Creating Digital Graphics By Millie and Ellece DIFFERENT

Creating Digital Graphics By Millie and Ellece DIFFERENT

Creating Digital Graphics By Millie and Ellece DIFFERENT TYPES OF GRAPHICS Bitmap Formats JPEG GIF PNG PSD TIFF

A BITMAP FORMAT A Bitmap is a picture created on a visual display unit where each pixel corresponds to one or more bits in memory, the number of bits per pixel determining the number of available colours.

JPEG JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a compressed image file format, and it is not limited to a certain amount of colour, like GIF images are, therefore that format is best for compressing photographic images if you see a large colourful image on the web, it is most likely a JPEG file.

GIF It is a bitmap format that is used on the world wide web both for still images and animation. PNG

PNG is a raster graphic format it is commonly used on the web and is also a popular choice for application graphics. PSD It stands for

Photoshop document it is a layered format which is a de facto standard in the graphic arts industry for bitmap images it is often retained as a master and exported to jpeg

gif and other graphic formats. TIFF TIFF stands for tagged image file format. It is created to be a standard

image format across multiple computer platforms. WHY DO WE USE DIFFERENT TYPES OF GRAPHICS We

use different types of graphics because we may want a different outcome on a certain project. Also each type stores graphics in different ways. COMPRESSION Compression is when you reduce the size of

something. If you have a file that takes up a lot of storage space you can compress it to decrease the size of the file. Compression is done by storing data in fewer bits. When a file has been reduced in size it can be stored more efficiently. Some methods of compression include removing space characters, using a single character that represents many repeated characters, or deleting information.

RESOLUTION Resolution is the sharpness of an image. The term is mainly used to describe bitmapped images. IMAGE SIZES If you have an image and you zoomed in to make it bigger you might be able to see the

pixels The bigger the storage space the image uses up, the more pixels the image contains

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