Chem 6780 Introduction Autumn 2017 Dr. Thomas J.

Chem 6780 Introduction Autumn 2017 Dr. Thomas J.

Chem 6780 Introduction Autumn 2017 Dr. Thomas J. Magliery [email protected] Advisor Selection Faculty research presentations Further exploration self directed Short rotation, group meetings, interviews with advisors and/or group members, reviewing publications, funding, graduates, etc. Interview advisors Ranking top 3 choices Assigned by VC with advice from advisors and division Schedule Aug. 22-Oct. 5 Chem 6780, begin further exploration Oct. 9 Turn in list of faculty you will interview (3-5) Oct. 16 Get revised interview list Oct. 16-Dec. 1 Interview faculty, further exploration

Dec. 6 Turn in top 3 choices ranked Dec. 20 Faculty matches announced Chem 6780 Presentations Must attend 6 sessions (6 nights) Must attend all of the sessions from your division Attend as many as possible Chem 6780 Presentations DATE DIVISION PRESENTING 5:30PM-5:55PM 5:55PM-6:20PM Thursday, August 24th Analytical Robert Baker

Anne Co Tuesday, August 29th Biological Tom Magliery Thursday, August 31st Inorganic Tuesday, September 5th 6:20PM-6:45PM 6:45PM-7:10PM Dennis Bong Rafael Brschweiler Mark Foster

Yiying Wu Shiyu Zhang Hannah Shafaat Josh Goldberger Organic Christo Sevov Christopher Hadad David Nagib Thursday, September 7th Physical Philip Grandinetti Bern Kohler

Steffen Lindert Tuesday, September 12th Analytical Susan Olesik Barbara Wyslouzil Abraham Badu Thursday, September 14th Biological Karin Musier-Forsyth Kotaro Nakanishi Ross Dalbey Tuesday, September 19th

Inorganic Claudia Turro Jimmy Cowan Thursday, September 21st Organic Jon Parquette RajanBabu Tuesday, September 26th Physical Chris Jaroniec Adrian Morrison (for John Herbert)

Thursday, September 28th Biological Dehua Pei Marcos Sotomayor Tuesday, October 3rd Physical Sherwin Singer Heather Allen Thursday, October 5th Inorganic/ Open Christine Thomas

Casey Wade Jovica Badjic Dongping Zhong 7:10PM-7:35PM Alexander Sokolov Dmitry Kudryashov Venkat Gopalan Further Exploration Short or informal rotation Required in bio division Aug. 21-Sept. 22 Sept. 25-Oct. 27 Oct. 30-Dec. 6 Ask for a desk, do homework there, short project or shadowing, attend group and subgroup meetings You are not required to join a lab in which you rotate Attend other group meetings

Talk to group members Ask about lab culture Review publications Interview advisors Temporary Advisors Meet your temporary advisors at least once to discuss classes, progress, advisor selections Recommend meeting in about week 4 Analytical Baker Biochemistry Inorganic Organic Physical Abraham Badu-Tawiah Robert Kotaro Nakanishi Marcos Sotomayor Claudia Turro Yiying Wu Psaras McGrier Jon Parquette Steffen Lindert Hannah Shafaat

Interview Advisors Informational and a job interview Be prepared, read papers, have good questions Ask about: Projects How the lab is run Space How many student they will take, are interested Funding Graduates Be candid about Interests If this is your top choice, say so Your goals Save questions about vacation, hours, etc., for group members or a second conversation Ranking top 3 choices You should know the people in your list and they should know you I recommend telling your top choice they you will rank them first and see what they say Faculty cannot promise a spot in their lab Matches announced Dec. 20

Start work in labs when you return (Jan. 8) Choosing A Lab Must join a Chemistry program lab Project, student-advisor relationship, funding and space, lab environment Explore different lab sizes, environments Targeted search is best It gets much harder to join a lab after autumn Be candid, ask key questions Ask for help when you need it We are here to help you. Let us answer your questions. Tom Magliery, [email protected] or (614) 292-8688 Kelly Burke, [email protected] or (614) 292-7937 Jennifer Hambach, [email protected] or (614) 292-8917

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