2017 Popcorn Fundraiser Unit Leader Training 2 2017

2017 Popcorn Fundraiser Unit Leader Training 2 2017

2017 Popcorn Fundraiser Unit Leader Training 2 2017 Popcorn Seminar Agenda Planning out your Ideal Year of Scouting Funding the Scouts Dreams Building the Plan Setting and reaching your Goals Steps to a successful Unit Kick-off

Delivering the message to your Scouts and parents Increasing Scout participation Resources for Success 3 National Top Selling Scout 2016 National Top Seller Luke Fewx, San Francisco Bay Area Council Everything Luke and his Troop does is paid for by Popcorn

Donated $18,000 in popcorn to local military groups Career total selling popcorn: $99,620 Scholarship Amount: $7,956 Selling Year Sales 2013 $9,214.00 2014 $26,417.50 2015 $25,477.00

2016 $38,511.00 Career Total $99,619.50 4 National 2016 Top Selling Scouts Top 10 Scouts Council Total Sales Luke Fewx San Francisco Bay Area

$38,511 Richard Becker Garnett Heart of Virginia $23,365 Benjamin Colley Twin Rivers $21,480 Alan K. Szewczyk Jr. Great Alaska $20,702

Evan Matthew Richards Colonial Virginia $19,732 Jake Anthony Tomasko Longs Peak $17,270 Zachary Gerber Northeast Illinois $16,355 Joshua Caleb Sears

Piedmont (NC) $16,000 Brayden Matthew Spayer W.D. Boyce $15,131 Everitt Owen Greater Niagara Frontier $15,060 $203,606 5

Cradle of Libertys 2016 Top Selling SCouts Top 10 Scouts Robbie Aidan Stephen Vinnie Jacob Jeremy Caden Eli Dylan Toby S. S. D. B. C.

E. A. M. C. L. District Constellation General Nash Minquas Minquas Baden Powell General Nash Baden Powell Washington General Nash Constellation Unit Troop

Pack Pack Pack Pack Pack Pack Pack Pack Troop 219 9 493 493 173 91 405 97 414 219

Rank Total Sales Second Class Webelos II Webelos I Webelos II Webelos II Wolf Webelos II Wolf Tenderfoot Eagle $8,002.00 $2,895.00 $2,846.53

$2,816.96 $2,590.30 $2,536.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,473.00 $2,305.00 6 Cradle of Libertys 2016 Top Selling Units Top 10 Units District Roosevelt Constellation Washington Conestoga

Conestoga General Nash Continental General Nash Minquas Constellation Troop 111 Pack 284 Pack 17 Troop 512 Pack 92 Pack 10 Pack 73 Pack 91 Pack 493 Troop 219 Total Sales $

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 38,291 28,871 24,126 23,172 21,168 20,437 18,860 17,505 17,275 17,193

7 THE IDEAL YEAR OF SCOUTING 8 Ideal Year of Scouting It is our goal to be able to provide a year round quality Scouting program through proper planning, budgeting, and goal setting to insure we are helping provide Scouts an Experience Of A Lifetime 9

Ideal Year of Scouting Why did you get involved in Scouting? What do Scouts want to do? CREATE A SCOUTS IDEAL YEAR WHATS YOUR BUDGET? 12 Sample pack budget

MONTH Septembe r October DESCRIPTION Pack Carnival/Popcorn Kick-off Halloween Party/ Webelos Camporee November Pack Awards Meeting/Den Gifts December Holiday Party January

Pit Night/Pinewood Derby February Game Night/Prizes March Blue & Gold April Bowling May Memorial Day Parade & Barbeque / Webelos Camporee June

Graduation- Camping BUDGET $ 300 $ 300 $ 175 $ 500 $ 125 $ 225 $ 1,500 $ 100

$ 175 $ 550 DETERMIN E SALES GOAL 14 Ideal Year of Scouting *Includes all Scouts attending day camp 15 Ideal Year of Scouting Plan our your Units program year. Get the Scouts engaged. Its their program

Determine the budget for the year. Set the goal for the Unit and each Scout. Have a well thought out communication plan. Earn the desired funds needed from one fundraiser.

