Ready References and Dictionaries

Ready References and Dictionaries

Jamie Kilgore & Courtney Black Ready reference sources answer the major who, what, which, where, when and how questions.

Telephone Books Toll-Free Phone Book USA Almanacs The World Almanac Literary Synopses Masterplots

Timelines and Events Chases Calendar of Events Etiquette Emily Posts Etiquette Online When choosing ready reference sources for your library, consider their authority, scope, cost, format, availability, reliability, and comprehensiveness. Most importantly, select ready

references that are current and accurate! Dictionaries attempt to list all the words in a language along with their meaning, usage, pronunciation, grammatical provenance, and syllabication. Most types of dictionaries contain definitions and are arranged alphabetically.

General Dictionaries Oxford English Dictionary Specialized Word Sources Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang Thesauri The Oxford American Writers Thesaurus Quotations Barletts Familiar Quotations Concordances Abingdons Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Style and Usage of Words Handbook for

Writers of Research Papers Childrens Dictionaries Students Dictionary Bilingual Dictionaries Cassells Latin Dictionary Special Constituency Oxford Large Print Dictionary

Subject Dictionaries Blacks Law Dictionary Online When evaluating dictionaries authority and accuracy are very important. Other criteria for word sources are currency, cost, format, scope, comprehensiveness and valueadded features.

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