Safety & Health in the "Office" Work Environment

Safety & Health in the "Office" Work Environment

Safety & Health in the Work Environment Electrical Safety: Do not unplug equipment by pulling on the electrical cord. Do not stretch an electrical cord across an aisle where someone might trip over it. Avoid food and beverages near equipment where a spill might result in an electrical short.

Do not attempt to remove the cover of equipment for any reason while the power is turned on. Shut off electrical equipment not in use!

Do not attempt to repair equipment while it is plugged in. Do not lean over equipment that has moving parts. Do not overload extension cords or surge protectors. Electrical cords should be inspected to identify frayed and worn cords and replace if

necessary. Keep feet away from wires and plugs that may be on the floor. Follow manufacturers recommendations for safe use of equipment. Good Housekeeping Make sure your work area is free from unwanted clutter. NO bookbags are

allowed in the room! Store books, purses, etc. under your desk. Furniture Safety Chairs should remain squarely on the floor. Do not stand in a chair with wheels or casters! Never open two filing cabinet drawers at the

same time because the cabinet will tilt forward. Close drawers when not in use. Open drawers slowly and carefully. Office Equipment Safeguarding Scissors should be stored horizontally and away from the edges

of surfaces. When paper cutters are not in use, the cutter should be down and the blade secured. You should never place anything other than paper in a hole punch, shredder or automatic stapler. Always use staple removers instead of your

fingers to remove staples. Computers and Peripherals Do not insert pencils or other implements in any opening of a computer. Avoid blocking air vents to prevent overheating. Do not leave fingerprints on the monitor. Keep the monitor free of dust. Only use a soft cloth for cleaning.

No food or drink is allowed in the computer lab. Good posture is essential to your health & safety! 3 natural curves. Seated posture puts lots of strain on your body! Exaggerated curves are bad. Stretch frequently. Maintain or build strength.

Use good posture while sitting at the computer. Eyes level with the monitor Shoulders down, arms relaxed Feet flat on the floor Back supported Wrists and arms not propped Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Carpel Tunnel or Repetitive Stress Injury is caused by incorrect hand and wrist

positioning at the computer keyboard. CTS develops when something (fluid, bone, or tight tendons) presses on the nerve within the carpal tunnel of the wrist. CTS Symptoms The signs and symptoms may be mild, moderate, or severe and usually worsen without treatment. Wrist pain The most frequent complaint is numbness and tingling of any finger (except for the little

finger). Stay Safe While you Surf Never reveal personal information about yourself (name, address, age, phone number). Never give anyone your Social Security number, credit card numbers, or your parents names. Never arrange to meet someone face-to-face you have only met on-line. Dont share photos of yourself with someone you have only met on-line. Dont share passwords with anyone except your

parents and teachers. Emergencies What does the alarm sound like? What are the exits? Where do we meet?

Who accounts for us? Why should we stay quiet? STUDY! Please study the safety rules carefully as you will be given a test on them tomorrow. The State Department of Education requires that you make a grade of 100 on this test, so study and lets take care of this the first time.

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