Introduction to MEDT 7466 Digital & 35 mm

Introduction to MEDT 7466 Digital & 35 mm

Introduction to MEDT 7466 Digital & 35 mm Photography Welcome to digital photography Meet your instructor Learn about the course

Objectives Activities Grading Class procedures Schedule Dr. Kathi L. Vanderbilt

Assistant Professor Department of Media & Instructional Technology University of West Georgia My Contact Information Email addresses: [email protected] [email protected]

Phone numbers 678-401-2905 (home) Skype kathi.vanderbilt My Educational Background Ph.D. in Instructional Technology Georgia State University Ed.S. in Instructional Technology

Valdosta State University MLM in Library Media Technology Georgia State University BA in Mass Communications (Photojournalism) University of South Florida My Interests Walking with Sophie & Berny

My Interests My cats Andee Kellee My Interests Traveling, hiking & taking pictures

T Z io n ur ngo a T k ey

Angels Landing Zion Moonrise My Interests Reading - for personal enjoyment and for professional growth I coach a competition reading team at my high school. My team is called the Bookaneers

Social networking around pleasure reading Goodreads Dr. K All About Me Media Specialist at Allatoona High School in Cobb County As a media specialist Ive worked at elementary, middle & high school (P-12) My first career was in photography &

graphics Still Photographer NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Can you believe it? That is me in the NASA photos taken by Dennis Keim. Photographic Tech Darkroom technician produced black

& white and color photographs Created photo-mechanical composite images (pre-computer times) Began working with computers and technology and made move to library media field in 1995 Transition I experienced the impact of computers as it changed photography and the photo

industry The world of photography continues to change and evolve. Kodachrome was retired in June 2009. Educational Interests

Online teaching and learning Adult & young adult learning Web 2.0 tools Technology infused teaching Engaging learners Promoting reading

Lets have fun This course will be lots of work yet it should be lots of fun too. I am here to help you. I enjoy teaching and learning online and face-to-face. Let me know if I can be of service it would be my pleasure to assist you as you learn all about digital photography. Why MEDT 7466?

To enhance your photo skills With digital cameras With photo editing software To increase awareness of the various uses of photography in the curriculum To develop an understanding of photo resources and tools to meet the needs of diverse learners

Why? Photography is fun and engaging for students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff members. Photography can enhance learning through hands-on learning Why? Photography enhances the creation of meaningful instructional materials for

use in the classroom PowerPoint presentations with & without audio Web 2.0 tools Digital Photo Stories Websites, brochures, PR materials, multimedia, & handouts Nature of the course Online and face-to-face classes.

Two face-to-face classes Beginning of semester Exam time slot Optional weekly chat See the getting started note in CourseDen for date & time for any required class meetings.

Textbook Required Text: Long, B. (2010). Complete digital photography (5th ed.). Boston: Course Technology. Resources Online readings See course syllabus & CourseDen for a listing of readings and resources

See CourseDen for links to specific articles and Websites Computer Needs Must have MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, and Photoshop CS3 software ITS provides free MS Office software students. Free, that is a GREAT deal now, isnt it! Photoshop CS3 is available on ITS lab

computers. Activities & Assignments Class Discussions Virtual Group participation Comment and critique photos and projects Vote for your favorite photos for photography awards Activities & Assignments

Photoblog Digital Photo Assignments Collaborative Lesson Plan Digital Storytelling Project

Presentation Activities & Assignments Digital Photo Assignments Complete 10 photo assignments and upload to your photoblog Note all photos must be taken this semester Use digital photo rubric and complete a self critique

Write a reflection for each photo assignment per instructions in CourseDen Activities & Assignments Photoblog

Create a Flickr Pro account cost is $24.95 Upload all photos for your assignments Add a title to each photo Include at least three descriptive tags for each photo Activities & Assignments Collaborative Lesson Plan Technology Infused Photography Lesson Plan individual OR small group (up to 4)

Teach a photography related lesson Prepare instructional materials Create a rubric to evaluate learning Create a pre-test to determine entry level skills and

knowledge Create a post-test to evaluate student learning Analyze pre/post test data & summarize learning results from teaching the lesson Activities & Assignments Digital Storytelling Project Create a story for K-12 or work environment individual OR small group project (up to 4) Could be an example of a student project that

you might use in your classroom or it could help promote a program, teach a concept or communicate a message. 2 4 minutes in length 12 original photos per person Activities & Assignments Group Presentation Each group will have 15 minutes to make a presentation in which each group member

must have an active role. This is an opportunity to share the most meaningful projects and assignments that you completed for the class. Grading The following standards will be used to grade your work. Please refer to rubrics and/or checklists for specific assignments. A = 90 - 100

B = 80 - 89 C = 70 - 79 F = 69 and below Submitting Assignments Print a copy of the course schedule in the syllabus and keep up with your work. Review the due dates for all assignments and submit each one by midnight on the due date. Late Work

Work that is one day to one week late will receive a maximum of half the credit earned. Work that is over one week late will not be accepted and will receive a zero. Course Organization Important Policies Academic Honesty Original work created this semester for this

course Professionalism Review section in syllabus If you have questions please contact your instructor Assessment Feedback on your work will be provided by your instructor (expert critique), your

classmates (peer comments) and yourself (self-critique). Grades will be posted in CourseDen. Questions If you have questions at any time please contact your instructor via course email (1st choice), West Georgia email (2nd choice), or phone. I am not available for phone calls on

weekdays during the K-12 school year Please do not call me after 9 PM Get Shooting Get your cameras and tripods ready to take lots of pictures this semester. Have fun

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