Proposed River Front East Urban Renewal Area

Proposed River Front East Urban Renewal Area

PROPOSED RIVER FRONT EAST URBAN RENEWAL AREA Garden City Urban Renewal Agency Independent public body serving the city of Garden City Established by the City Council in 1995 Currently has one redevelopment district: the River Front District which is scheduled to terminate in 2013

What does the Agency do? Focused on revitalizing older part of the city through improvements to: Public facilities (city structures) Public infrastructure (water and sewer lines, wells, streets) Parks and greenbelts Coordinates and facilitates public/private partnerships for needed public improvements How is Agency Funded? Reallocation of tax dollars, based on increase

in property values within the district Ada County Assessor establishes a base year the year the UR district is approved. Property taxes on the base year values go to the regular taxing entities, e.g. county, ACHD, city, fire district, etc. After base year, taxes on any INCREMENTAL value go to the Agency, taxes on base value continue to go to regular taxing entities Funding Example Base Year (2012) Ada County Assesses

Value of a Property: $100,000 This value becomes base year value Property taxes of $1650 (based on 2012 levy rate) go to all of the regular taxing entities 2013 with Increased Value Ada County Assesses Value of a

Property: $110,000 Total Property Taxes of $1815 (based on same 2012 levy rate) Taxes on Base Value of $100,000 still go to regular taxing entities ($1650) Taxes On Increased Value of $10,000 go to Agency ($165) If the Agency did not exist, all $1815 would go to regular taxing entities Funding Example

Assessed Value Total Taxes Taxes Go To: 201 2 $100,000 $1650

Usual Taxing Entities 201 3 NO URBAN RENEWAL $1815 Usual Taxing Entities $110,000

201 3 WITH URBAN RENEWAL $110,000 $1815 $16 50 Usual Taxing Entities

Proposed New Area Area is generally described as from Veterans Parkway on the west to Garden Street on the east and from Osage to the Boise River, as well as 42nd Street from Adams to the Boise River. (Some properties that are highly developed are not included in the plan.) What is Focus for the Proposed Area? The Agency plans to implement the same type of projects in the River Front East urban renewal area as those that have been

completed in the current district. There has been no change in focus. Current projects have included these New Greenbelt Path 1.3 Miles of new multi- use greenbelt path from 44th Street to 52nd Street Winds through commercial section of the city as well as Mystic Cove residential

development and the Mallard Pointe Senior Affordable Housing complex. Completed the citys multi-use greenbelt path from the eastern boundary of the city to the western city limits Mystic Cove Park Completed in conjunction with the

greenbelt expansion Neighborhood park at the end of 48th Street adjacent to the greenbelt and the river Includes playground equipment and park benches Riverfront Park Completed by the

Agency in 2009 and deeded to the city, adjacent to the Boys & Girls Club on 42nd Street Largest park in Garden City and the only one with full amenities, including playground equipment, restrooms, picnic kiosk, picnic tables, basketball court, walking track, extensive

landscaping and large play area New Well & Pump House In 2010, the Agency, in partnership with the City, completed a total rehab of City Well #13. This 50+ year old well required extensive maintenance and the pump house itself was in total shambles. New, deeper well was drilled and state of the art pumping and filtering equipment was installed in a newly constructed pump house. The well is now the largest producing well in the

city and is the primary back-up system for all city wells in emergency situations. City Well Rehab Old Well/Pump House New Well/Pump House Street Improvements In partnership with the Ada County Highway District, street

improvements have been made on : Adams Street from Veterans Parkway to the Fairgrounds 432d Street from Chinden to the river 48th Street from Adams to the river 49th Street from Adams to the river 50th Street from Adams to the river 51st Street from

Adams to the river Sewer and Water Improvements New sewer and/or water lines have been installed : Adams Street from Veterans Parkway to Remington 42nd Street from Chinden to the river Bills and Ray Streets 46th Street from just south of Adams to the River (Project in

Process) New water meters have been installed throughout the entire urban renewal area New fire hydrants will be installed in 2012 A new 750,000 gallon water reservoir will be constructed in 2013, the first and only one in the city

Completed Projects Urban Renewal Spending from 1998 - 2011: Greenbelts and Parks $1,761,429 Water & Sewer Projects 1,601,330 Public Safety Projects 230,280 Senior & Youth Activities 79,105 Streetscape/Landscape 80,300 Street Improvements (Agency) 644,748

Total $4,397,192 River Front East District Whats Planned for the new River Front East District? MORE OF THE SAME! POSSIBLE PROJECTS COULD INCLUDE

SOME OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING Water and Sewer Lines New water and sewer lines will be the #1 priority of the Agency when adequate funds become available Water and Sewer Lines in

the Area are between 60 and 70 years old and are in need of replacement. Most line sizes are barely adequate for good fire protection and need to be increased in size for future development Park Improvements POSSIBLE PROJECTS COULD INCLUDE:

Blue Heron Park (Next to Senior Ctr.) Parking lot improvements Park improvements, including picnic tables, park benches Improved river access for fishermen and kayakers Centennial Park on 36th St. Picnic tables and benches New play area Garden area Greenbelt

Improvements Possible Projects Could Include: Resurfacing New Striping Addition of benches Street Improvements When and where possible and in partnership with the Ada County Highway

District, street improvements throughout the area will be implemented. When will projects start? If plan approved in 2012, Agency would receive first tax increment funds in 2014. Amount would be minimal Depending on new development or property improvements, takes four to five years for major project funds to be available. Some

smaller projects, e.g. park or greenbelt improvements, could be started in two to three years (2015/2016). Next Steps Proposed Plan will go to Planning & Zoning Commission to assure compliance with the City Comprehensive Plan Proposed Plan will go to other taxing entities for their comments Plan will go to City Council for a public hearing and then final revisions and/or approval

If approved this year, 2012 will be the base year and the Agency will receive its first funds in 2014. Questions and Comments

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