What role do governments have in reducing disaster?

What role do governments have in reducing disaster?

What role do governments have in reducing disaster? Starting point: The Sendai Framework What is the Sendai framework? What does the framework suggest about the importance of governance in disaster risk reduction? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izpDdnaSxN0 Key Enquiry Question 2: Why do some tectonic hazards develop into

disasters? Lesson 10 LO: To be able to examine how governance is important in understanding disaster impact and vulnerability. Key terms: Governance Players Vulnerability Concept Checker: 1.6b. Governance (P: local and national government) and geographical factors (population density, isolation and

accessibility, degree of urbanisation) influence vulnerability and a communities resilience. 1.6c. Contrasting hazard events in developed, emerging and developing countries to show the interaction of physical factors and the significance of context in influencing the scale of disaster. What is governance anyway? The sum of the many ways individuals and _________, public and private, manage their common affairs. It is a __________ process through which conflicting or ________ interests may be accommodated and _________ action may

be taken. It includes ______ institutions and regimes empowered to enforce __________, as well as __________ arrangements that people and institutions have either ______ to or perceive to be in their _______. continuing diverse informal formal institutions agreed interest operative compliance

co- Components of Governance Economic governance includes the decision-making processes that affect a countrys economic activities and its relationship with other economies. This has major implications for equity, poverty and peoples quality of life. Administrative governance is the system

Political governance is the process of of policy implementation and require decision making to create policies, good governance at central and local including national disaster reduction levels. In the case of disaster risk and planning. The nature of this process reduction, it requires functioning and the way it brings together the state, enforcement of building codes, landuse non-state and private-sector planning, environmental risk and human

players/stakeholders determines the vulnerability monitoring and safety quality of the policy outcomes. standards. Is governance just done by individual governments? Discussion point to your partner, explain whether you think the answer is yes or no and elaborate on why you believe your answer to be correct.

3 earthquakes, 3 different outcomes You will now be assigned one of three earthquakes (disasters) to examine. In the graphic organiser you must: 1. Provide context details for the earthquake 2. Provide impact details for the earthquake (think long and short term) 3. Provide management/response details for the earthquake 4. Evaluate these details against the concept of governance (was this a disaster because of poor management?)

Sharing is Caring Now, you will find 2 other people who have explored two different earthquakes. You will teach each other what you have learnt and you will fill in the graphic organiser with the missing details. Stretch and Challenge task Score each in terms of their governance of the event (think /10) Reasons Swiss Cheese Model Homework: Watch this Youtube video

There is nothing natural about disaster https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7fbfZxoWlY

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