Engaging, adapting, adopting. Graeme Anderson Climate Specialist Agriculture

Engaging, adapting, adopting. Graeme Anderson Climate Specialist Agriculture

Engaging, adapting, adopting. Graeme Anderson Climate Specialist Agriculture Victoria 20th July 2018 Agriculture Victoria Seasonal Risk Team Climate literacy, seasonal variability & change, extension products for Victoria Monthly commentary The Break youtube Global forecast comparisons for Vic Deep soil moisture probe data & technology Package up climate/carbon R&D

120 forums/year upscaling climate drivers & variability via request ClimateDogs, analogues, capability for advisory sector (me, Dale Grey, Dale Boyd, Liz Hamilton) The three Ps of climate change impacts: Physical effects of what the climate does (heat waves, droughts, floods, wild weather etc) Policy the impacts of changes to policy (reform around issues such as water, carbon trading, energy, renewables, bushfires, planning, coasts, drought support, transport, rural health etc) People how others respond (consumers, banks, insurance, trade/market/supply chains etc)

Farmers adapting to lots of things.. Land use 1920s www.aegic.org.au/media/news/2016/02/new-australian-climate-developing.aspx Climate change & variability a tag team Climate change will appear one week, season & year at a time under the cloak of variability Context for decisions - short, medium or longer term timeframes? (frame for decision making today)

Non-stationary climate system = whole new set of challenges (itll keep on changing folks...) Climate Models vs What actually happens (eg already at 2030 (days>35), blocking & extreme weather events) Removing a slice from our ag productivity efforts Farmers & Agriculture ingredients for success: Modern technologies, R&D, genetics, innovations etc Improved farm & regional infrastructure (eg storage,

water, fodder, communications, transport, social etc) Growth in local & export markets (and biosecurity) Business management for variable years & income Farm plans, min-tillage, soils, pasture cover, NRM skills Networks, knowledge channels, confidence to grow Different audiences.different needs? Successful & going places. Some hanging on until Others that could go either way. Various levels or LENS for adaptation? Individual/farm/business Local community, Regional, National? Industry-supply chain Conflicting aims can occur

Planning for the future Eg What might Hamiltons climate be like in Climate Analogues explore 2030-50 & 2090? what the future climate Include climate in discussions on future Variety of issues/ timelines (water,pasture,infrastruct ure) eg Analogue climate tool Mean annual Max.

temp C0 More info: Liz Hamilton Agriculture Victoria could be like for a given location. These analogue localities have been developed using the Analogues Explorer Tool from the CSIROs Climate Change in Australia.

This tool matches the proposed future climate of a region with the current climate experienced in another region using average annual rainfall and mean annual max. temperature (within set tolerances). They were developed using the maximum consensus of

models (based on CMIP5) for the high greenhouse gas emissions scenario, (RCP 8.5 ). These analogues have been further refined to align with projected seasonal changes based on Model GFDL-CM3. from 2030-2050 and Model GFDL-CM3 for 2090 based on advice from CSIRO. This assumes a slight rainfall increase to 2030, later declining across the Southern Slopes Region and an average temperature increase of 3.5C0 by 2090, based on data from the

Climate Futures Tool. Adoption & Practice change - rule of thumb! We all change practice/behaviour when : 1. IT WORKS! (Proven Technology or Practice) The technology/practice is known & proven to work, not a risky experiment (R,D technology & innovation flow) 2. I WANT TO! (Attitude) It makes sense to change for some benefit I value (much better than current state) 3. I CAN! (Capacity) I have capacity to do it - eg time, labour, finances, skills, service providers to make it happen & maintain it (theres nothing holding me back) Getting 2 out of 3 of these isnt enough! Thank You Subscribe to The Break

[email protected] Checkout the new National ClimateDog animations!!!! www.climatekelpie.com.au/understand-climate/climatedogs [email protected] Tweets @climatedogs

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