William Penn University Nurse Preceptor Education Objectives Understand

William Penn University Nurse Preceptor Education Objectives  Understand

William Penn University Nurse Preceptor Education Objectives Understand WPUs RN-BSN Preceptor Program Familiarize the preceptor with WPUs mission, nursing mission, philosophy and outcomes Understand the WPU RN-BSN Nursing Program Policy and the Various Roles Purpose RN to BSN program Students must complete clinical hours as part of degree requirements Explores aspects of nursing in various settings to gain a better understanding of different roles

Mission & Philosophy William Penn University Mission ..provides the opportunity for an educational experience with a focus on leadership, technology, and the Quaker principles of simplicity, peace-making, integrity, community and equality (William Penn University, 2014). Nursing Division Mission The mission of the William Penn University RN-BSN program is to prepare BSN graduates with enhanced leadership skills that are essential to nursing practice in a diverse and ever-changing healthcare environment. Educational preparation is grounded in the nursing programs outcomes and William Penns principles & goals.

Philosophy The division of nursing embraces a commitment to The Theory of Human Caring and the Ten Caritas Processes embedded in Dr. Jean Watsons Theory and William Penn Universitys Five Quaker Principles which provide the registered nurse an opportunity to build on their pre-licensure education and develop complex decision making skills to provide safe and holistic care to self and all communities. Jean Watsons 10 Caritas Processes (integrated within the program outcomes) 1. Practicing loving-kindness and equanimity within context of caring consciousness 2. Being authentically present and enabling, and sustaining the deep belief system and subjective life world of self and one being cared for 3. Cultivating ones own spiritual practices and transpersonal self, going beyond ego self 4. Developing and sustaining a helping-trusting, authentic caring relationship 5. Being present to, and supportive of the expression of positive and negative feelings 6. Creatively using self and all ways of knowing as part of the caring process; engaging in artistry of caring-healing practices

7. Engaging in genuine teaching-learning experience that attends to wholeness and meaning, attempting to stay within others frame of reference. 8. Creating healing environment at all levels, whereby wholeness, beauty, comfort, dignity, and peace are potentiated 9. Assisting with basic needs with an intentional caring consciousness, administering human care essentials, which potentiate alignment of mind-body-spirit, wholeness in all aspects of care 10. Opening and attending to mysterious dimensions of ones life-death; soul care for self and one being cared for; allowing and being open to miracles. (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2014) Requirements for Students Not permitted to work the night shift at their jobs prior to

attending preceptorships the next day Optimizes learning Creates a safer environment for practice Student will make contact during the first week of the term and prior to the first clinical Location, time, parking, materials Student attire: RN-BSN Navy lab coat, Name badge and business casual 30 hours for the term / 4 hours per week (with some flexibility)

Instructional Outcomes for Nurse Leadership and Management (NURS 302) The student will Examine effective inter-professional communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution to deliver evidencebased and patient-centered care. Explore mechanisms to resolve identified discrepancies between standards and practices that impact patient outcomes. Demonstrate leadership skills to effectively implement patient safety in the identification of variances and hazards in health care. Analyze quality improvement processes and safety design principles such as standardization and simplification. Evaluate quality of care in terms of structure, process, and outcomes in relation to patient and community needs. Integrate information systems, communication, and technology methods in the management of safe nursing practice. Demonstrate how to uphold ethical principles when using patient care technologies. Appraise the impact of health care policies, including financial, regulatory, and organizational mission, vision, and value statements. Apply leadership concepts, skills, and decision-making in the provision of high quality safe nursing care. Discuss the role of the nurse as a leader in the delivery of safe and effective healthcare.

Discuss the role of the nurse leader in informatics. Discuss application of JW and QP when assuming the role of a manager/leader in nursing. Instructional Outcomes for Community Health (NURS 303) The student will Formulate plans of care for diverse populations across the health care continuum Demonstrate effective communication with patients, families, groups, and communities Collaborate with other healthcare professionals and clients to provide spiritual and cultural appropriate health promotion with application of

Jean Watson and William Penns Quaker Principles Conduct comprehensive and focused environmental assessments of health and illness in diverse settings Advocate for health promotion and disease prevention at the individual and population level necessary to improve population health, wellness, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles Nursing Preceptor Policy Definition: A preceptor is one who promotes the students clinical lived experiences and new ways of caring and knowing in nursing situations. The preceptor draws upon nursing knowledge embedded in practice and creates a learning environment which is dynamic and innovative. The ratio of preceptors to students will be small, in order to facilitate student learning, socialization to the profession, and mentorship. An exception

will be made for management preceptors. Management preceptors may be placed with several students based on the managers previous experience, evaluation, and individual preference. Nursing Preceptor Policy (cont.) Qualification s BSN prepared or experience equivalent Employed or signed agreement with clinical facility of preceptorship experience

Personal philosophy must be compatible with William Penn University Division of Nursing Philosophy Active RN licensure in the state of Iowa Minimum 1 year RN experience Recommended for service by a nurse manager or professional peer Nursing Preceptor Policy Responsibility of William Penn University An affiliation contract must be signed between the clinical agency and William Penn University prior to the start of the preceptorship Nursing Preceptor Policy (cont) Responsibility of the Nursing Faculty

Responsible for selecting preceptor Responsible for annually reviewing the nursing preceptor agreement forms Provides preceptor with Nursing Preceptor Agreement form Shall retain ultimate responsibility for student learning and evaluation Evaluation of the preceptor and determining reappointment of the preceptor

Communication with the preceptor during the semester Responsible for distributing the following materials to preceptor: William Penn University Division of Nursing Philosophy and Program Outcomes Course outcomes and number of preceptor hours required

Clinical preceptor evaluation Responsibility of the nursing faculty, preceptor, and the student Nursing Preceptor Policy (cont) Responsibility of the Preceptor Acceptance of the preceptor role within the boundaries of the qualifications Complete WPU Preceptor Agreement form every three years

Communicate any concerns about student to the student and WPU faculty Complete course specific evaluation of nursing student Nursing Preceptor Policy (cont) Responsibility of the Nursing Student Complete all necessary forms for the specific clinical site Communicate any concerns about preceptorship with the preceptor and

nursing faculty member Complete evaluation of the preceptor and clinical site Will not work the night shift prior to preceptorship and/or class the next day Responsible for own transportation Write thank you note to preceptor at the conclusion of experience Evaluation and Reappointment

Preceptors will be evaluated at the end of the students preceptorship. Students will complete the WPU Preceptor Evaluation and Clinical Facility Evaluation. Reappointment decisions will be contingent on evaluations and the individual preferences of the preceptor. For More Information If you have any questions, concerns, or comments feel free to contact Sharon DeKock, RN, MSN RN, PhD Brenda Krogh Duree, Instructor of Nursing Nursing Director

Office: 641-673-1299 Office: 641-673-1064 Cell: 641 569-0344 Cell: 641-660-2338 [email protected] [email protected] Visit our website for more information on William Penn Universitys RN-BSN program https://www.wmpenn.edu/academics/nursing/ Survey Please complete the survey by accessing the website listed below.

Completion of the survey signifies you have successfully viewed the PowerPoint presentation and understand its contents. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RDPZ6JV References Watson Caring Science Institute. (2017). Ten caritas processes. Retrieved from https:// www.watsoncaringscience.org/jean-bio/caring-science-theory/ 10-caritas-processes / William Penn University. (2014). Mission and vision. Retrieved from https://www.wmpenn.edu/get-to-know-wpu/mission-history/

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