Rocky Mount High School - Nash-Rocky Mount SD / Homepage

Rocky Mount High School - Nash-Rocky Mount SD / Homepage

College Adviser Rocky Mount High School Who Am I? Name: Ms. Haywood College: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill High School: Rocky Mount Prep

Major: Exercise & Sport Science Minor: African & African American Diaspora Studies Job Title: Your very own personal College Adviserayyyyyyeeee!! Fun Facts: #IROW.but cant swim

#Volleyball #Chill In-class Activity Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors ice-breaker Directions: Pair off into teams of two. Play each other in the normal version of rock, paper, scissors. Play best two out of three. Once the winner has been chosen, the loser follows the

winner and cheers them on silently as they find another winner to beat. What does a College Adviser do? My only focus is NOT just getting you guys to college!!!!! Help you register for the SAT, ACT, ASVAB, and prep for placement tests at community colleges Help you apply for colleges or universities

Help you find job placements after graduation Help you fill out your FAFSFA and CSS Profile Help you find scholarships Help you with any other questions or concerns about life Standardized Tests: ACT/SAT What are they? How do I register for them?

How much do they cost? When can I take them? Why are they important? CFNC Overview of CFNC Create an account on CFNC. Once you create an account, write your username and

password on an index card and give it back to me. Password format: First initial Last name 18 Example: Mhaywood18 Opportunities for Juniors Project Uplift Application is now open online Apply before January 1

st If you are interested, see me so that I can be a direct recommender to the program The dates for Project Uplift 2017 are May 25-27, June 1-3,

June 8-10, June 15-17. https:// form/SV_03prsBKsz03Z6i9 What is Project Uplift? Why should you do PU?

What was my experience with PU? Minimum Course Requirements for a Public NC Institution 2.5 GPA ACT Composite score: 17 SAT combined score: 880 2 levels of the SAME foreign language

Math through advanced functions or pre-calculus Typically if you are on the Future Ready Core Curriculum then you are on track. How do you pay for college? FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Outside Scholarships Outside Loans

Some schools require the CSS Profile: Only 4 in NC (UNCChapel Hill, Davidson, Duke, Wake Forest) Office Rules If you come to me during class without a pass, I am sending you back to get a pass!!! Only come to my office if you truly have concerns, questions, or need help with things!!! Be respectful!!

Always, Always, Always sign in!!!! (just in case I forget to remind you) Social Media Instagram: _rmhs2college Twitter: _rmhs2college Remind101 @mhaywo to 81010 to enroll in remind 101 messages

Drawings: -Once a month Ill draw a name from one of the followers and give out a gift card to a local store It is important that you follow me, shout me out, and retweet!!!!! Thanks!!! Quick Survey

Please complete this quick survey to help us serve you better!

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