Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing

Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing

Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing Wayne Dyer PITCH OR BE PITCHED How Can HARO Work for You? 1 Our Agenda 1 How it Works: Pitching Package Features, Success Stories, Tips and Best Practices 2 2008 to Today 2 3 Q&A HARO History 4 Turn the Tables: Submitting as a Reporter Using HARO to spruce up your own content But First How do you pronounce HARO?

Is it Hair-O, Ha-Row or Hay-Row? Answer: It doesnt matter! What matters: HARO is an acronym for Help A Reporter Out. Reporters, bloggers and authors submit queries seeking experts who can lend credibility and breadth to their stories. Experts respond in hopes of gaining some publicity for themselves, their brand or their client. Its that simple! 3 History 2008 HARO is created by entrepreneur and author Peter Shankman. It begins as a Facebook group. 4 2008-09 2010 HAROs homepage, www.helpareporter. com is established. Morphs into a 3x per day e-newsletter with 100K recipients. HARO acquired by Vocus. 2012

Peter Shankman exits Vocus, but HARO sticks around. 2014 Vocus merges with Cision, takes Cision name. HARO officially becomes a Cision brand. 2017 HARO is used by 55K+ journalists and bloggers and distributed to 800K+ experts. HARO is available stand-alone, or within Cisions CPRE and CCC platforms, and is expanding its global reach. How it Works: Pitching Registration & Package Features HARO Registration www.helpareporter.com Free and paid packages available Can activate HARO Premium within your Cision dashboard

FREE package includes: 3 Daily Newsletters @ 5:35am, 12:35pm, 5:35pm (ET) Master newsletter or choice of specific industry feeds Master alerts 40-80 queries per alert (120-240 per day!) Ability to pitch each query contained in your newsletter Tech support available via email Available for a monthly subscription fee: 5 Custom newsletters by keyword(s) Store and create user profile(s) to expedite pitching

Text alerts remind you that your newsletter will arrive in an hour Search active queries online Receive applicable queries in advance, giving you more time to prep your pitch How it Works: Pitching Anatomy of a HARO Newsletter From Email & Subject Cision Announcement Well keep you updated on Cisions new content or upcoming events, and notify you of HARO Success Stories! Great source of industry news and tips! Queries Queries are listed at the top by category, with hyperlinked shortcuts taking you to the meat of the query below. 6

Newsletters come to your inbox from [email protected] The subject line will reflect the day of the week and the time of day. The subject of master alerts will also reflect the topic of the featured Rant. The subject of the industry alerts will reflect the industry. Rant Master alerts feature a fun fact, industry tip or lighthearted news. Some fodder for your pitches that day. How it Works: Pitching Anatomy of a HARO Newsletter contd Name The query will include the journalist or authors name. Name will be omitted if the reporter chooses to remain Anonymous. Email Each query is assigned its own anonymous email address. This is how you pitch the query. You can do this via your own email account, or from within the HARO app itself.

Media Outlet This can be a specific outlet name, a description of the outlet or will read as Anonymous depending on the reporters wishes. Query & Requirements Description of what the reporter is looking for. Some reporters are more detailed than others! 7 Deadline Cutoff time and date that the reporter can be pitched for this query. NOTE: once deadlines have expired, your pitches will NOT go to the reporter. Some queries can have same-day deadlines! Pitching Tips & Best Practices No pitch is guaranteed, but these tips can help! Study the query with a critical eye If you cant meet all of the reporters criteria, dont respond. When responding, make sure the reporters needs are all addressed upfront. Stay on topic

Respond quickly, but edit There are 800K+ experts using HARO put yourself ahead by responding within an hour of receiving the query newsletter However, make sure your pitch is typo-free Be brief Pitch in soundbites 8 Dont just say I have an expert whos perfect for you actually tell them upfront who the expert is and what information they have to contribute to the story. If you have them, direct quotes are great! Many reporters will quote directly from your pitch! Sometimes less is more. Address what the reporter is asking ONLY. Dont use your pitch as an opportunity to tout an unrelated brand, event, product etc. We usually advise to keep pitches shorter than 300 words. Supply contact info Ideally, your pitch included all the info the reporter

needs. However, its ALWAYS common courtesy to supply multiple means of contact in case they have follow-up questions or need to do background research on you! Other Pitching Reminders 9 Do your Due Diligence Dont Fear the Anonymous No Attachments While HARO staff edits and will even deny some queries, it is also on you as a PR professional to ensure that the query and the journalist are a good match for you and your brand. Some reporters opt to exclude their name and/or the name of their media outlet in their queries. These journalists go through basic vetting by our HARO staff and shouldnt be avoided when pitching! Every time you pitch to a query using the anonymous e-mail provided, that pitch needs to filter through HAROs system before reaching the journalist.

That said, to avoid the threat of viruses HARO does not permit attachments to be included in pitches. Share Queries No Harvesting You are welcome to share HARO queries with your co-workers and even on social media. Note, however, that anyone who pitches a query must have a HARO account first! Harvesting queries and journalist information, and using it for your own gain, is prohibited. We have investigated instances of query theft in the past. Follow the Rules There are a number of game rules for HARO. Violation of these rules could lead to account termination. Rules are publicly noted on HAROs website: https://www.helpareporter.com/sources/rules SUCCESS STORY! Harvard Medical School, Recovery Research Institute 10 Query + Pitch = PUBLICITY!

