Review and Importance CS 111 Signals Analog vs

Review and Importance CS 111 Signals  Analog vs

Review and Importance CS 111 Signals Analog vs Digital Sampling Nyquist Sampling Theorem Quantization Artifacts

Generalization to higher dimensions Linear System Properties Homogeneity Additivity Shift Invariance Helps

Decompose Analyze Combine Convolution Basic Algorithm Linear System Properties Commutative Associative Distributive

Linear Filters Low pass Filters Gaussian Pyramids High pass filters Band pass filters Laplacian Pyramids Combining

linear filters Designing new filters Edge Detection Edgel detection Gradient based operators Curvature based operators Advantages and disadvantages

Multi-resolution edge detection Higher level representation Hough Transform Spectral Analysis of Signals Discrete Fourier Transform Analysis Using

Correlation Sythesis Weight Addition Interpretation of sinusoidal Basis of amplitude and phase plot 1D and 2D Repetative nature

Spectral Analysis of Signals Properties Homogeneity Additivity Spatial shift corresponds to phase shift Symmetry and linearity of phase Duality Convolution vs Multiplication Expansion vs Compression

Spectral Analysis of Signals Applications Amplitude Modulation Frequency Modulation Filter Design Fourier Pairs Implication of Duality

Aliasing Sampling and Reconstruction Non-Linear Filters Self Similarity Feature detectors Isotropism Order statistics filters

Median filter Histogram Analysis Definition Histogram Stretching Global Local Contrast Enhancement Histogram

Equalization Color Properties of spectrum Intensity, brightness, hue, satuaration Additive vs Subtractive color CIE XYZ space Metamerism

Chromaticity Chart Relating to perceptual quantities Computations of I, x, y, Y Color Reproducibility Color Gamuts Tone mapping operators Dithering Color management in additive devices Device Specifications Gamut transformation and matching

Color management in subtractive devices Non-linearity of devices and methods Color Image Processing Image composition Replace Blend

Feather Blending Width Smoothness of function Pyramid blending Geometric Transformation Linear Transformations Homogeneous Coordinates Finding unknown transformations

Using correspondences Non-linear transformations Interpolation Techniques Forward vs Backward Interpolation Compression Technique General Techniques Simple LSB rejection Statistical

CLUT, Huffman coding, run-length encoding Interpolation based Transform based Motivation:Contrast Sensitive functions JPEG Compression Pipeline How is transform used? How is interpolation used?

How is statistics used? How are the DCT blocks encoded? How the quantization table changes quality of compression? Morphological Operators (Binary) Erosion Dilation Opening Closing Properties Morphological Operators (Gray Scale) Extension of binary Morphological smoothing Morphological Edge detection

Morphological Noise filter Applications Object detection Texture segmentation Removal of debris

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