HN Accounting Network Support Event Wednesday 22 February

HN Accounting Network Support Event Wednesday 22 February

HN Accounting Network Support Event Wednesday 22 February 2017 SQA Update Welcome and Introduction Domestics Purpose of Event Delegate packs Programme for the day Network Support Event - Programme SQA Update A Practitioners Experience of Delivering and Assessing GU2 Breakout session workshops An HN Accounting Practitioners Academic Year

Lunch SEVs Review of 2015/16 IT in Business: Spreadsheets Workshops - Writing an Alternative Assessment Plenary HN Accounting - Uptake HNC Accounting 6th (6th) HND Accounting 4th (4th) PDA Bookkeeping 7th (7th) PDA Financial Accounting 8th (9th) PDA Management Accounting 9th (11th) (2014 figures given in brackets) 2012/13 Type Code Level Title

HN-P G9M5 15 HN-P G9M6 PDA-N 2013/14 2014/15 Entries Awards Entries

Awards Entries Awards Accounting 997 688 877 665 831 654 16

Accounting 684 384 830 452 926 599 G8XK 47 Management Accounting 79

69 122 110 143 130 PDA-N G8XM 47 Financial Accounting 78 71

134 121 156 129 PDA-N G8XN 47 Book-keeping 236 173 213

143 189 162 * Figures up to and including 31 December 2016 2016/17* 2015/16 Type Code Level Title HN-P G9M5

15 HN-P G9M6 PDA-N Entries Awards Entries Awards Accounting 834 647

708 57 16 Accounting 882 530 566 51 G8XK 47 Management Accounting

281 239 320 30 PDA-N G8XM 47 Financial Accounting 292 230 309

31 PDA-N G8XN 47 Book-keeping 288 220 326 45 HN Accounting 2016/17 Introduction of revised Unit specifications and ASPs for HN Accounting Units at SCQF level 8 Revised Cost Accounting to remove reference to

LIFO (for August 2016) ASP for MAUIT amended January 2017 to be consistent with Unit specification HN Accounting 2016/17 Revision of Recording Financial Information Unit specification and ASP to incorporate Prompt Payment Discount (PPD) introduction in session 2017/18 Business Accounting second ASP revised to comply with FRS102 and to incorporate assessments for Outcomes 3, 4 and 5 when assessed on a standalone basis Sign off of additional Accounting: Graded Unit 2 ASP by end of March Review of generic Accounting units within different frameworks, eg Financial Studies for the Construction Industry HN Accounting Monitor impact on Units, such as Payroll and Income Tax, to take account of any changes which may be required as a result of devolving fiscal powers to the Scottish Government

Recording Financial Transactions and IT in Business: Spreadsheets revised as part of the review of Administration and Information Technology HN Work Placement unit at SCQF level 7 will be available from August 2017 (this will replace Work Experience) HN Accounting QST Meetings Centre/Candidate Surveys Information regarding HN Accounting placed on Subject web page update letters, event presentations, etc Understanding Standards (login required for HN) HN Accounting Subject-related Qualifications NPA in Financial Services at SCQF level 6 - part of Foundation Apprenticeship in Financial Services delivered via school/college partnerships Scoping of NC Accounting Units currently being carried out Units require revision to comply with FRS102 and some are very

out of date completed project will impact on content of NCGA in Accounting at SCQF level 5 HN Accounting - Miscellaneous From 2017 onwards Internal Assessment Reports will be renamed Annual External Verification Report Research and Policy Team looking at HN Guidance documents to provide clear guidance around sampling, integration, etc revised Guide to Unit Writing to be available Autumn 2017 SQA toolkit will be updated with revised guidance -http:// Keeping informed For more information, visit To receive email alerts, when content you are interested in has been added to or updated on SQAs website, subscribe to MyAlerts at Look out for Centre News SQAs weekly update for centres. To subscribe, go to

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