Introduction to Logic Apps Kevin Lam Principal Program

Introduction to Logic Apps Kevin Lam Principal Program

Introduction to Logic Apps Kevin Lam Principal Program Manager #Build2016 Agenda Modernization of Integration API Connections Logic app concepts Management Demo

Democratize Integration Vision iPaaS Leader Rich Ecosystem Connect and automate common tasks with Logic Apps Use simple, intuitive tools Create crucial, reliable tasks without coding Integrate your mobile and web-based apps Connect existing apps to SaaS services BizTalk APIs for expert integration

scenarios API Connections Easily use cloud or custom APIs: Dozens of built-in APIs for popular SaaS An ecosystem of APIs for any need APIS Create, consume and host APIs more easily Create and publish custom, reusable APIs Easily connect to existing APIs in the cloud Visual Studio tooling with one click publish and remote debugging

Connecting to APIs Managed APIs Custom and External OOB APIs hosted by Logic Apps Serviced by the product team First class designer experience Rapid development API Connections APIs First class designer

experience using Swagger Auto discovery of Azure hosted APIs Declaratively reference an External API Raw HTTP request for all other API Authenticate once and re-use Differentiate connection configuration Simple to deploy Built-in API Connectors SaaS

Box Chatter Dropbox Azure HD Insight Slack Azure Media Services OneDrive SharePoint SQL Azure Office 365

Hybrid QuickBooks SalesForce Sugar CRM Dynamics CRM Azure Service Bus Azure Storage Timer / Recurrence Twilio Twitter Azure Web Jobs

BizTalk Messaging & B2B Batching / Debatching Validate Extract (XPath)

Transform (+Mapper) Convert (XML-JSON) Convert (XML-FF) X12 EDIFACT AS2 TPM Rules Engine Flat file

Yammer IBM DB2 Informix Websphere MQ SQL Server SharePoint Server Oracle SAP Hybrid Connectivity

Protocols HTTP, HTTPS FTP, SFTP POP3/IMAP SMTP File Delay Workflow Definition Language

Logic Apps Workflow definition concepts { "parameters": { ... }, "triggers": { ... }, "actions": { ... }, "outputs": { ... } } Parameters

Re-using values, or even complex objects, throughout the definition, which makes it easier to comprehend. Separate out config from the definition itself, making sharing easy, as well as across different environments. DEV WORKFLOW PROD WORKFLOW PARAMETERS DEFINITION PARAMETERS Provides DEV configuration Declares parameters

Provides PROD configuration Uri: Endpoint: @parameters (endpoint) DEFINITION (identical) Endpoint: Declares parameters Uri: @parameters

(endpoint) Triggering a Logic app Run Recurring schedule every X hours Polling an API for a response A 200 response means run a 202 response means wait Can use trigger state to get information on the previous execution Manual Webhook Every workflow has an endpoint you can POST to using a SAS URL Webhook subscription Subscribe to a web services webhook

On Demand Actions can Call out API Apps, Direct HTTP endpoints, Other Workflows, send a response Honor asynchronous pattern Continues on 202 status code Follows location header Waits for retry after interval Wait for events Wait for a period of time

Wait for a Webhook to be called Have conditions and looping Conditions determine whether the action should execute For each executes an action for each item in a collection Do-while will continually execute an action until a condition is met Have custom retry

policy By default retries 4 times separated by 20 seconds Control flow Response For Each Split On Do Until Condition s Management

Debugging and History Trigger history shows polling results Run history shows details for each logic app run Run statistics Action execution log All of the inputs to the action All of the outputs from the action Status and errors Azure Demo: Create a new API as a Logic App Kevin Lam

Call to Action Blog: / Webcast: Twitter: @logicappsio Re-visit Build on Channel 9. Continue your education at Microsoft Virtual Academy online. 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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