iPIPS: An International Study of Childrens Development at

iPIPS: An International Study of Childrens Development at

iPIPS: An International Study of Childrens Development at the Start of School and Progress in their First Year Peter Tymms & Christine Merrell Overview CEM Challenges of assessing young children The PIPS assessment iPIPS

Data quality Reliability Predictive validity What children know and can do Progress across jurisdictions Changes over a decade Monitoring policy changes Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring Our Mission fundamental aim to improve teaching and learning for children and young people high quality research information through a scientific and evidence-based approach

30 years old 100 staff Monitoring systems for children ages 3-18 Process data from 1 million students a year 1000s schools Computer adaptive tests with 10,000 in a day England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Abu Dhabi, USA, China, Germany, Russia, Chile & S. Africa The Challenges of Assessing Young Children Many cant read Communication issues

Limited time for assessment Low STM Content: The official content? What best predicts success/difficulty? What is malleable? Mode Observation or direct questions? The PIPS Baseline and Follow up Translated/adapted into 9 languages Assessed > 1 million children Used initially for formative feedback Content: PIPS Assessment

Early Reading Early Maths Vocabulary Short term memory Personal, Social and Emotional Development Inattentiveness, hyperactivity & impulsivity Contextual Data Physical development Distinctive Nature of PIPS

Very quick Very reliable Good prediction Robust Broadly based Can be adapted Long term follow up data International Liked by teachers Enjoyed by children Rapid feedback Compared to Other Assessments There are hundreds of baseline assessments We have reviewed 25

PIPS wins Microsoft Word Document A Look at the Assessment iPIPS iPIPS is a international project looking at children starting school around the world and the progress they make in their first school year iPIPS Vision On-going project iPIPS in 6 countries Developmental Projects

Scale up to include more countries 3 years: 2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016 Bigger Comparative Study: Every 4 years Through governments Data Quality (Objective data from England) Reliability

Test/retest Does it predict? 0.98 An Example of Prediction 0.8 0.6 Age 5 Reading 0.4 Column1 0.2 0 ri ... ... ... ers ... ... i... ... M n... s... s... f...

W ab ab olo tt rd r id s ms ST e d hs l o c o s l Le W m att Rea at ota -0.2 Vo ea no be Su Su n I M T m Id ho u P N -0.4 What Children Know and Can Do

Table 5c: Map of items and pupils for the Total measure in England TABLE 12.2 SOR England Data v2.sav ZOU083WS.TXT Jan 8 14:33 2014 INPUT: 19504 PERSON 168 ITEM REPORTED: 5440 PERSON 165 ITEM 334 CATS WINSTEPS 3.74.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MEASURE 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1

-2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 EACH PERSON - MAP - ITEM | + | M or L 8 more t | M or L 21 more | + M or L 6 less t

|T M or L 10 less . | Sums B 15+21 | Sums B 7+3 . + . | M or L 3 less t . | M or L 3 more t . | Num 3dig2 . + Num 3dig3 . | M or L 2 more t . | IAR full . |S Num 2dig2 .# T+ IAR capital .## | Sent Sentences .## | IAR sentence .#### | IAR start .##### + Num 3dig5 .####### S| IAR sentence .######### | W Writing .########### | Lett A .############ +M Lett G

.############ M| IAR Letter .########### | Lett F .########## | IAR word .####### + Lett x .######## | Lett Name Lette .###### S| Count fish here .#### | Count fish ther #### + IAM shortest .## |S IAR writing .# | Count apples th .# T| Count apples he . + PV cherries . | IAM most . | IAM tallest . | IAM more . + IAR someone . | PV carrots . | IAM smallest . |T PV castle + IAM biggest . |

| . | + | . | | . + | "#" IS 41. EACH "." IS 1 TO 40 Sums B half of Sums B 9-6 Sums B 4+11 Sums B 42-17 Num 3dig1 PV cosmetics Sent Sentences Sent Sentences Num 2dig1

Sent Sentences Num 2dig3 W cat Num 3dig4 Num teen2 Num teen1 PV microscope Lett D Lett H Lett K Lett B Lett n Lett L Num 6 Lett m IAM least PV pigeon Num 3 Num 1 PV windmill PV knife

Rep stop PV fork IAR someone PV butterfly PV cupboard PV kite PV turtle Sh star Sums B Sequence Pass Walking t PV yacht Sums B Sequence Sent Story 2 Sent Story 1 Sums B 15-4 Sent Sentences W flower Pass Cats long W dog Num teen3

Sums A pips Lett Q Lett J PV jewellery Lett V Lett w Lett S Rep juxtapose Num 0 Lett i Rep enterprisin Num 5 Num 2 Sh triangle PV pan PV wasp Sums B 12p ora

Sent Sentences W house W car Sent Sentences M or L 1 more t Lett Y PV toadstool Lett c PV saxophone Lett e Sh hexagon Num 8 Lett p Sums A balls PV bowl Num 4 Sh circle

Sums A rockets W ball W duck W rabbit Sums B half th W tree W butterfly Sums A ice crea Lett t Rep observatory Lett o

Rep frigglejang Lett r Sums A puppies Rhy mouse Lett u Rhy pan Lett z Rep riotous Num 7 Sums A cars Rep denalty PV violin Rep mantle Sh square Sums A bikes

PV padlock Rhy toes Num 9 Sums B 5p appl Rhy bin Rhy dish Sums A rabbits PV cash Rhy cherries Rhy drum Rhy hat Rhy sun

Sums B three q Reading across Jurisdictions 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00 -1.00 -2.00 -3.00 England England2 Scotland Scotland2 New Zealand New Zealand2 Australia Australia2

Changes Over a Decade Example: Pre-school and mathematics at start of school ten years ago: Monitoring the Impact of a New Policy Northern Ireland, UK New Enriched Curriculum PIPS Baseline and later PIPS Assessments Tracked reading and mathematics from start to end of primary school No additional benefit for Enriched Curriculum Thank You

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