PowerPoint Template - RMUTI

PowerPoint Template - RMUTI

LOGO ER ER-to-Relational Mapping Algorithm 1 ER Diagram 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. E-R Model Table Step 1 Entity Entity Simple Attribute - Entity - Entity

- Attribute Entity - Primary Key Primary Key Entity Stude nts S_I D First_ name Birth Year Last_ name Students S_ First_ Last_ Birth ID name name Year Step 1 Entitystr Entity

Composite Attributes cus _ID Custo mer ci ty ee t Co Addr de - ess Last_ First_ name name simple Composite

Customer cus First_n Last_ str cit St _ID ame name ee t st at Zip e y at e zipc ode Step 1 Entity Entity Multivalued Attribute -

- Entity Multivalued - 2 - - Multivalued Stude nts S_I D First_ name Tel Last_ name Students S_ First_ Last_ ID name name Students

_Tel - Relational Multivalued Model Attributes 1 Instru ctor attribute ID - Multivalued Name attribute ER Model Instructo r ID Name Instructo r_degree Deg

Tel rees Step 2 Weak Entity Weak Entity - Weak Entity Primary Key Master Entity Primary Key Primary Key Weak Entity Attribute Foreign Key Master Entity Step 2 WeakFirsEntity Last emp_fir emp_Las tName emstName p_I EMPLO 1 claims D YEE t Na Na

me depend meentnam e M DEPEN DENT EMPLOYEE emp emp_firs emp_Las _ID tName tName DEPENDEN T birth Date gen der Step 2 Weak Entity Buildin g_ID Buildin 1

g Room_n umber has Building Buildin g_ID Room Building_ Room_n M Room Step 3 : One-to-Many Relationship Oneto-Many - Primary Key One

Many - Foreign Key Primary Key ( One) - Many-to-One Step 4 : Many -toMany Relationship Many-to-Many - 1 Primary Key 2 - 2 Foreign Key - Entity 2 Entity Primary Key S_I D S_I D Step 4 : Many -toMany Relationship C_I


S_ID C_ID M 1 COURS E COURSE C_ID Step 4 : Many -toMany Relationship C_I 2 Registrati S_I D

on_date D STUDE M takes N COURS S_I D NT STUDE 1 M NT STUDENT S_ID E C_I D takes M 1

COURS E Registrati on_date STUDENT_COURSE S_I C_I Registrati D D on_date COURSE C_I ID Primary Key 2 1 2 Entity Attribute Student_id, Instructor_id

Step 6 : Unary Unary Unary (1:M)M) Unary (M:M)N) Step 6 : Unary Unary (1:M) emp_ ID emp_Na me

EMPLO M YEE birthDa te 1 manages EMPLOYEE emp_ID emp_N birthD manag ame ate erID 2 Unary (M:N) item_N item_ ame

unit ID Cost N ITEM qua M 2 ntit contains y ITEM item_ID item_N unitCo 2 ame st ITEM_Componen t Step 6 :

Unary Step 7 : Ternary Ternary (and n-ary) 3 physi cian patient physici patie nt_ID _Name PATIE NT M resul ts

treatme ntCode an_ID Patient_ Treatment da M te TREATME NT _Nam e M PHYSI tiCAIN m e descrip tion Step 7 : Ternary (and

n-ary) 1 patie nt_ID patient _Name M PHYSI 1 CAIN ti M resul da m ts te e 1 descrip TREATME tion NT PATIE 1 M NT treatme

ntCode physici an_ID physi cian _Nam e Patient_ Treatment 4 2 PATIENT 3 patient_ patien ID t_Nam PHYSICIAN

e physici physicia an_ID nName 3 PATIENT_TREATMENT patien physici treatm da ti res t_ID an_ID entCod te me ults TREATMENT e treatme descripti Step 7 : Ternary (and n-ary) Step 8 : Supertype/Subtype

Supertype Subtype Step 8 : Supertype Subtype name address empNo dataHired EMPLOYEE d

SALARIED_EMP salary bonus HOURLY_EMP hourlyRate CONSULTANT contractNo BillingRate Step 8 : Supertype Subtype EMPLOYEE empNo name addres dataH s ired SALARIED_EM P semp salary bonus

HOURLY_EMP No hempNo hourlyRa CONSULTANT te cempNo contractN BillingRat 1. ER Diagram (member) , , , (title) , , , (Mutivalue attribute) (category) , ER Diagram Table Table 3 2. ER Diagram M 1 N

M M 1 Table 3 3. ER Diagram 1

Table 3 1 M M

1 N 4. ER Diagram M

N M N 1 M Table 3

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