Enjoy the activities planned and HAVE FUN KICKOFF YOUR PROGRAM VIDEO: Trail's End - Have An Aweso me Popcorn Kickoff 18 Kickoff Your Program Year This is often the first gathering of the new program year for Scouts and parents, so MAKE IT A FUN EVENT!

Conduct games, have snacks, offer door prizes, etc. Review all the activities planned for the upcoming program year. Review the costs for every activity and the cost for the year. Review the sales goal for every Scout and demonstrate how a Scout can earn his own way. Review the different selling methods Show-n-Sell

Take Order Online selling Review the safety tips MOTIVATE YOUR SCOUTS 20 What Are the Best Incentives? Scouting programs that they were able to plan out Gift cards: Movie theaters, iTunes, Game Stop, etc. Camping equipment Video games

Pizza party Ice cream socials 21 Cradle of Liberty & TrailS End Incentives Prize Program Bonus Prize Program ($750 Club) Prize Vault Trails End Scholarship Program Trails End Collection Patch Trails end scholarship

Scouts who sell at least $2,500 (in one calendar year) are eligible for the Trails End Scholarship. 6% of their sale is put into an interest bearing account. They will continue to earn 6% of all sales once eligible. Information available at sell.trails-end.com Trails End SuperHero Collection PAtch Evil villain robot Mega-Corn has come to planet Earth to eat all of the worlds popcorn, so Earth has called upon The Popcorn Squad, a group of adventurous Scout with superpowers, to stop Mega-Corn before Earth is eradicated of popcorn!

Trails End Collection Patch Sell 1 item (Participation Patch) Make an online sale Make a military sale Sell 1 of each item Be a member of the $750 Top Seller Club

Top selling Scout in your unit or sell $1000 Trails End Collection PAtch 25 Encourages the majority of your scouts into other selling methodologies Online Military Sales goals

Moves your Scouts to higher sales averages Fulfillment through prize system WHAT ARE THE BARRIERS & Message FOR SCOUT PARENTS? 27 Speaking To Scout PArents No out of pocket expense to enjoy 12 months of Scouting

activities. Do one fundraiser a year and spend more time enjoying Scouting. Gives Scouts the opportunity to earn their own way & learn life lessons and responsibility All Scouts get to enjoy your units program. Consumers are more motivated to purchase based upon the cause. We are NOT selling Popcorn. What are we selling? WE ARE SELLING ADVENTURES

Consumers are 2X more likely to support a cause they believe in. 28 Trails End Resources 30 Trails End University Linked from the Popcorn Sales System Modules First Year Popcorn Kernel Advanced Popcorn Kernel Online Selling

Reporting available to determine units that have completed modules 31 Trails End University 32 Trails End University Leaders choose their level of training Leaders can go back and review different topics as needed

Popcorn System, 2017 Updates 33 Over 70 enhancements completed by May 1, including: Reduced need for repetitive tasks: Number of clicks Campaign selection Adding & Editing users Editing unit and Scout orders Reformatted unit invoices to be more compact when printing. Added two buttons on unit leader view Order Popcorn and Order Prizes for easy

ordering navigation Added Scouts name to top of Scout ordering form Added unit name and order name to top of unit ordering form Added differentiated Leader (Read & Write) and Member roles (Read Only) for Council, District, and Unit users Removed all unusable buttons system wide Todays Online Fundraising

34 Personalized story and message Simple to setup without help Goal based & real time Digital and social components drive viral

support Online Sales Site 35 Personalized Scout Story Simple to setup with parents help if needed Goal based and promote Scouting activities

Digital and social components Share Scout and units story with friends and family Online Sales Site 36 New for 2017: Notifications for Scout & Leaders via website, email and text message

Sales performance chart showing webpage visitors, number of shares and more National Sales Leaderboard so Scouts can see where they rank across the country Cradle of Liberty Resources Cradle of Liberty Resources colbsa.org/popcorn

COL Popcorn Facebook Group Four webinars, starting in July Popcorn Fundraising Overview Unit Ordering & Online Popcorn System Scout Prize Program & Bonus Incentives Conducting a Unit Kickoff Scout Training & Family Fun Days July/August

Popcorn Kickoff on August 26 District Popcorn Fundraiser Leadership 2017 Highlights 2017 Highlights 41 Scouts Selling Adventures 87% of consumers cited Supporting the Scout as the reason to purchase 2016 Trails End Research HERES TO MANY MORE


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