Analysis of 2 magazine front covers: 1) NME

Analysis of 2 magazine front covers: 1) NME

Analysis of 2 magazine front covers: 1) NME 2) Q 1) NME Front Cover Analysis: OVERVIEW COVERLINES MASTHEAD FEATURE COVER LINE (PULL QUOTE) BUZZWORDS + convergence COVER IMAGE Continuation of f-cover line COLOUR SCHEME COLOUR The logo/ masthead of this front cover is coloured yellow instead of the usual red. This may indicate that the brand feel they are popular and well known enough to change the usual brand colours without causing loss of brand recognition. The fact it has been changed to yellow may indicate it is a special edition since the yellow colour connotes to things like gold and something that stands out out of the ordinary. The fact the yellow is surrounded by blue, representing sky, makes the audience see it as if it is the sun huge, special and known by everyone much like a celebrity (or star). Masthead

Buzzword inside a puff (+ convergence) LAYOUT Written next to the masthead is the text The WORLDs BEST which the reader may presume is talking about NME. This is due to the layout of the superlative BEST not being on the same line to INDIE LABELS (that it is actually describing) which causes the audience to think the subject may be NME upon first glance. This may make them believe the magazine must be the worlds best! The buzzword 'FREE is used inside a large flash/ explosion shape with the imperative win. It almost built into us to look for the word free and so having the word on the front cover is very eye catching to the reader. The shape also looks as though it is the sun in the sky. It works well with the NME logo colored yellow. This also relates to the time of year probably being the summer and so readers may get a festival vibe from the cover, indicating that there may be something in it about the summer festival they want to go to. Which in fact it does as it talks about giving a free festival guide. The colours/shapes reflect the time of the year the magazine is released. Convergence is shown here by using a range of different media, in this case, it also gives you a free festival guide which you can WIN tickets to EVERY ONE! therefore creating the incentive to get this copy! Cover Lines Feature This small cover line overlaps the masthead so that

it is definitely noticed by the readers. It features Macaulay Culkin who is famous for his acting, featuring an image from Home Alone which a wider audience of people will recognise him from, more than any other of his films which will come as a surprise to the audience. They may be wondering if he makes music as well as playing roles in films. The surprise the audience are feeling is reflected in the picture of the actor looking shocked which is almost telling the audience this is how you should be reacting. All this makes the audience intrigued to find out more creating an enigma. Cover Line CONTENT DESIGN The feature article is shown in a fun comic-like style which could hint to a funny article to do with Vampire Weekend. The content appears negative however the design clashes with it by appearing positive and so the audience may feel it is a light hearted comment one of the members of Vampire Weekend had said in an interview . The fact it is shown in speech marks (and thought bubble) may make the audience think this pull quote is from an interview and that the featured article located in the magazine is a brand new and unique interview with Vampire Weekend the fact the magazine appears to be a special edition may mean it is big news! The fact it isnt a speech bubble, however a thought bubble is key. It shows his thoughts that readers usually wouldnt see, however NME have made his thoughts seen via visual interpretation of what he Ezra is thinking. This will appeal to fans interested in the band or, because they are very famous, it will appeal to those who know of them. The feature cover line of this front cover creates an enigma in the readers mind because it is not specific as to who may die and why the topic of death is an extreme one that will no doubt catch peoples attention and cause many questions in their mind. The audience will want to understand the context of this and so read on (they will pick it up and

flick to the article referenced). Also the rhetorical question below it is what the reader will go to first in order to put it into context, however, it is a rhetorical question that they will need to find out the answer to inside the magazine so further more makes them want to read on. Colour Scheme The colour scheme, as previously mentioned, appears to reflect the time of year summer. It tells the audience that this magazine involves things about the outdoors hinting towards festivals. The white of the feature article stands out even more than the yellow on blue and the so the readers eyes go to that first. This is because it is the main thing that will hook the reader to read the magazine. The overall colour pallet is light hearted and would appeal to teenagers looking to have a fun time during the summer at festivals outside in the bright sunny Cover Image weather. This is a casual image of the band which links in with the line positioned at the bottom of the page that reads Eza Koenig opens up as it feels personal - they dont look posed but look natural. The camera is positioned at eye level and is a wide angle to show the whole band as equal sitting Continuation of f-cover line along the wall, none of them are closer or further away which hints towards the fact they all feel in it together. The fact the thought bubble is linked to This strapline is done so it is very inviting for the readers. Its clever in 2 ways the man sitting second from the left tells us he is the main man in the band it says opens up which also hints towards the fact the reader needs to probably the singer and the fact he is wearing glasses tells us he may physically open up the magazine in order to know what Ezra Koenig has have been hiding the truth on the surface but is now going to open up. The opened up about. The dot-dot-dot tells the reader there is more to it, and direct gaze of the band member without glasses attracts the readers they know they will find it inside the magazine. It almost acts like an arrow attention and also when people are wearing glasses we assume they are pointing towards the opening of the magazine which is to the right of the

