychiatric hospitals 1st research project national description of all patients helped by regional officers

1948-49Assistant Programme Secretary, International Congress on Mental Health, London Aug 1948 Mental Health Conference in US The Medical Research Council

1949-65 Researcher at MRC Social Medicine Research Unit under Jerry Morris Early Works Goldbergs early works share 5 common themes:

1. Research traditions of social medicine to contribute to social welfare 2. Effective assessment, embedded within the social context. 3. Clearly-stated aims

4. Multiagency working 5. Time-limited interventions Theme 1 A researcher who understands and uses the

research traditions of social medicine to contribute to social welfare Theme 2 Commitment to effective assessment,

embedded within the social context Theme 3 The need for clearly-stated aims

Theme 4 The value of multiagency working Theme 5 Identifies the value of time-limited interventions

The Social Medicine Research Unit Younghusband

The National Institute of Social Work The Seebohm Report 1968 NISWT Research Programme

1. Small scale experimental studies: the Helping the Aged RCT (Goldberg et al, 1970); Social Work in General Practice (Goldberg and Neill, 1972); task-centred casework studies (1973 to 1977) and studies into schizophrenia (1969-1974) 2. Medium scale attitude studies: the Consumer and Social Worker

Studies in Southampton 1972-3 and 1974-6 3. National studies of service patterns, including the workload studies (1968-71) and specifically the Northern Ireland Study (1972) 4. Action research: the development of the CRS (1972-1976)

Small Scale Experimental Studies Helping the Aged (1970) Small Scale Experimental Studies Social Work in General Practice (1972)

Small Scale Experimental Studies 1973 - 1977 Reid, W.J. and Shyne, A.W. (1969) Brief and Extended Casework. New York and London: Columbia University Press

Medium Scale Attitude Studies Southampton Consumer & Worker studies, 1972 & 1975

National Studies of Service Patterns Northern Ireland Study (Walker et al, 1972) Action Research Case Review System:

a practice tool educational function management tool information system research tool

Kent Community Care Project Post NSWA

Policy Studies Institute 1977 - 1982 Ends and Means in Social Work Goldberg, E.M. and Warburton, R.W. (1979) Problems, Tasks and Outcomes (1985) Goldberg, E.M., Gibbons, J. and Sinclair, I.A.C.

The effectiveness of social care for the elderly: an overview of recent and current evaluative research Goldberg, E.M. and Connelly, N. (1982) The Role of Research

Public accountability The equitable distribution of resources Impact on service users Cost effectiveness A safeguard against fashion, and enthusiastic

and uncritical belief in the new (Goldberg and Connelly, 1982 p.245) Tanza Road

Ringshall How to translate even freely accessible knowledge into policy and practice still remains one of the hardest nuts to crack

(Goldberg and Connelly, 1982 p.258) Influence Others Research

Goldbergs Research Policy

Practice Barriers 4 barriers to the uptake of research Walt (1994):

1. Politics 2. Scientific uncertainty 3. Timing 4. Communication

Enablers Nutley et al (2007): Good quality Prestigious source Aligns with specified needs Supported or funded by policy-makers


57 works First UK Social Care RCT Qualitative and quantitative research

The Tilda Goldberg Centre for Social Work and Social Care Research Each age writes the history of the past anew with reference to

the conditions uppermost in its own time." Frederick Jackson Turner e.g. REF and Tildas financial legacy

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