A Sense of Place Stage 2 CCS Miniprogramme

A Sense of Place Stage 2 CCS Miniprogramme

A Sense of Place Stage 2 CCS Miniprogramme 2 2007/08 Tutor: Andrea Peach ([email protected])

A Sense of Place Lectures Mondays (March 3, 17, 24) 1-2pm Seminars

Tuesdays (March 11, 18, 25) (See CCS noticeboard for groups and times) Coursework hand-in Monday April 14th Course information: www.studioit.org.uk

London Underground Map Harry Beck 1933 Bedolina Petraglyph

Simon Patterson The Great Bear 1992 A Sense of Place While we might easily be lost in place,

we would certainly be lost without it. Tacita Dean, Place The power of place will be remarkable Aristotle, Physics the experience of place is one of inhabitation

Martin Heidegger, Being in Time there is always more place Luce Irigaray, Elemental Passions Frances Walker, Off Saint Kilda, 2003

What is Place? Kathy Prendergast Lost, 1999 What defines this place?

Where are we? Who belongs here? Whose place is this? Kathy Prendergast, Lost, 1999

Lordy Rodriguez Island in the Centre 2002 theres no place like home

Place In its most basic sense, place is the setting of the events of human living. Place is the location of experience.

A place is a location Lucy Lippard - The Lure of the Local The lure of the local is the pull

of place that operates on each of us It is the geographical component of the psychological need to belong somewhere, one antidote to prevailing alienation.

Derek Jarman, Prospect Cottage and Garden Dungeness, 1991

Ken Smith, Roof Garden New York, 2002 Place: not simply a location

but the experience of one Do-Ho Suh 348 West 22nd St. Apt A, New

York, NY 10011 at Rodin Gallery, Seoul/Toyko Opera City Art Gallery/Serpentine Gallery, London/Biennale of Sydney/Seattle Art Museum, 2000

Seoul Home/L.A. Home/New York Home/Baltimore Home/London Home/Seattle Home 1999 What is place? Place, then, is not a physical

location, nor is it a state of mind. Rather it is the engagement of the conscious body with the conditions of a specific location. Arnold Berleant

Actual Place / Matter Conceptual Place / Mind Actual Place / Matter Conceptual Place / Mind

Hamish Fulton, One Hundred Walks, 1988 Actual Place / Matter Conceptual Place / Mind

Dalziel and Scullion, Out There, 1998 Place = time and space Tacita Dean, Fernsehturm, Berlin 2000

Places have value ils leading into Auschwitz-Birkenau Places remember events

James Joyce, preparatory note to Ulysses Places remember events Anselm Kiefer, Markisher Sand (March Sand) 1980

Just as none of us stands outside or beyond geography, so too no one is totally excluded from the battle about geography.

Edward W. Said Culture and Imperialism Mona Hatoum Map 1998

Constructing and Deconstructing Artificial Places L Architects, Cruise City, City Cruise,

003 Rowena Dring, Think of Paradise, St Bartholomews Hospital, 2002 Dale Chihuly, Green Grass; Blue Herons

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, 2005 Placelessness Atopos (no place)

Willie Doherty 2000 To be at all - to exist in any way - is to be somewhere, and to be somewhere is to be in some kind of place. Place is as requisite as the air we

breathe, the ground on which we stand, the bodies we have. We are surrounded by places. We walk over and through them. We live in places, relate to others in them, die in them. Nothing is unplaced.

Edward S. Casey For the Seminars Tomorrow, Consider: What does place mean to you? Where are you now? Where do you belong?

Where have you come from? Where would you like to be? Consider whether place is significant to you as an artist or designer? How can the idea of place influence and inform the work of artists and designers?

Bring supporting text or images, if possible.

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