Financial Abuse Workshop Detective Constable Will BILTCLIFFE (FCU)

Financial Abuse Workshop Detective Constable Will BILTCLIFFE (FCU)

Financial Abuse Workshop Detective Constable Will BILTCLIFFE (FCU) & Detective Constable Gareth LEATHER (HTCU) What is Fraud / Cyber Crime Examples of the Scams and various methods of delivery How to recognise them / How to protect yourself What you should do if you think someone has been a victim of a scam.

Questions What is Fraud and Cyber crime? Fraud is when trickery is used to gain a dishonest advantage, which is often financial, over another person. Cost of Fraud to the United Kingdom? Last year Financial Fraud Losses reached 755m 26% increase on previous year Fraud Typologies.

419 emails & letters. Abuse of position of trust. Advance fee fraud. Bank card fraud. Cheque fraud. Clairvoyant/psychic scams. Dating fraud. Doorstep fraud. Health/diet scams. Holiday fraud. Holiday club fraud. Identity theft.

Identity fraud. Internet auction fraud. Investment fraud. Loan scams. Lottery scams. Malware. Mass marketing fraud. Missed call scams. Ponzi/pyramid scams. Premium rate phone scams. Work from home scams. Charity fraud.

THERE ARE A LOT!!!! 419 emails & letters. I am Wumi Abdul; the only Daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. George Abdul. My father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant in Abidjan,the

economic capital of Ivory Coast before he was poisoned to death. They will ask you to pay fees to release the money. They will ask for your bank account so that they can transfer your reward; they will then empty your account.

These scams are rarely targeted at particular individuals. Emails and letters are sent en masse. The cost to the scammers, particularly when using email is minute compared to the potential reward if only a few people are taken in. Very well known now but very

successful in the past. Online shopping fraud. Simply offering to sell something that either does not exist or is far below the

standard advertised. Very common on Facebook, Ebay, etc. Everyone loves a bargain; scammers prey on people searching for cheap luxury goods. Will try to gain direct bank payment to access the victims account details leading to further loss. Recent example. Facebook Ray Ban Scam.

Missed call scams. The most basic method is where a missed call appears on a victims mobile phone.

The victim returns the call which is in fact a premium rate number that generates income for the scammer when called. The number may be disguised as an 0800 or other free-phone number. Number Spoofing is easy. Health & Diet scams. Advertisements placed offering miracle cures for weight loss, insomnia etc.

Any product received (if at all) is unlikely to be clinically tested or effective in any way and may even be harmful. May offer an alternative treatment.

Some of the products on sale are so-called cures for acne, AIDS, arthritis, baldness, cancer, impotence and weight loss. Clairvoyant & Psychic scams.

Can be particularly sinister. Scammers check local obituaries and announcements and deliberately target the recently bereaved. Offer contact with loved ones. Warnings of future difficulties. Notice of imminent benefits/windfalls. Will charge an admin fee or ask for expenses. Identity theft and fraud.

Identity theft is the act of stealing an individuals personal details. Identity fraud is using those details for

gain. Examples include accessing banking information to steal money. Obtaining enough information to convince a bank to allow them to take over an account. Take out loans, buy goods on finance under assumed details. Phishing

Phishing is a method used by fraudsters to access valuable personal details, usernames and passwords. Emails sent indiscriminately appear to be from trusted source Linked with Identity theft and Fraud Phishing can also involve sending malicious

attachments or website links in an effort to infect computers or mobile devices. Embedded links within the message can direct you to a hoax website where your login or personal details may be requested. Abuse of trust.

Less likely to be a cybercrime. Often involves family members or friends. Abuse of Power of Attorney. Miss-management of victims financial matters. Pressure to change wills. Victims likely to be elderly and vulnerable through infirmity and isolation. Easier to deal with criminally as both

victim and offender are local. Rogue Traders / Cold Callers Turn up at you door unannounced / no prior appointment Offer to do work point out supposed defects to the property Building repairs, roof &gutters, storm damage, tarmac drive ways etc Offer to start right away May ask for small deposit before

starting work to cover expenses Can use pressure selling tactics on more vulnerable persons Work often substandard or not completed as stated and often costs more to put right. The world is getting smaller.

The advent of the internet opened up new ways for the unscrupulous to defraud people of goods, services and money. Many cybercrimes are simply extensions of more traditional scams that are facilitated by modern technology. Although certain members of society are

particularly vulnerable anyone can be a victim. Detection is particularly difficult due to jurisdictional boundaries and the globalisation of crime. Focus on prevention and education. Isle of Man

People on the Isle of Man are more likely to be victims of Financial Crime/Fraud than offenders. Offenders can be anywhere in the world. Technologically sophisticated crime such as debit card cloning are as yet unheard of on the Isle of Man. Complacency can make people on the Island vulnerable. What to do? -Individuals & potential victims.

Scammers prey on our fears and greed. Dont open unsolicited emails; hit delete;

emails may also contain malware. Banks will never ask for account details over the telephone. If in doubt; dont give any information; hang up/ delete the email and contact your bank directly. Dont be pressured into paying large amounts of cash up front. Be suspicious; IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE; IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to protect yourself on line Use strong passwords. Avoid using: Pets name

Other family members name Favourite holiday Current partners name Childs name Place of birth Something related to your favourite sports team Best to use 3 completely random easy to remember words. Eg. Catmousecheese.

DONT click attachments or links on any email that you have received from a source you dont know or werent expecting. Just delete them Install simple security packages that include spam filters or even just Antivirus software onto ALL your devices.

Check or validate any emails you received by looking at the header information. Google the senders IP address does it match with what they are saying where they are from. Make sure the site is secure look for padlock symbol or https:// in the address bar What to do if you think someone is the victim of a scam?

Conduct your own research. Look at addresses and names Use open source web sites , Google If you think you or anyone else may have been a victim report it to Action Fraud or speak with local Police for advice.

What the Police can do. This all depends on the individual circumstances of the offence. A purely local crime is relatively straight forward to deal with provided the evidence is there.

Where the offender is off-Island and crucially when the offence occurred off-Island things become complicated. Why so difficult to detect?

The Isle of Man Constabulary has no authority outside the Island. We cannot compel a UK, European or global authority to take action, although international oversight organisations can assist with this. We can gather evidence locally and to certain degrees we can collect evidence internationally. We cannot prosecute offences that occurred outside the Isle of Man.

What can banks do? If an individual believes that money has been taken from their account there are steps that their bank can take. If notified very quickly, usually within a

few hours the bank MAY be able to stop the transaction. This depends on many factors such as the time of day and the receiving bank. Victims should contact the bank using the number on their bank card.

As care providers it becomes difficult to deal with banks as their security ordinarily excludes a third party acting on behalf of an account holder. In some circumstances depending on the bank they may act on information provided by a third party in conjunction with a police officer. This may be difficult out of hours and weekends as most IOM banks hand their calls over to UK counterparts. Open source / useful


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