Romeo and juliet - Kelly Buonauro

Romeo and juliet - Kelly Buonauro

ROMEO AND JULIET Act I Why do Sampson and Gregory fight with Montague's men? Sampson and Gregory are servants of the Capulet family, which has been feuding

with the Montague family for quite some time. The feud has reached proportions involving all members and servants of both households. Benvolio and Tybalt come upon the servants fighting. Contrast their reactions to the fight.

Benvolio tries to break up the fight, but Tybalt wants to join in and kill all the Montagues. When Montague and Capulet enter and see the disturbance, they want to fight, too. What do their wives say?

Lady Capulet tells Capulet he'd better have a crutch instead of a sword, and Lady Montague tells her husband that he "shalt not stir one foot to seek a foe." The wives have had enough of the feud and wish their husbands, now old men, would stop fighting. What ended the opening

skirmish? The Prince threatened death to Capulet and Montague for disturbing the peace. Why is Romeo so sad?

He is love-sick, hopelessly in love with a girl who "hath sworn that she will still live chaste." In Act I Scene ii, Paris asks Capulet for Juliet's hand in marriage. What is Capulet's reply?

He says Juliet is too young (not yet fourteen), and Paris should wait two more years. Why is Capulet giving a feast? He wants to bring out suitable bachelors

for Juliet to meet so she may begin to choose a husband. Should Paris seem suitable to her after she has seen other men, Capulet would consent to the marriage. How does Romeo find out about the feast, and why does he decide to go even though (being a Montague) he is not invited?

Capulet's servant, unaware of Romeo's identity and unable to read, asks for help reading the invitation list Capulet has given him. Romeo wants to go because Rosaline will be there. Describe Juliet's

relationship with her family in Act I She is a respectful young lady who obviously tries to please her parents if possible. They have a good family relationship.

At the end of Act I Scene iv, what does Romeo tell Benvolio, foreshadowing future action in the play? "For my mind misgives/ Some consequence, yet hanging in the stars,/ Shall bitterly begin his fearful date/ With

this night's revels, and expire the term/ Of a despised life closed in my breast/ By some vile forfeit of untimely death. . . ." (I.v,106-111) What does Romeo mean when he says, "Oh, dear account! My life is my foe's debt"?

He has learned that Juliet is a Capulet. His love for Juliet has brought him out of his depression, and for that he owes his enemy, a Capulet.

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