Scholastic Reading Inventory-Interactive Training Module What is the

Scholastic Reading Inventory-Interactive Training Module What is the

Scholastic Reading Inventory-Interactive Training Module What is the SRI Interactive? Interactive reading comprehension test An assessment of student reading levels Scores are reported in Lexiles

Who should take the SRI? The SRI is designed for students who can read. It is recommended that teachers take an SRI BEFORE students.

If students are unable to read, should the SRI be read to them? The SRI is for students who are readers. REFLECT 1. Why is it important for you as a teacher to take this test?

2. What environmental conditions should exist for students during this test? How does the SRI-Interactive work? 1. Student logs onto computer.

2. Student answers questions about his/her reading interests to prepare a customized reading list. Student selects favorite types of books. Book Interest Screens

Grades K-2 Grades 3-5 Grades 6+

3. Student takes a short Practice Test. 4. The test begins. Students take the practice test. Practice Test

Optional Practice Test To make sure student understands directions. To make sure student knows how

to use computer. Approximately three to five questions in length. Directions can be read aloud by the computer.

Student takes the SRI-Interactive test. Compute-Adaptive Technology Assess Reading Levels through

Graduate School 5. The test ends when a student has answered enough questions to accurately calculate a Lexile measure. 6. Student receives a

Recommended Reading List. Why does SRI work? Authentic text passages Fiction, non-fiction, high interest low readability passages Require students to use inference, draw

conclusions, demonstrate knowledge of content vocabulary, and higher order thinking skills Why does SRI work? Computer Adaptive Technology Test adapts to student responses. Test

automatically steps up or down according to performance. Adaptive technology only requires student to do as many questions as needed to calculate accurate Lexile. Test bank of 3000 questions ensures that no two tests are identical.

Why does SRI work? Flexible Test can be administered at any computer station or on a number of computers. Appropriate for all students who are reading.

Settings are easily adjusted to accommodate specific student needs. What is a Lexile? A Lexile is a unit for measuring text difficulty. The word Lexile is a blend of the root word Lex, which refers to words, and echoes the word

percentile, a comparative unit of measure. Test takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes To complete.

How do you use a Lexile Measure? On Grade Level Lexile Range Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6

Grade 7 600-900L 700-1000L

800-1050L 850-1100L Student Tested Lexile: 729L Independent/Fluent Reading Range is 250L below Lexile

Score. 80% to 90% Comprehension Independent/Instructional Reading Range is 100L Below to 50L Above Lexile. 70% to 80% Comprehension

Instructional/Challenging Reading Range is 250L Above Lexile Score. Less than 70% Comprehension Recommended Reading List

Selected Interest areas based on initial selection Measured Reading Level reported in Lexiles Grade Level Developmentally appropriate

REFLECT 1. How often should the SRI be given? 2. What possible exceptions might exist?

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