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5-a-day 1 2 3 4 5 At the end of Act One of Inspector Calls, Sheila has admitted that she got Eva sacked at Millwards. At the end of this Act Sheila senses that Gerald knew Eva Gerald says All right. I knew her. Lets leave it at that Sheila replies We cant leave it at that What does that show about Sheilas character and her development?

What does Tybalt say in Act 1 Scene 5 at the masquerade ball? What is the significance of the plant that Friar Laurence talks about? In The Emigree it says it may be sick with tyrants, but I am branded by an impression of sunlight. How does this show the power of PLACE? What is important about the eldest Cratchit children Martha and Peter? C/L Monday 9th October 2017 Lesson One: Act 2 Scene 5 LESSON OBJECTIVE:

To read Act 2 Scene 5 and understand that the nurse can be agitating for Juliet. LESSON OUTCOME: To find key quotations and create a Nurse poster. Act 2 Scene 5- What happens? In an orchard at the Capulet place, Juliet waits for the Nurse to come back with a message from Romeo. When the Nurse comes back, she plays a little game by refusing to tell Juliet anything and complaining about her aching back.

Finally, the Nurse gives in and tells Juliet to run to Friar Laurence's cell (a "cell" is just a room) where Romeo is waiting so they can get hitched. Before the scene ends, the Nurse says she'll "fetch a ladder" for Romeo to climb up so the lovers can spend their wedding night together. She also manages to turn her description of Romeo "climbing" the ladder into Juliet's "bird's nest" into an image of the kind of sex the couple is going to have later that night Act 2 Scene 5 As we watch write down three words to describe

how Juliet feels at this point. Lets read Your Task: 1. Add 1 key quotation for Juliet from this scene to a revision card. 2. Make a poster of key quotations for the Nurse from the following parts of the play: Act 1 Scene 3- Nurse, Lady Cap and Juliet discuss her age and marriage proposal to Paris Act 1 Scene 5- Nurse being comical not understanding Juliets question when she asks who

Romeo was Act 2 Scene 4- that scene when she is called a ship and she is feisty and calls Romeo a toad- we learn some cracks in her relationship with Juliet. Act 2 Scene 5- how she speaks about Romeo but yet she is happy to go along with the marriage LESSON TWO I have had this toy since I was 2 years old.

Pass her around carefully and discuss what has happened to her over the years. Timmy was jealous and joined in the photo. Now can you link my toy to what the Friar says about Romeo and Juliet in Act 2 Scene 6

love moderately Moderately means not too much C/L Monday 9th October 2017 Act 2 Scene 6- The Wedding LESSON OBJECTIVE: To explore Shakespeares use of foreshadowing in this scene.

LESSON OUTCOME: To find key foreshadowing quotations and explain their effect. Act 2 Scene 6 We are in Friar Laurences cell and it starts with him alone with Romeo. Friar Laurence talks to Romeo and still has mixed feelings about the marriage; he is both hopeful and worried. He advises caution and to take their time but at that moment Enter

Juliet somewhat fast and embraces Romeo. As with previous scenes, images of love are juxtaposed with death to show that their love is doomed. This Act ends with the Friar leading Romeo and Juliet to their wedding ceremony Quotation Hunt You have until the end of this wedding song to find as many

quotations that show that this wedding is a BAD idea I hope she doesnt realise that I let Mercutio call her a sail Glue this onto an A3 sheet

Find 3 key quotations that foreshadow death. Outside of each one, explain how they foreshadow death then love devouring death do what he dare This is foreshadowing that their love will actually devour Romeo and Juliet by leading them to their own deaths. Shakespeare is deliberately making

the audience tense as Romeo is being far too confident when he says do what he dare. He may be being this confident as he is immature and possibly because as man he wants to seem invisible. This links to earlier on when he said that love carried him over the Capulet walls as he is yet again being unrealistic and immature. Write in Romeo and Juliets wedding guest book one reason why they shouldnt marry

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