Procurement Services Winter Forum - Finance

Procurement Services Winter Forum - Finance

PROCUREMENT SERVICES WINTER FORUM 1 Todays Agenda: Lean Projects Tax Office Updates Tax Office Training 3% or 1099 reporting updates Record Retention Best Practices Guest Speaker: Barbara Benson

Other Updates: eProcurement New suppliers and what were working on Corporate Travel Card Updates Travel Card Training Restrictions Purchasing Copiers Supplier Registration Accounts Payable

Shared Services BDP Small Business Plan Small Business in eProcurement Changes to the Check Mailing process Procurement Desktop Reports Biennium Close Benchmarking Security Update: SSNs on invoices Paper Conservation Program Supplier Spotlight: Office Depot 2 Tax News for 2012 3% Withholding

Governmental agencies must withhold 3% tax Applies to payments over $10,000 Expanded 1099 Reporting 1099 reporting will be required for all payments over $600 Will include payments to

corporations (currently exempted from reporting) Will include payments for goods, as well as services (currently only services) Bill to repeal passed Senate Applies to payments for property or services Bill to repeal has been introduced 3 Tax Office Tax Office Starts 2011 Tax Training Series - WA Sales & Use Tax Overview

For more information and a link to the sign up page please see the 4 ProCard Reconciliation & Record Retention Myths & Misconceptions Question Answer If we dont have transactions in a No, printing a blank report is not required. However, users are advised to check with their department internal procedures. No. You are welcome to scan your invoices, but right now you must still keep the original paper.

ProCard advises you to print invoices and attach them to the report for reconciliation. However, from a records management perspective if they are both electronic and you can tie them togetherand there is no paper--you dont have to print. particular month, do we print out the ProCard transaction detail report? Can we scan our paper invoices and then shred the paper? Electronic receipt/invoices from merchants Do we have to print the invoice or can we just save the electronic invoice on our computer/system?

5 ProCard and Records Management All records (both paper and electronic) have a specific amount of time they need to be kept before they can be destroyed. For state budgets, this records retention period can be found at: onschedules/gs/general/uwgs6 For grant/contract budgets it can be found at: onschedules/gs/general/uwgs7 6 Paper v. Electronic Records If you receive an invoice or receipt in paper, it has to stay in paper to meet records retention requirements. It can be scanned, but the paper is still considered your official copy. If you receive an invoice or receipt electronically, you

can keep it electronically and do not need to print. If you have a mixture of paper and electronic records, right now it is best to keep everything in paper to satisfy audit requirements. For your own reference use, you are welcome to scan the paper and refer to the electronic file. 7 NEW EPROCUREMENT SUPPLIERS eBioscience Inc. a manufacturer of antibodies, reagents and cytokines for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical research community is now available in eProcurement. Millipore is a Life Science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bio science research and bio

pharmaceutical manufacturing. Agilent Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of scientific test equipment, bio-analytical and electronic measurements tools, supplies and consumables, including Strategene products, is now available in eProcurement. Office Depot Green Cart feature will help your office become greener by recommending an alternate item with greener attributes when one is available. 8 eProcurement What are we working on???

oi i EnEPnPo ete ntn EnPointe Computer Hardware Distributor for Lenovo Santa Cruz Life Science Santa Santa Cruz Cruz BioRad BioRad BioRad Life Science

9 Travel Card Travel Card Training RESTRICT NON-TRAVEL RELATED MERCHANTS ON THE INDIVIDUAL TRAVEL CARD. Examples: Barber and Beauty Shops Dating and Escort Services Massage Parlors Health and Beauty Spas Personal Services Jewelry Stores Gambling establishments Travel Matrix /ps/sites/default/files/cts/for ms/Travel%20Matrix.pdf 10 LEAN Project Updates PROCUREMENT EXPRESS: Goals REDUCE TRANSACTIONS BY 80% REDUCE PROCESS STEPS BY 50% INCREASE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INCREASE CONTRACT UTILIZATION TO 100% Kaizens DELEGATION OF AUTHORITY SOLICITATION STRATIFICATION PAY VS. BUY CONTRACT ACCESSIBILITY TOOLS AND TEMPLATES 11

LEAN Project Updates : Copiers Goals REDUCE EQUIPMENT BY 25% REDUCE PAPER USE BY 30% REDUCE COST TO UW BY 25% REDUCE INVOICE DISCREPANCIES BY 75% REDUCE ENERGY USE OF COPIERS AND Kaizens PRINTERS BY 50% Clean up existing orders/invoices issues Select suppliers for assessment/pilot project Select Departments for pilot 12 LEAN Project Updates SUPPLIER REGISTRATION PORTAL Wave 1: target completion May 31 2011 Will allow suppliers to submit their information via one method

