Holmes and Watson Exploring the Language Learning objective:

Holmes and Watson  Exploring the Language Learning objective:

Holmes and Watson Exploring the Language Learning objective: to make inferences and deduction about Holmes and Watson in the first section of the novel s) Task(5 min rom The f e t o u q g in ow Read the foll what e c u d e d o t y . Tr Sign of Four ying and a s s is e lm o Sherlock H r ds : w o n w o r o u write it in y ebels at r " , a id s e h give , s My mind," m le b o r p e me G iv . n o ti a n a g t s most e h t e m e iv g ost me work, e m h t r o m a r g to abstruse cryp m in my a I d n a , is s ly intricate ana can I . e r e h p s o m at own proper rtificial a h it w e n

h t dispense e dull h t r o h b I a t u stimulants. B ve for a r c I . e c n e t is routine of ex why I is t a h T . n o ti a mental exalt ular ti c r a p n w o y m for it have chosen , d e t a e r c r e r rath profession, o world. e h t in e n o I am the only Sherlock H olmes, the most famous co nsulting d ete in literatu re, occasio ctive na used coca ine and m lly orphine. This was n othing un usual in Victorian times bec ause sale of opium, laudanum , cocaine and morp hine was l egal. Victorian users took these dangerou s drugs as selfmedicatio n and as r ecreation. nge s Challe st of the thing li for o t Make a d e t c addi e k, r o a o b u e c

yo a . g. F e n o ti a e ting cr x e t , d e usreabout Holmes? s C re n i s s a s s A What does this tell What are the important words here? Task (10 mins) Pair Work 1. Three times a day for many mo nths I had witnes performance, but sed this custom had not re conciled my mind contrary, from da to it. On the y to day I had bec ome more irritab and my conscienc le at the sight, e swelled nightly within me at the had lacked the co thought that I urage to protest. 2. His great pow ers, masterly manne r, and the experie had had of his ma nce which I ny extraordinary qualities, all mad and backward in e me diffident crossing him. tson a W n h o Dr J Write 2/3 sentenc es about each qu ote explaining, in words, what Wats your own ons attitude is to wards Sherlocks drug taking. you have been ch hi w h it w s er w po e t ng ea le gr al e Ch k the loss of thos ris , re su ea pl g in ss pa e er m Why should you, for a endowed? Use dictionaries to help you ck in this quote? lo er Sh to ng ti es gg su n so What is Wat with the task

But I abhor t he dull routin e of existence is why I have . I crave for m chosen my ow ental exaltati n particular pr I am the only on. That o fession, or ra h one in the wor t er created it, ld." "The only un for official detec ti v e ?" I said, rais "The only un ing my eyebr official consu ows. lti n g detective highest cou t ," he answered r of appeal in . "I am the detection. W Athelney Jon last and hen Gregson e s ar e out of , o r Lestrade, or their depths state - the m - which, by th atter is laid b e way, is their efore me. I ex pronounce a normal amine the a specialist's o d t a , as an exper pinion. I claim figures in no t , and no credit in s newspaper. T u ch cases. My he work itself my peculiar p na m e , the pleasure o owers, is my f finding a fie highest rewa experience o ld for rd. But you h f my method a v e yourself ha s of work in t d some he Jefferson H ope case. Languag e Alert! Task (10 mins) te down their ri w d an ds or w ed in rl de the un Look up the meanings of definition. em on the th e rit w ce en nt se a in words Challenge: Try to use the whiteboards. Pair Work ins) m 5 ( es k s s a a r T h

p / s d or w n w o est d g e g u s Writ h c i t wh c a r t x e s i f o y l h g i from th h inks h t k c o l r e that Sh . s e ti i l i b a s hi Languag e Alert! Egotistical excessively self-centred and involved with oneself "It is simplicity itself," he remarked, chucklin g at my surprise -"so absurdly simple th at an explanation is supe rfluous; and yet it may serve to define the limits of observati on and of deduction. Observatio n tells me that you ha ve a little reddish mould adhering to yo ur instep. Just opposi te the Wigmore Street Office they hav e taken up the pavem ent and thrown up some earth, which li es in such a way that it is difficult to avoid treading in it in enteri ng. The earth is of this peculiar reddish tint which is found, a s far as I know, nowhere else in the neighbourhood. So m uch is observation. Th e rest is deduction." Holmes and Watson Learning objective: to make inferences and deduction about Holmes and Watson in the first section of the novel From what we have looked at today which of the following words could be used to describe Holmes and which for Watson? ruthless admiring loving egotistical observant worried unsociable intellectual harsh solitary honourable romantic restless loyal

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