QFL: Understand the key ideas in Act 5

 QFL: Understand the key ideas in Act 5

QFL: Understand the key ideas in Act 5 scene 1 Read Act 5 Scene 1 HOW IS ACT 5 SCENE 1 IMPORTANT FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF HAMLETS CHARACTER? Use the following key words to help you in your response Symbolic

Own death Chain of events Own funeral inevitability duel


Views HAMLET AND LAERTES FINALLY MEET 1. How does Hamlet show mixed feelings for Laertes? 2. How does Hamlet praise Laertes. How does he reflect this onto himself? 3. Analyse the language Laertes uses to make

his grief seem more impressive. How does it actually seem? 4. Hamlet and Laertes are like love rivals. How could you support this statement? Death was everywhere in Elizabethan England life expectancy was 40 years and infant mortality was high and disease was

widespread. How does Hamlet begin to think about death differently? Act 5 Scene 1 Look at the following FOUR areas: Physical images of death

Importance of his dead father Yoricks skull childhood How does Shakespeare present Hamlets anxiety about the afterlife?

Let me not burst in ignorance. But tell/Why thy canonized bones, hearsed in death/Have burst their cerements (1.4) Hamlet unsure about what happens after death The Reformation bought new ideas about the afterlife to the newly formed Church of

England. However, many people still held onto Catholic ideas of the time about spirits, demons and purgatory. In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses different characters to introduce the conflict between Catholic, Protestant and humanist ideas. The play reflects the current debates of Shakespeares time.

Yorricks skull is a reminder of mans mortality In Elizabethan times, death was considered to be much a part of life as birth. Horatio refers to the womb of earth (1.1) which suggests that burial is a return to the fertile soil that supports life on earth. Momento Mori Elizabethan art often used images of skulls as a reminder of

death and mans inescapable mortality. This type of object is called a momento mori, which roughly translates as Remember you will die. Hans Holbien The Ambassadors Public clocks, statues and paintings like the one above would be decorated with skulls. The painting has a stretched image of the skull across the bottom. This hidden skull reminds the viewer that even when you cant

see it, death is near. Hamlet uses Yorricks skull as a theatrical momento mori in Act 5 Scene 1. Directors often decide to have Hamlet holding the skull up to his face, as if hes having a conversation with it. This represents Hamlet facing death out of fascination rather than fear or bravery. This is reflected in his language. Find examples of this language that Hamlet uses.

SUICIDE WAS A SIN THAT BARRED THE SOULS ENTRANCE TO Suicide was condemned by Christian teaching and people who HEAVEN committed suicide were buried in unconsecrated (unblessed) ground. What does the Priest at Ophelias funeral say that suggests she does not deserve a Christian burial?

ACT 5 SCENE 1 IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SCENE FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF HAMLETS CHARACTER. To what extent do you agree with this statement? QFL: Understand the key themes of Act 5 Scene 2

Hamlets Changed View Abuse of Language Justice That he will stop hesitating To give into fate Hamlet has a changed view of the world. He decides to

take control of his own actions. He decides Write a quote to support each of the statements That hell be damned if he does not kill Claudius

To take ownership of his quest for honour and revenge To start considering What does the duel symbolise? Battle between

Goodness and Corruption? Justice? Revenge? ??? JUSTICE Gertrude


do you agreeOWN with this statement. CAUSE DOWNFALL.

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