(online) Benefits: cutting out redundancy and variation in the delivery process, ensuring strict version control, and finally, eliminating majority of manual data input in the process. This first wave will allow us to cut down 55 steps in the present day process and dramatically reduce the turnaround timeline for the supplier registration process. 13 LEAN Project Updates AP PRODUCTION LINE KAIZEN: FOCUSED ON STREAMLINING AP PROCESSES FOR INVOICES PROCESSED ON PAS POS AP will be transitioning into the old Travel space in February to pilot the Production Line kaizen Looking at streaming how copies of invoices are sent to campus Looking at increasing the threshold for NonRIP invoices

AP STAR TEAM KAIZEN: FOCUSING ON PREVENTING & RESOLVING INVOICE DISCREPANCIES Working on Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for AP and Purchasing to review and resolve most discrepancies 14 LEAN Project Updates SHARED SERVICES WHAT IS IT: Joint project with College of Arts and Sciences to create a Shared Services Center to consolidate transactional activities LATEST UPDATE: Project manager is on board Fiscal Specialist 2 positions will be posted Office space established 15 LEAN Project: Small Business

Subcontracting Plans These plans are required for all federal contracts over $650,000 Requires goals for spending a portion of contract funds with small businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals The goal is to create a more efficient and transparent process for creating and reporting on the small business

subcontracting plans Any department that has large federal contracts is encouraged to provide input 16 17 Arnold Dental Supply Troxell Communications Complete Office Keeneys Office Plus* Bioline eBioscience Fermentas A. Daigger Excel Gloves & Safety Supplies*

ISC Bioexpress Other Office Supplies Reagents Equipment & Supplies Small Businesses in eProcurement Lab Diverse Supplier Search / 18 Checks ~ Effective February 15th ~ Distribution of paper checks for suppliers & travel reimbursements will begin its transition to Creative

Communications. This change will be seamless to campus. ~ Phase 2 ~ Phase 2 will transfer the process of sorting, separating, and handling all vendor checks and travel reimbursements to Mailing Services. Impact to campus: There will be a location change for payment-check pick-up. No special requests will be allowed after a check has been issued The implementation timeline is dependent on programming requirements. As we get closer to a date for implementation, we will notify you of the date. 19 Procurement Desktop Reports Starting Point: 35 reports Prioritize & flesh out some report specification

s March 2011 Beta Testing April 2011 Target delivery for reports to campus users 20 Biennium Close Biennium Close Cut-Off Dates are currently under review March 31st = recommended deadline for Large Ticket Purchase Orders How will we communicate the deadlines with you? - Procurement Services Whats New on the Web (link)

Procurement Services eNews (link) Monthly Biennium Close eNewsletters (in development) PAS Flashes FM Newsletters (link) MyFinancial.desktop email news (link) Are you new to Biennium Close? 21 UW Benchmarking Cost Study is Underway System-wide Benchmarking Cost Study

Project Increase process standardization & automation Prioritize improvement initiatives by focusing on: 11 procurement process groups 4 finance processes Requires collection of data on: Staffing levels Workloads Transaction volumes Quality indicators Cost drivers Planning started in November 2010 Project completion in late Spring 2011 22 23 Our 1099 database is locked on the i-drive with restricted access to only a few individuals in AP and

in IOM. We're working on adding language to our website advising suppliers not to include their SSN's on their invoices and requesting departments to help us mask sensitive information on invoices before sending to AP. Since December we've been actively working on masking SSN's on "online" invoices and related paperwork. This is a very manual process and we may not always catch that information before sending to scanning.

Here is what AP is doing to mitigate that risk: The Issue: Personal SSNs are often listed on invoices Security Initiative: SSN Update from AP Substitute House Bill 2287 Three components: Transition to 100% post-consumer recycled paper for copiers and printers by December 31, 2009 Develop and implement a paper conservation program with the objective of reducing consumption of white cut-sheet paper by 30% by July 1, 2010 Develop and implement a plan to increase recycling of all paper products and achieve 100% recycling of all copy and print paper by July 1, 2010 24

UW Paper Conservation Committee Paper Conservation Committee was formed in January 2010 and is sponsored by UW Finance and Facilities, and the UW Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability office Committee members include representation from the following: UWMC Materials Management & HMC Purchasing UW Procurement Services UW Recycling & Solid Waste UW Creative Communications UW & UW Medicine IT Services UW Bothell - Facility Services & Physical Plant UW Tacoma - Finance & Administration

UW Faculty UW Educational Outreach 25 UW Paper Conservation Program Website: Profiles In Green Check out best practices on paper reduction from members of the UW community. Beverly Anderson, School of Forest Resources Kevin Steenis, UWIT Howard Chizeck, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering UW Professional & Continuing Education UWEO Contact Us If you have ideas or best practices, contact us at [email protected] 26 Questions or comments? Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Office

Email: [email protected] Phone: (206) 221-0391 27 Supplier Spotlight: 28

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