Propaganda techniques - Woodland Hills School District

Propaganda techniques - Woodland Hills School District

Propaganda techniques Or How the media gets Americans to buy, think, and vote What is propaganda?

Persuasive techniques applied by politicians, journalists, television personalities, and others to accomplish their desired ends. These techniques persuade us not through the give-and-take of argument and debate, but through

manipulating symbols and basic human emotions. Testimonial Use of a celebrity (athletes, musicians, actors) or authority figure (doctors, auto mechanics, plumbers) to endorse or

promote a product, cause, idea. Products Examples: Troy Polomalu and L T anwswering mother call; meeting at end of tunnel Michael Jordan and Hanes Dentists and tooth pastes

Jessica Simpson and Pro Active Acne Testimonials Use of causes Sarah MacLaughlinASPCA Presidents Bush and Clinton Tsunami relief

P Diddy- Vote or die campaign Lance Armstrong- Live Strong, cancer Plain Folks Use of a common man, the Scenes of family, blue-collar

workers, Products Oil-man, T-Bone Pickins-- energy plan Brawnylumberjackpaper towels Plain Folks Use with Causes (lofty purpose)

Ordinary families using CHIPS (health care for children) Joe the Plumberordinary citizen used to show values of all Bandwagon Use of threat of not being one of

the crowd, being left out is substituted for evidence of the quality of the product Use of appeal to the subject to follow the crowd, to join in because others are doing so as

well. Bandwagon Products such as the Verizon Network Walmart ad-everyone tries to rush into store at same time

Gatorade-Everyone follows Sidney Crosbys lead in drinking gatorade Nike-Just do it Card-stacking Providing only information that is

positive to an idea or product and omitting information that is negative to the idea or product Ex: Warnings given at end of drug commercials Card-stacking

Use of technique to sell products Lipitor adspositive information given at first; negative side effects rushed at end Alcohol adspleasant settingpretty people, warnings about drunken driving and dangers to pregnant

women Trident4 out of 5 dentists Card-stacking Use to promote causes or ideas (Lofty purpose) BPclean energy, environmentally

friendly; do not address fact that it is not available in near future Glittering generalities Use of words that have different positive meanings but are linked to highly valued

concepts. Ex: patriotism, loyalty, green, environmentally friendly, low fat; no carbohydrates, organic Glittering generalities Used to sell products

New And improved Tide, Windex etc. ChevyAmerican built; solid as a rock Room deodorizersmells like the great outdoors

Glittering generalities Used for lofty purposes Examples: Hasty generalization Use of small group to represent the position of the whole group.

Ex: Even though it is the first day, I can tell this is going to be a boring course. E-Harmony commercials I found my soul-mate. You can too. I lost 50 pounds on Alli, you can too.

Red Herring Use of change in subject to distract the reader from topic under discussion. BP commercial displays windmills in background to distract us from the real issue of oil prices

Transfer Transfer is a device by which the propagandist carries over the authority, and prestige of something we respect and revere to something he would have us accept.

Use of feeling of respect or reverence to something advertisers want public to accept or buy. Ex: White lab coats to sell pain relievers and make up. Names of cars Impala, mustang, Taurus (bull)

Transfer Used to sell products Example: Bridgestoneofficial tires of the NFL MMs official candy of the Olympics Used for lofty purposes: Save the Children Networkauthority

of valued institution therefore give to the charity Political ads using transfer What is the

purpose of the transfer? Is it effective? mccin wheel of fortune.jpg

What is going on here? What is the propaganda device used here? What is the purpose? Is it effective;why

or why not?

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