Use data better by Lawson F. Knight Non-profit

Use data better by Lawson F. Knight Non-profit

Use data better by Lawson F. Knight Non-profit Learning Center February 16, 2016 & February 17, 2016 Results Based Accountability is made up of two parts: Population Accountability

about the well-being of WHOLE POPULATIONS For Communities Cities Counties States - Nations Performance Accountability about the well-being of CUSTOMER POPULATIONS For Programs Agencies and Service Systems

The Language Trap Benchmark Outcome Result Modifiers Indicator

Measurable Core Urgent Qualitative Priority Programmatic Targeted Performance Incremental Strategic

Systemic Measure Goal Objective Target Measurable urgent systemic indicators

Definitions RESULT or OUTCOME Population A condition of well-being for children, adults, families or communities.

Children born healthy, Children ready for school, Safe communities, Clean Environment, Prosperous Economy INDICATOR or BENCHMARK A measure which helps quantify the achievement of a result. Rate of low-birthweight babies, Percent ready at K entry, crime rate, air quality index, unemployment rate

Performance PERFORMANCE MEASURE A measure of how well a program, agency or service system is working. 1. How much did we do? Three types: 2. How well did we do it?

= Customer Results 3. Is anyone better off? Jargon Test Safe Community Crime Rate Average Police Department response time Installation of new street

lights to make people feel safer Healthy people Rate of deaths from heart disease Result Indicator Performance Measure

Strategy Result Indicator From Ends to Means Performance Population


Service delivery = Means MEANS Population Accountability For Whole Populations in a Geographic Area Results

Healthy Children Children Ready for School Children Succeeding in School Strong Families Self Sufficient Families Examples Leaking Roof

everyday life) Experience Measure (Results thinking in Inches of Water BASELINE

Not OK ? Fixed Turning the Curve Story behind the baseline (causes) Partners What Works Action Plan #2

Performance Accountability For Services, Agencies and Service Systems Program Performance Measures Effect

Effort Quantity How much did we do?

Quality How well did we do it? Is anyone better off? #

% Drug/Alcohol Treatment Program How much did we do? Number of

persons treated How well did we do it? Unit cost of treatment

Is anyone better off? Number of clients off of alcohol & drugs - at exit - 12 months after exit

Percent of clients off of alcohol & drugs - at exit - 12 months after exit Worlds Simplest and yet complete Customer Satisfaction Survey 1. Did we treat you well?

(numerical rating) 2. Did we help you with your problems? (numerical rating) 3. Why did you rate us this way? narrative) 4. How can we do better? narrative)

(open (open How they fit together Linking population and performance accountability

THE LINKAGE Between POPULATION and PERFORMANCE POPULATION ACCOUNTABILITY Healthy Births POPULATION Rate of low birth-weight babies RESULTS Stable Families Rate of child abuse and neglect

Children Ready for School Percent fully ready per K-entry assessment PERFORMANCE ACCOUNTABILITY Child Welfare Program # of investigations completed

% initiated within 24 hrs of report # repeat Abuse/Neglect % repeat

Abuse/Neglect CUSTOMER RESULTS Contribution relationship Alignment of measures Appropriate



CASE School Mobility Make the application In Closing

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group

of professionals built the Titanic. - Dave Barry

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