The -Isms Continue: Realism and Impressionism Chapter 20

The -Isms Continue: Realism and Impressionism Chapter 20

The -Isms Continue: Realism and Impressionism Chapter 20 Day 2 of 3 Rebekah Scoggins

Art Appreciation March 7, 2013 Realism

A style of art and literature that depicts ordinary existence without idealism, exoticism, or nostalgia Dissatisfied with the Neoclassicist and

Romantics attachment to mythical, exotic, extraordinary, and historical subjects. Believed that art should deal with human experience and observation.

Saw dignity of ordinary things and common life. Often highlighted the underrepresented, the lower classes; or scenes people were sometimes uncomfortable viewing.

Gustave Courbet. The Stone Breakers. 1849 (destroyed in 1945). Realism. Portrait of Rosa Bonheur, 1856.

Rosa Bonheur. The Horse Fair. 18531855. Realism. Thomas Eakins. The Gross Clinic. 1875. Realism.

Henry Ossawa Tanner. The Banjo Lesson. 1893. Realism.

Realism moves towards Impressionism douard Manet. Luncheon on the Grass (Le Djeuner Sur l'Herbe). 1863. Realism.

douard Manet. Olympia. 1863. Realism. Impressionism

Opposed academic doctrines and Romantic ideals and instead turned to portrayals of contemporary society. Focused on two main themes: nature and contemporary city life.

Considered the art of industrialized, urban Paris. Were interested in singular moments, impressions of those small amounts of time. A nebulous group whose work varied artist to artist and

were grouped together because they exhibited together in the 1870s & 80s. Affirmed modern life Saw the beauty of the world as a gift and the forces of nature as aids to human progress.

Claude Monet. Impression: Sunrise. 1872. Impressionism. Claude Monet. Impression: Sunrise

(Detail). 1872. Impressionism. Claude Monet. Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare St. Lazare. 1877. Impressionism.

Claude Monet. Variations of St. Lazare Train Station. 1877. Impressionism. Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Le Moulin de la Galette. 1876. Impressionism.

Edgar Degas. The Ballet Rehearsal. 1874. Impressionism. Kitagawa Utamaro. Reflected Beauty, Seven

Beauties Applying Make-Up: Okita. c. 1790. Woodblock Print. Ink on Paper. Edgar Degas. The Ballet Rehearsal

(Detail). 1874. Impressionism. Mary Cassatt. The Boating Party. 18931894. Impressionism. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. At The Moulin Rouge. 1892-95. Impressionism.

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