either looking at us or it simply just allows us to look towards their eyes as it strapline. The font is one similar to comic sans, and appears fun therefore doesnt feel awkward because you cant see them looking back. This, again, suggesting the interview to be interesting yet entertaining positive, invites the reader to look at their eyes as if it were a direct gaze (even however ,the fact the content of the feature article cover line is negative though it is not direct gaze). Also the sunglasses create a mysterious feel to will make readers want to know what is going on here. They will ask it, which would reflect the fact people wouldnt have known about the themselves - is it positive or negative things that Exra Koenig is opening up things they were learn about them inside the magazine the image of the about? band previously was mysterious? As well as mystery, it is simply an iconic look for rock stars to wear sun glasses. Audienc e The audience for this edition of NME are niche because the cover concentrates on Vampire Weekend, relating to one area of music INDIE/ ALTERNATIVE ROCK. Looking at Demographics I would suggest the audience fell under C, D and E. This is because these people would be more outgoing and looking to have fun at gigs theyre not the professionals at the top of businesses but the ones that they employ. They are more so the arty types that dont get paid too much but look to have a good time and spend their money on festivals this is why the fact the magazine is free is also very key to this point. PSYCHOGRAPHICS: Adult Strugglers and explorers, people who want escapism and have interest in doing new and different things (so go to festivals) Teens Fun seekers (go to festivals/ gigs) and armchair rebels (people who consume lots of media. Explorers they like to look for new bands and seek to discover ones they like. They would also be very free spirited and a bit wild. AUDIENCE PROFILE: The audience would generally be between mid teens to 30 year olds with 80% of them being male and 20% being female. They would be interested in the latest music since NME generally covers new bands and new albums, etc. They also cover things like festivals and upcoming gigs so the people would be interested in going out to them. They would generally be located in the UK as the magazine is a British music magazine, however the coverage includes bands from around the world so may interest other

countries too. Just the brand is situated in the UK. LifeMatrix Segments: Those who would read NME would be very much free spirited as they would to festivals which in reality are very wild. They may have high aspirations to become musicians and to perform at these festivals one day too. They could be labelled as fun-attics and tribe-wired (wild). 2) Q Front Cover Analysis: OVERVIEW MASTHEAD FEATURE COVER LINE (+ crosshead) STRAPLINE/ SLOGAN MAIN COVER IMAGE + NON DIRECT GAZE + POSE CAPTION COVER LINES Forsecondary coverline Masthead COLOUR The logo/ masthead of this front cover is coloured red with the Q coloured white. This is how it always is across all the magazines/ media their logo is used across. This creates brand identity, however in this case the usual logo is cracked and smashed see DESIGN.

Also the colour red connotes to things like energy and festivity, which could relate to the high amounts of energy at gigs and festivals, etc and also to love, such as the love for music. The name Q may be linked to the physical queues to gigs/ festivals too and the font looks formal however quite wavy (the line on the Q), not too rigid so would not cover formal things like classical music, however rock, etc. DESIGN This particular copy has the Q logo cracked and smashed because it ties in well with the cover image of Matt Bellamy swinging his guitar having apparently hit the logo. This hints towards the main genre focused on in this edition of Q magazine. Potentially loud and heavy music that will shatter glass or the logo in this case. This will attract certain audiences a bit more than others it will attract audiences that are more likely to read Kerrang! due to the suggested genre of music being at the heavier end of rock. This is unlike MUSE and so people may be surprised at the way they are being presented here. Q may also be suggesting that MUSE have released a new top-hit by literally having Matt hitting the logo at the top of the page. The logo simply being the letter Q may hint towards queues such as a queue to a gig/ concert. STRAPLINE/ SLOGAN The font of this slogan is very formal and so will be believable for the audience who will then think this is in fact the UKs biggest music magazine. The formality of the slogan (and masthead) hint towards the target audience being an older generation, around 20s upwards, more so than teens. MAIN COVER IMAGE The cover image features non-direct gaze, however shows Matt Bellamy looking towards the Q, and so the direction of his eyes act like an arrow that the readers eyes follow and so also look at the masthead. It puts more emphasis on the movement of the image and the destruction of the logo. What Matt is looking

