Presentation heading - Warwickshire LDC

Presentation heading - Warwickshire LDC

Area Team Structure Arden, Herefordshire and Worcestershire June 2013 Arden, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Local Area Team Business Office Jane Gordijn Jenny McGill Jo Clode Medical Director Martin Lee 2 Director of Nursing Sue Doheny Director of Finance Brian Hanford Director of Operations & Delivery David Williams Director of Commissioning Sue Price Medical Directorate Strategic Clinical Network Quality Improvement Locality Manager Victoria Millward Senior Project Admin/PA Kate Faulkner Elliott Quality Improvement Lead Liz Bagley Sarah Leedham Steph Connell Sharon Adams Network Admin/Project Support Elizabeth Choney Martin Lee Medical Director

Senior Admin Support Lonnie Blankley (shared with Nursing) Assistant Director (Clinical Strategy) Richard Hancox Programme Managers Amanda Beasley Jag Tomlinson Carol Reece 3 Assistant Director (Revalidation) Dr Jonathan Leach/ Dr Francis Campbell Project Officers Yvonne Buttery Amanda Baddeley Held x1 Admin Assistant Jacqui Brookes (shared with Nursing) Nursing Directorate Sue Doheny Nurse Director Senior Admin Support Lonnie Blankley (shared with Medical) Assistant Director (Quality Assurance) Vacancy 4 Assistant Director (Patient Experience) Helen Hipkiss

Quality and Safety Manager Chris Day Patient Experience Manager Denise Hines-Johnson Patient & Safety Lead Matthew Marshall Patient Experience Lead Held x1 Admin Assistant Jacqui Brookes (shared with Medical) Finance Directorate Brian Hanford Finance Director Senior Admin Support Lisa Poole (shared with Ops) Head of Finance Marcia Pert 5 Assistant Head of Finance (East) Andrew Newth Assistant Head of Finance (Corporate) Chris Plant Finance Accountant Andrew Smith Finance Accountant Mark Cartwright Finance Assistant Paul Newell Assistant Head of Finance (West) Charmaine Hawker Finance Accountant

Emma Cox Finance Support Joynall Islam Operations and Delivery Directorate David Williams Ops and Delivery Director Head of Assurance/ Delivery Steve Jarman Davies Assurance & Delivery Manager Alan Exell Assurance & Delivery Project Officer Sorena Maguire 6 Head of EPRR Helen Sanderson Ops and Delivery Jeremy Lee Senior Admin Support Lisa Poole (shared with Finance) Commissioning Directorate Sue Price Commissioning Director Consultants in Dental Public Health Alan McMichael Jonathan Iloya Funded by Public Health England Martina Ellery Contracts Manager Kate Butler Ruth Bartram Primary

Care Support Ruth Washbrook Primary Care Support 7 Amy Nixon Support Team Jan Butterworth Head of Primary Care C&W Support Team Vacancy x 1 Margaret Johnson Contracts Manager Kerry Biggs Senior Admin Support Mike Buckle Contracts Manager H&W Jeanette Giles Contracts Manager Avril Gilmore Head Of Family Health Services Screening & Immunisation Lead Ash Banerjee Team Funded by Public Health England Richard Yeabsley Head of Public

Health Nuala Woodman Public Health Commissioning Manager Rhian Holland 0.6 David Rosling Assistant Contracts Manager Karen Payton Denise Goddard Primary Care Support Michelle Sharp Primary Care Support Matthew Grubb Support Team Screening & Immunisation Managers x 2 Nina Moreton 1 Sue Bosworth 1 Screening & Immunisation CoOrdinators x 4.5 Sarah Mills Public Health Programme Manager Kimberley Reah Public Health Programme Contracts Manager Helen Evers Support Team Primary Care Support/Family Health Services Avril Gilmore Head Of Family Health Services Jo Hall

Performers & Pharmaceutical Lists Manager H&W Arden Kara Simms Carole Henshaw 8 Jayne Merriman PCS Manager H&W Lead Manager for PCS Payments/Finance Arden Catharine Rodbar PCS Manager - Arden H&W Sue Huxley Patient Data/Optoms Deborah Dennis Anne Brown Paula Bond Angela Davies Julie Duffy Linda Dyas Allyson Copson Linda Markiewicz Jacqueline Price Anita Finch Linda Ventura Sandra Wilding Rosemary Marshall Lee Duffy Nicholas Brown Cath Hughes Screening Jill Walker Lorraine Marsland Elizabeth Poutney Christine Fagence Jo Timmins CAS Alerts/Comms Beverley

Beresford Payments Kate Brown Tracey Green Tracey Morris Alison Finnegan Barry Williams Reception Gareth Astell Mark Watkin Payments Chris Beckett Sharon Hasprey Vimla Gosai Justine Hamilton Luis Sotelo Jane Apps Nick Wilson Xiuzhi Zanella Screening Carolyn Harris Susan Pinks Hilary Snee Mark Kellam Suni Prasannan Steven Proctor Soulla Pollard Wendy Dodds Deputy PCS Manager Patient Data Linda Finday Sharon Mumford Carol Pegg Tina Wood Registration Richard Tettey Luke Pinks Mark Adams Chris Egerton Steven Harrison Carol Smith Colin Smtih Jayne Mallows Ronald Dixon Pam Rehal

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