Establishing Strategic Direction: Ansoff Matrix - Netflix Existing

Establishing Strategic Direction: Ansoff Matrix - Netflix Existing

Establishing Strategic Direction: Ansoff Matrix - Netflix Existing products New products Market penetration strategy Product development strategy Existing markets U.S.A.- more purchasing and usage from existing customers across all product categories Develop new products such as video and computer games. (20% increase in sales in 2008) New markets Market development strategy Diversification strategy Investigate optimum markets in North America i.e. Canada, and adjacent countries such as Mexico, moving on to Argentina, Chile and Brazil and later U.K. Australasia, and India (Bollywood factor). 1 BCG Matrix - Netflix

Market share (relative to largest competitor) High Stars High Market growth Low Streaming Subscribers Movie downloads Cash Cows Low Question Marks software to enable commercials to be avoided Dogs Generates demand for older, cheap films 2 HR Management Innovative approach to staff management. Black and white to some extent. Slackers are fired and great staff are rewarded by having open ended annual leave arrangements. Technology Development Large scale digital distribution via streaming and downloading service Margin Firms FirmsInfrastructure Infrastructure Open Openand andtransparent

transparentculture. culture.Interesting Interestingadult adultattitude attitudetotostaff. staff.Progressive organisation. Procurement Strong buying power. Sources the latest DVDs , blu ray discs from producers /manufacturers. Inbound Logistics Assume effective systems in place as operations, inbound logistics/ service all run smoothly. Operations Outbound Online distribution Logistics is working well Supply chain functioning well. No problems encountered with distriibution /supply of products to customers Marketing & Sales Brand mgt need to measure awareness and position the products more memorably in a crowded

marketplace Service Prides itself on good customer service and innovative staff policy Margin Support Activities Understanding how Netflix adds value to its business and its place within the value system Primary Activities 3 Competitor Analysis: Netflix Porters Five Forces Map Threat of new entrants - High Crowded marketplace. Barriers to entry are low. Key competitors are Apple, Amazon, Google, Walmart, Hulu, and Redbox, Supplier powerMedium Suppliers will always try to drive up prices but equally they need to sell their products and are under pressure from recessionary factors Industry rivalry - Intense Competition in all product commodities is increasing.

Supermarkets have immense buying power. Category killers such as Walmart can compete effectively on price Buyer power High Consumers today have so much choice in buying dvds blu ray discs, video on demand etc. so prices have to be competitive Threat of substitutes Medium Technology grows at a fast pace. DVDs are expected to be around for a while but the internet will become the principal vehicle for distributing films in years to come. 4 Matching Assets and Competencies Netflixs sustainable competitive advantage in U.S.Market Netflixs Assets/Competencies Sells DVDs and Blu ray discs that consumers need Strong brand recognition in U.S.A Quality product Wide product range Fairly strong customer service high levels of customer satisfaction. Services are tailored for individuals-onscreen welcome, recommendations Offers high speed streaming of movies and TV

programmes via the internet Internet service includes movie recommendation algorithms Customer Requirements Best Fit Match Consumers always need and enjoy home entertainment Brand recognition/brand longterm stability Quality over competition Large selection to choose from Attentive customer service Personalisation Good distribution network mail, video kiosks, vending machines, downloading, streaming, etc. Advice on which films to watch 5 International Decision making model Business Portfolio Model Harrell & Kiefer. Selection of Markets and Product/Market development Netflix Compatibility/capability Country attractiveness/priority High High Medium Low

Primary Canada Medium Secondary Mexico Argentina Colombia Brazil Low Tertiary U.K. Australasia India 6 Product analysis - Netflix High Price PREMIUM STRATEGY High popularity Streaming and discs for rent, both Blu-ray and DVDs OVER CHARGING STRATEGY Low Price GOOD VALUE STRATEGY Older films ECONOMY STRATEGY Low popularity

DVD Boxed sets 7 Product Perception Grid - Netflix Quality High 1= 2= 1 3= 3 4= 2 Price High Low 4 5= 6= 7= 5 6 7 Low 8

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