Harvard Medical School, Recovery Research Institute 11 HARO helped me More Expert Success Stories 12 get published In a book. recover my business. author Gina Greenlee was looking for women who have traveled to NYC on their own. I wrote about my most recent visitmy story was included in Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments in New York. I hit PR big time in 2011 when FIRST Magazineran a feature story about how I started my company after undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer in 2002. -Kris Keppeler Voice Over Actress -Haralee Weintraub

Owner, Haralee Sleepwear secure media coverage for authors. 90% of our massive media success has been due to HARO. Wyatt-MacKenzie authors have been featured on multiple news and talk shows from CNN to Fox & Friends, and mentioned in the largest outlets. -Nancy Cleary, Publisher Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing get featured in the Wall Street Journal. Thanks to HARO, I was quoted in The Wall Street Journal. For a small law firm like ours, that is a major coup. - Bob King, Attorney & Founder Legally Nanny Turn the Tables Submitting queries as a journalist Professional Publication Personal Publication Recruit expert feedback for thought

leadership stories to be published on your organizations blog, newsletter or another media website. Lend credibility to your personal blog, upcoming book or other publishing endeavor. JOURNALISTS Spend more time writing and less time sourcing. Gift Bags Recruit items to be included in the gift bags at your next professional event. 13 Represent a Client Encourage clients to use HARO to collect expert content for their blogs, books and other publishing endeavors. Aaron Cohen Founder, CEO and Principal of Glitch PR I recently used HARO to write a story about artificial intelligence in public relations and HARO was a great way to find reliable sources who provided a lot of value for my readers. The [story] landed in VentureBeat and many of the sources came through HARO responses. Thanks HARO! 14

Submit Query Anatomy of Submission Form OPTIONAL Keep me Anonymous Checking this will ensure that your name and the name of your media outlet are NOT published. OPTIONAL Schedule Query Tell our HARO staff when youd like your query to publish. Due Date When do you want to stop receiving pitches for this query? NOTE: You should NOT put your publishing deadline here. 15 Media Outlet Identify the media outlet, website, blog or event name. Summary, Query & Requirements Give your query a headline. Tell us what type

of info youre looking for. Tell us what type of people youd like to talk to. Select a Category Your query will publish in our Master alert, but what additional industry alerts apply? OPTIONAL Urgent If you need pitches within 48 hours, flag your query as Urgent. Journalist Resources & Tips Tip Sheet & Rules Clearly-worded Query Due Diligence Journalist tip sheet http://www.cision.com/us/res ources/tip-sheets/haro-best-p ractices-for-journalists/ Its important to craft a clearly-worded query that describes: 1. The media outlet where your story will publish 2. The focus of your story

3. The type of experts you are looking for and the questions you need them to answer Just as we advise experts to carefully choose the queries they respond to, journalists using HARO should also practice journalism 101 and fact-check the information collected from sources, as well as the reliability of the sources themselves. Journalist rules https://www.helpareporter.co m/journalists/rules Attribution If youve successfully published a story using info provided by a HARO source, show the source some LOVE: attribute their quotes and images, backlink to their organizations website and let them know the story published! REMEMBER: Even if youre not planning to use HARO as a journalist, its good to familiarize yourself with our journalist rules! 16

Top-Tier Outlets: HARO Reuters Entrepreneur FOXNews.com Inc. The Globe and Mail TheStreet.com Mashable Self.com Chicago Tribune InformationWeek TIME Everyday Health Refinery 29 Healthline.com Bustle Philadelphia Daily News The New York Times

Life & Style Weekly U.S. News & World CBS News Report Elle Wall Street Journal The Epoch Times Readers Digest Prevention Newsday 17 Success Stories: HARO Success Stories We receive Success Stories from journalists and sources all the time, and try to publicize their success as much as we can. Sources can submit success stories to [email protected] HARO Alerts Success stories are published at the top of our daily HARO e-newsletters, for our 55,000 subscribers to

see Social Media Success stories shared on Cisions various social accounts (your success tweeted to our 118K followers!) HelpaReporter.com Journalist and Source success stories detailed, but webpage is not updated very frequently 18 Pricing: HARO* Various packaging available for Sources Basic Advanced Cost: FREE Source request e-newsletters delivered 3x/day; access to basic e-mail support. $49/month Everything in Basic, plus THREE keyword filters w/ customized alerts, THREE profiles, Head Start alerts, text alerts, online search Standard Premium $19/month

Everything in Basic, plus ONE keyword filter w/ customized alerts, ONE profile, text alerts, online search $149/month Everything in Basic, plus UNLIMITED keyword filters w/ customized alerts, UNLIMITED profiles, Head Start alerts, text alerts, online search Reflects HARO stand-alone packaging and pricing. Pricing and packages may vary when packaged with other Cision products. 19 Product Expert Kristen Sala Director, Media Research HARO Editor Cision 20

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