Research: PowerPoint Presentation 60 points March 9-15 Introduction

Research: PowerPoint Presentation 60 points March 9-15 Introduction

Research: PowerPoint Presentation 60 points March 9-15 Introduction Give an eight (8) minute presentation that sums up your research paper

Include important statistics, anecdotes, and visual materials Hook/Intro Just like in your paper, you must hook the audience. This is not simply reading the hook from your paper. Spend 30 sec-1 minute on hook

Suggestions: anticipation guide/pre-test, brief skit, poem, anecdote, video, etc. Be creative! Engaging your peers will be part of your grade Content support thesis

include effective intro and conclusion use visual materials draw from and cite multiple sources for relevant evidence Presentation Design Dont overload your slides with too much text or data.

FOCUS. In general, using a few powerful slides is key. Give slides a title. Proofread everything. Flunkers count! Keep similar topics together Visual Elements 28 to 34 bold font (Arial is easiest)

Use clear, simple visuals. Dont confuse the audience. Use contrast: light on dark or dark on light. Graphics should make a key concept clearer. Place your graphics in a similar location within each screen. Numbers and Statistics

Big numbers are confusing. If you have more than 5 numbers on a slide, its too many. Numbers and Stats Contd - Cite your source on the same slide as the statistic, using a slightly smaller size font. - Ex: 60% of college coaches agree that the

BCS system is unsuccessful (Smith 60). Charts Charts need to be clearly labeled. Numbers in tables are both hard to see and to understand. Be creative! Helpful Hints

-Practice your presentation. It will be obvious if you dont. -Don't attempt to memorize your text; your words will probably be different each time you practice. Use index cards as supplements. -Think about the ideas, and your words will follow naturally.

Helpful Hints Not familiar with PowerPoint? See me, a friend, or a teacher. Mrs. Copp has PowerPoint 2007. If you have weird programs, check before your due date to make sure it converts correctly.

You will present on the day it is due. Please make arrangements. My policies still stand.

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