Michigan Army National Guard Safety and Occupational Health

Michigan Army National Guard  Safety and Occupational Health

Michigan Army National Guard Safety and Occupational Health Office

24 Jan 07

Quick Start:
Safety Officer/NCO Toolbox
General References
AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program

DA Pam 385-1, Small Unit Safety Officer/NCO Gui
MI ARNG Regulation 385-1, Safety and
Occupational Health Program

Individual Safety
GTA 5-8-12, Individual Safety Card
GTA 08-05-062, Guide to Staying Healthy
DA Pam 385-5, Fundamentals of Safety in
Army Sports and Recreation
DA Pam 385-8, Safety Back Injury Prevention

Vehicle & Convoy Safety
AR 385-55, Prevention of Motor Vehicle Accidents

AR 600-55, The Army Driver and Operator Stand
ardization Program (Selection, Training, Testing,
and Licensing)
FM 21-305, Manual for Wheeled Vehicle Driver

TC 21-305, Training Program for Wheeled Vehicl
e Accident Avoidance

GTA 55-03-030, HMMWV Uparmored Rollover
Emergency Procedures/
Perf Measures

GTA 55-03-031, Water Egress HMMWV Uparmo
red Rollover Task and
Perf Measures
AR 385-63, Range Safety
Form 285-2-4,
Convoy Commanders
DA Pam 385-63,
Range Safety
TC 25-8, Training Ranges
GTA 7-1-30, Range Operations Checklist
Weapon Handling and Clearing Procedures

Range & Weapon Safety

Composite Risk Management
FM 5-19, Composite Risk Management
DA Form 7566, Composite Risk Management
Worksheet [xfdl] [pdf] [FormFlow] [Word]
Composite Risk Management OPD/NCOPD

GTA 21-08-001, Risk Management Information Card

Heat Injury Prevention
Preventing Heat Injuries: The Commanders Guide
Guide to Risk Management of Heat Injuries
Heat Injury Prevention (HIP) Pocket Guide
Fluid Replacement Guidelines
Quick Start: Heat Injury Risk Management

Cold Injury Prevention
Risk Management for Preventing Cold Injuries
Cold Weather Casualties and Injuries Card

Accident Reporting
AR 385-40, Accident Reporting and Records

DA Pam 385-40, Army Accident Investigation an
d Reporting
DA Form 285-AB-R, US Army Abbreviated
Ground Accident Report (AGAR) [xfld] [pdf] [
FormFlow] [Word]
Quick Start: AGAR Form
AGAR Use and Preparation Guide

Ammunition Safety

AR 385-64, US Army Explosive Safety Progra
DA Pam 385-64, Ammunition & Explosives S
afety Standards
Quick Start: Field Ammunition Holding Areas

This guide provides a listing of some key resources available to Safety Officers/NCOs in the Michigan Army National Guard.
This guide neither supersedes nor relieves users of their responsibility to comply with official regulatory requirements.
Visit the Michigan Army National Guard Safety and Occupational Health on AKO: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/256507


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