Rotary District 1130

Rotary District 1130

Rotary District 1130 Community & Vocational Forum September 2012 Community and Vocational Service Todays Agenda

Introduction to the D1130 Comm & Voc Team Introduction to Community &Vocational Service Guest Speaker Life Education RI Changemaker Award BBC Children in Need Rotary Spring Clean

Community Projects Vocational Projects Introduction to C&V Team Specialist Chairman Scott Maclachlan Barnet Support Team Stroke Awareness Thea Ingham Roding Health Day

Kids Out Day Fred Fox Heston & Isleworth Dictionaries 4 Life Colin Bryant (March is Literacy Month) Leonard Cheshire Peter Holmes Barkingside Junior Citizen Steven Seager

Redbridge District Specialists: Environmental Officer: Pat Clark Protection Officer: Steven Seager Edmonton Redbridge Community and Vocational

Service In line with Rotary international there has been a split of the C&V team in RIBI to separate teams. This was to boost Vocational Service as one of the main Avenues of Service Each District and Club has the choice whether to follow suit or remain with a combined team. This District has decided to remain combined at present, but will split next year Life Education

Life Education is a Charity supported by Rotary Clubs. More from our speaker: David Burton Operations Director Coram Life Education Presidential Citation The New 2012/13 Citation recognises Clubs who take part in a number of areas of service: Increase our Service Community and International Service

New Generations Service Enhance our Clubs Public Image PR and Vocational Service This encourages Clubs to complete the suggested topics in each heading. Community Service 2 Items from Citation Conduct community needs assessment and

use to set up new project Work with another organisation for a community project Vocational Service 3 Items from Citation Career advice for schools or in community Organise professional networking event with local professions. Sponsor a career day to bring young people to their place of business

BBC Children in Need Newsletter Link with RIBI Video Rotary Spring Clean RIBI will be providing support to Clubs for this campaign in Spring 2013. Work with local organisations to arrange litter pick-ups or graffiti removal.

Newsletters from RIBI on RinL website Vocational Service Vocational Service encourages Rotarians to serve others through their professions and to practice high ethical standards. Rotarians share skills and expertise through their vocations and inspire others in the process. We will cover options for this later on.

The Four-Way Test This was developed as an ethical guide to follow in business matters. It was expanded in 1989 to become the Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions. This promoted using vocation as an opportunity to serve the community and to provide opportunities for young people.

Ethical Business Practices These have been recently summarised in Forbes Magazine: 1. Use honest language 2. Insist on proper behaviour 3. Refuse to allow grey areas. Summary in RI publication: Introduction to Vocational Service. Vocational Service and Classification

From the beginning of the Rotary movement the Classification of each Rotarian has been important. Rotarians each have a Classification ie Profession or vocation, which means clubs have a cross section of the community. Through their jobs and business and professional skills Rotarians have opportunity to serve the community. Classification and Skills

Does your club have each Rotarian listed with his or her Classification? If not can I suggest this is raised with the President. Does your club have a skills/affiliations inventory of its members? This is also useful as it may find school governors, and links with other organisations who complement Rotary. Vocational Service - Suggestions

October is Vocational Service Month Get New Vocational Project started or have a Vocational focused meeting. Say The 4 Way Test at each Meeting. Volunteer for Secondary School Career day or conduct Mock Interviews Conduct Job Talks at your club and invite Ambassadorial Scholars to talk about their jobs and training. Vocational Projects

Using members Job Classification to assist in the community ie: Doctors and Nurses helping at blood pressure testing Engineers & Scientists encourage schools to take part in Rotary - Excitement of Science All professions providing work experience for school children Catering encourage Young Chef etc Feedback from Clubs

What Community and Vocational Service projects does your Club get involved with? Community & Vocational Update

Rotary Day 23rd February 2013 Literacy Projects for March Literacy Month Rotary Spring Clean 12th March to 22nd April Stroke Awareness Day 28th April 2013 Kids Out 13th June 2013 RIBI Comm & Voc newsletters (see website) looking for best practice email me details

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