Read skimming.. The chapter from SH Nasrs book;

Read skimming.. The chapter from SH Nasrs book;

Read skimming.. The chapter from SH Nasrs book; ISLAM IN THE MODERN WORLD Find out the points about the spiritual significance of Jihad Jihad Purpose of lesson A thorough study of Jihad in the work of the scholar

Tariq Ramadan Group work Read the anthology thoroughly in group, Tariq Ramadan (p.209 -215) Discuss each piece of text that contains the same point on Jihad Write a summarised-topic sentence about the piece of text in each box Note any evidence from the Quran or hadith to include in your essays. Find out the significance of jihad; - in general, - of lesser and greater jihad - significance and any difference in understanding and practice

between Ramadan and Khadduri You may include these significant points in the appropriate boxes or note down around the margin Green pen Extract 2 Tariq Ramadan Check your notes from last lesson Make any amendments or additions P1. The world of Islam is lately haunted by the misconception of Jihad. P2. The spiritual meaning of jihad taken over by the armed struggle and political

violence. P3. Actually Jihad is the most fulfilled expression of a faith, which seeks to express balance and harmony. a. Peace of heart P5. Human heart never accepts violence, hatred and aggression. Self control and respecting all others is the priority. P6. The struggle within inner-self against evil thoughts remained the focus of the literature. P7. The best and the worst capabilities of human being should be understood. P8. The inward effort and struggle against the interior assumptions is the most appropriate translation of the word jihad.

P9. To seek to express goodness and respect of oneself and others. To have a peace of heart one should understand the reality of the inward conflict. P10. Expedition against the Muslims' enemies is a lesser Jihad and the effort of inward purification is the greater Jihad. P11. The acknowledgement and control of interiority is more important than the armed conflict. E.g The Prophet considered that the strongest is him who keeps his anger in check. (Hadith Bukhari, Muslim) b. The reality of conflict P12. The human differences should be managed with greatness. The preservation of harmony and justice are the characteristics of a plural and diverse society.

P13. Mans conscience guides him to manage differences following the principles of justice and ethics, defending the rights of every community and individual. P14. The main principle of coexistence in diversity is that of respect and justice. P15,16. Permission for armed resistance has been granted only to defend the aggression and injustice. (Ref Quran 22:39-40) P17. Dialogue, peace and assertion of balance and harmony in equity must be the preference in all circumstances. (Surely God bids to justiceQuran16:90) P18. Violence is encouraged by the dictatorial powers and supported by superpowers. Jihad means the testimony of a heart that brightens faith and the witness of a conscience which creates responsibility.

b. Towards a social Jihad P19. Goodness of the good deeds must be imposed on oneself. P20. Fighting in the path of God means giving of all our properties and our own person to overcome all the difficulties of injustice, poverty, illiteracy, or minor crimes. P21. Pilgrimage is a Jihad, a struggle that strengthens a Muslims faith. P22. It is an undeniable truth that Sometimes circumstances lead to armed confrontation e.g military occupation. The broader type fight against hunger, unemployment and exploitation should not be forgotten. P23. Fight beyond someones doorstep in other countries and remaining blind to defend own neighbourhoods and local people who suffer, is a concern. Dying in the way of God is difficult, but living in the way of God is still more difficult. (Hassan al

Banna) P24. Inter-religious dialogue could be the way forward to avoid the armed confrontation. We need political and economic reforms to reconstitute the social which is nowadays torn apart in all over the world. Jihad Purpose of lesson A thorough study of Jihad in the work of the scholar Tariq Ramadan (Extract 2 in anthology)

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