PSIG Year 12 Tracking progress 28th November 2012

PSIG Year 12 Tracking progress 28th November 2012

PEG Year 12 Tracking progress 25th of November 2015 Tracking progress

September - GCSE results and ALIS October/November - Progress Reviews January: progress grades/Mock Examinations February Parents/carers evening. Options year 13 April Progress Reviews May Examinations Minimum Grades Uses prior attainment at GCSE average point score (APS) Uses relationship between grades students

achieved at AS and A2 compared to the GCSE APS, in previous year These become minimum grades for current students but not aspirational grades They are not predicted grades! Evidence shows that OVERALL performance at GCSE is the best indicator of how a student is likely to perform at A level However, these are minimum grades, a lot of students achieve beyond this it helps you to know how your daughter/son is performing in

their subjects. It helps us to know where they might be struggling. For students They have minimum GRADES the minimum they should be aiming for, given that students in the same position as them last year achieved these grades. Communicated to students early in the course as well as setting aspirational grades alongside. Assessed work allows teachers and students to monitor progress. Dialogue between student and teacher to determine how to get to and beyond the MG

However, students also have an aspirational grade which they should be aiming for How we use minimum grades To look at how your daughter/son is achieving; are they achieving their MGs? Are they struggling in one area? What can they do about this to ensure that they achieve their MG?

Used to measure progress e.g. the journey made between the students current grade and their target grade, used by subjects to monitor progress Most of you have been used to targets throughout your son/daughters school career, these still continue at the Centre. However.

Personal Target Current Grade Who can we talk to if we have concerns? Parent surgery appointments need booking Cotham Monday 3pm 5.30pm RGS Wednesday 3pm 5.30pm Subject teachers Tutors Academic Mentor/Supported Study AHT

Student Services Mock Examinations 11th 15th January AS Mock examinations Progress reported home in January

BTECs, Art, lessons continue as normal. Revision Plan in place Thinking about the future Launching Higher Education The benefits Is it right? The subject (vocational vs academic) Never too early to start preparing Grasp every opportunity to evidence interest Wider reading / undergraduate lectures / work experience / Future learn modules / research /

independent projects and so much more. Open days start in spring

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