Welcome! Runners Up 5. Carlos Alvarez 210,214 4.

Welcome! Runners Up 5. Carlos Alvarez 210,214 4.

Welcome! Runners Up 5. Carlos Alvarez 210,214 4. Martha Cloutier 211,271 3. JQuan Rhymes

216,725 And the winner is Ruben Lopez! 266,730 steps 133 miles

Equivalent to the distance from UCF to UNF! Participating Units ITR Business Center UCF Libraries UCF IT

l a t o t 44 cipan i t

r pa ts! Division of Digital Learning Total steps walked

3,367,855 steps 1,819 miles

Approximately the distance from Key West, FL to Bangor, Maine! How did our employees increase their daily step counts? They

Walked indoors during breaks Walked/jogged outdoors in the mornings, at lunch time, and after work

Did yardwork and mowed the lawn Walked at the mall and chased their kids around

Took the stairs instead of elevators Walked around the house

Danced to Body Groove as a group Division of Digital Learning Alli and Anita ready to dance it out to Body Groove while wearing their Fitbits!

UCF IT Matthew Johnson keeping up with his toddler around the Mall at Millennia Division of Digital Learning and ITR

Business Center Betty and Marge have been walking daily since before the challenge even started! ITR Business Center Stacey and Frank doing

laps on work breaks! UCF IT Ruben Lopez getting some HIIT in ITR Business

Center Frank, Yadira, and Marge keeping up the friendly competition in the office! UCF Libraries Jacqueline keeping

tabs on those steps! ITR Business Center Olga, Yadira, and Martha getting those steps in! UCF IT

JQuan keeping his motivation up by using our challenge flyer as his Apple Watch background! Thanks for your enthusiasm and participation in our first

wellness challenge! Dont forget to grab a Nutrition and Healthy Eating handout on your way out! The spread! Our winner!

Ruben Lopez

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