Im Teaching as Fast as I Can: making

Im Teaching as Fast as I Can: making

Im Teaching as Fast as I Can: making purposeful connections through your library program Session 1210 OLA Superconference Tina Antoniou, Ruth Hall & Marc Kopyto Earl Haig Secondary School, TDSB January 31, 2008

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Making Purposeful Connections: We constantly trying to partner with everyone, treating each teacher and each student as if they are an individual unit:

Supporting individual teachers Creating activities for individual classes Meeting the needs of individual students But do you get a clear sense of how this benefits the whole school? The Challenge

Often work alone Expectations from stakeholders Variety of roles The journey - starting with the end in mind The Journey Everyone else has a text book or a profile

to teach from, to serve as a road map for their journey. Wheres ours? Mapping the road ahead Creating a framework Focusing your efforts Setting measurable goals Tracking what you do Building the big picture

Creating a Framework 1. Designing a brand (library handouts) 2. Framing lessons through a Research Process Model 3. Finding common threads across grades & subjects to create an interdisciplinary approach to research skill building Creating a Framework with

Handouts Source Log (MLA) Note Sheet Focused Note Sheet - Gr. 9 Science Note Sheet - ESL-D Handouts Common style: library name border around title

same font Science 9 Dance 11 Research Process stages identified Benefits: Create new documents by modifying existing Common look & feel reinforced

Research Process Model Define Explore Stage 1 Preparing

Identify Revise Present Stage 4 Transferring

Reflect Transfer The Process of Inquiry and Research Relate Knowledge and

Understanding Thinking Communication Application Analyze/ Evaluate Test

Stage 3 Processing Sort Synthesize Locate Gather

Stage 2 Accessing Select Collaborate Research Guides Avoid reinventing the wheel

Modify to fit your needs G.E.A.R.S. Grand Erie Assisted Research Strategies A Student Handbook Intermediate / Senior The View From the Classroom: The dilemma of TIME

Why its so hard to get beyond show them the resources The pressure to cover the curriculum How can you partner when there are so few moments to Plan & Reflect? Creating a Framework with Assignments Law - 12U

Ancient Civilizations - 11M Framing Research Assignments Offer to tweak assignments to organize them into the 4 stages Encourage sharing Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Common Assignments Completed by all students in a grade

Reinforce the research process model and skills needed to do research tasks Efficient way to plan & teach Work with the whole child Creating a Framework with Common Research Expectations Find where we

should teach note making TDSB Secondary T-Ls Wiki Grade 9 Academic Expectations by grade

Identify Common Threads Sample Projects Assignment Library Handout Where to Begin?

What are you already doing? Types of lessons being taught? Stages in the research process covered? Pick one grade to start with Focus on essential skills Get help from Research Guides, TDSB Wiki Connect to the Big Picture

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] TDSB Secondary T-Ls Wiki

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