PSYC18 2009 Psychology of Emotion Professor: Gerald Cupchik

PSYC18 2009  Psychology of Emotion Professor: Gerald Cupchik

PSYC18 2009 Psychology of Emotion Professor: Gerald Cupchik Office: S634 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Thursdays 10-11; 2-3 Phone: 416-287-7467 TA: Michelle Hilscher Office: S142C Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Thursdays 10-11 am

Course website: Textbook: Oatley, Keltner & Jenkins (2006, 2nd Ed.) Understanding Emotions. Grasping the Phenomenon Overview There are three parts to todays lecture: 1. Account of process and theory. 2. Everyday and classroom application.

3. Background of these ideas. Process and Theory a. We need a way to approach everyday life: - Descriptive natural history - Theoretical account of process b. Narrative accounts of life experiences in episodes and situations. c. Two fundamental themes in life episodes: - Action survival and adaptation; planning for the future - Meaning attempting to understand particular events;

understanding the past d. What makes a lived episode coherent for the person within the episode and others outside of it? - What makes an episode memorable? e. The role of feelings and emotions as a binding glue in an episode. - The episode is about something important and has emotion at its core. f. An episode becomes meaningful when it can be placed in a context.

- Of course there are many viewpoints and contexts within which to interpret it. g. What is the role of psychology in addressing life episodes? - There is unity in the experience of meaningful life episodes. - Meaning of the event lies in our history with prior events like it - Psychology is about conditions that shape the emergence of meaning. - Psychology takes experiences and places them in a context. It focuses on the situation. Psychology looks beneath the surface of an event. It goes from

the manifest to the latent. Psychology is about layers: Mind and body Perception, cognition, affection, emotion, action Mind and body are linked. Thought is associated with feeling or emotion. Feelings in action episodes. Emotion in reaction episodes. Application - We need to begin with rich accounts of life experiences. - What is implicated in these experiences?

- Picking a topic. - Diversity of topics. - Personal relevance of topics. - Acts of noticing: Lived-world and the Plane of Observation - Collecting life episodes. - Interpreting life episodes. - Similarities and differences across life episodes. - What to avoid: Francis Bacon: biases, dogma, pet hypotheses. - Deductive (we have anticipations, having picked the topic and therefore noticed or focused on it in everyday life) - Inductive (open to the unexpected)

- Evaluation of this teaching method. Background - Relation of theory to phenomena - Gestalt psychology and the situation - Gestalt and figure/ground relations in terms of topic and the search for a relevant context. - Tradition of Natural History observation and collection of richly described instances. - Naturwissenschaft and Geistwissenschaft Goethe

Dilthey Husserl Cassirer Lewin

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