at are his intentions and he has smashed those intentions maybe he has done something that has smashed the charts and even blown the minds of those at Q? Or has Matt done something bad hence the fact Matt Bellamy is out of control is written below the crosshead part of the feature cover line, which creates an enigma as it is not specific to why. People associate with Matt music that would become very popular and different each time each Muse album is different and covered by the media a lot it would appeal to a wide amount of people. CAPTION Forsecondary coverline FEATURE COVER LINE (+ crosshead) Having MUSE written as the crosshead big and bold will capture a huge amount of peoples attention due to the bands vast amount of popularity. This is a very good way to get people to stop and to simply have interest in looking at the front cover because they may know of the band. Matt Bellamy is the main singer/ songwriter of Muse and so mentioning only his name instead of, for example, only the drummers name is smarter because people are more likely to know his name. Stating that he has gone out of control will make people either think what has he done? and want to read on or will make people think what have muse done that has put them on the cover and to make Matt be described as out of control?. All this will no doubt make people want to flick to the article

to find out the answers. The Beatles are something of the past, thus pointing towards an older generation however, The Beatles are literally known by everyone, therefore opens up the audience hugely. This cover line is separated out from the rest because it will appeal to more people. People will see the iconic photo below (they may even recognise/ have seen the photo somewhere else already) and read the caption above it then get hooked because they may feel they know everything about them. However this caption states that they wouldnt know the facts they have about them in this magazine. The past tense of didnt indicates that they are confident the audience will read it and so may persuade the audience to read it because they will COVER LINES know 200 facts no one else will know. TYPOGRATHY/ LAYOUT. Rocks GREATEST NUTJOBS adds a bit of humour and suggests what genre this edition of Q is mainly about Having multiple different articles allows rock. Nutjobs suggests there are some entertaining/ for different audiences to know that funny articles inside the magazine which may tempt there is a section tailored towards their young audiences (teens to early 20s) to want to read it. music taste the magazine is not simply Also by saying on tour with Coldplay leaves the reader about the genre of the main article. Also wanting to know who is on tour with Coldplay who the way the text is laid out is effective as are another huge band that many people will have (talking specifically about the cover lines heard of. Though the magazine cover points more to the right) to fit the width of that towards rock, adding Coldplay on there too re-opens up column the text is made larger or smaller

the audience to those who prefer that sub-genre of rock which is interesting to look at rather than (one that is perhaps slightly more pop-y. it all being a boring single size. Audienc e The audience for this edition of Q appear to be overall mass & mainstreamvdue to the wide variety of different types of music covered on the front cover ranging from Muse and Coldplay all the way to Shakira and Dizzee Rascal. I suggest in terms of demographics that the audience would fall under C2, C1, B and A. This is because the magazine appears to be a bit more sophisticated than magazines like NME which is also shown through the fonts used at the top of the page and in the masthead and the bands featured are more so for mature generations than reckless teens. PSYCHOGRAPHICS: Adult Succeeders and mainstreamers, people who have done pretty well but still like the classics and bands that are alternative but still mainstream. Resigned not here to explore for new bands but emphasise familiarity. Teens Mainstreamers like to think they are being a bit different however still listen to Coldplay. AUDIENCE PROFILE: 83.8% of their audience are 15 to 44 years old with 66.2% of them being male. They would be interested in the classics and bands that have been around for awhile unlike the audience of NME who like new and bands that haven't been around for so long. LifeMatrix Segments: Those who would read Q wouldnt be as free spirited as those who would read NME as its target audience is different. Those who read NME are interested in new bands and would if they could go see a gig every week, whereas Q feature bands like Cold Play that are already famous and probably would do huge concerts that do not have a lot of mosh pitting, if any.

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