National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos EU-CIRCLE &

National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos EU-CIRCLE &

National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos EU-CIRCLE & platform presentation ATHANASIOS SFETSOS on behalf of the EU-CIRCLE consortium EU-CIRCLE in a nutshell Make the interconnected and interdependent Critical Infrastructures more resilient to climate change Development of a validated Climate Infrastructure Resilience Platform (CIRP) that will:

assess potential impacts due to climate hazards, provide monitoring through new resilience indicators and support cost-efficient adaptation measures. Addressing community requirements, either in responding to short-term hazards and extreme weather events or in deriving the most effective long term adaptation measures. Move from CI specific resilience to holistic one

VVG , 11th May 2017 EU-CIRCLE analysis Identify, assess and quantify the risks that CI are exposed to, and how these will evolve under no-adaptation policy options Identify new risks that may apprear under future climate conditions, or due to new CI being planned (or expanded) in the future

Assessing risks in the future under the application of different adaptation options policies and measures VVG , 11th May 2017 How far into the future would you consider climate change analysis CS1: heatwaves and dryness on electricity networks CS2: maritime

scenario CS3: coastal flooding CS4: urban flooding VVG , 11th May 2017 The role of climate change Change in frequency Extreme events Spatial extend Multiple hazards VVG , 11th May 2017

Linkage of risk management, resilience and modelling VVG , 11th May 2017 VVG , 11th May 2017 EU-CIRCLE Workshop on Critical Infrastructure Protection and Climate Change Interconnecti ons

Responding to hazards European University Cyprus 7-8 March 2017 Co-Organizers European University Cyprus Cyprus Civil Defence EU-CIRCLE project JRC Understanding of risks

Participants Approx. 50 persons National Authorities CI operators Electricity and ICT are the two most important sectors CI operators are aware of natural hazards Long term disruptions, port becomes critical

ICT and electricity sector are more prepared CI have become resilient to electricity disruptions due to recent events Interdependencies during disasters need further elaboration Do not consider climate change EU-CIRCLE has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 653824 Important to validate if current

procedures will be adapted under future climate scenarios Contact Details Dr. George Boustras ([email protected]) Louisa arie Shakou ([email protected]) Cleo Varianou Mikellidou ([email protected]) VVG , 11th May 2017 The CIRP Objectives The primary objective was to:

design and develop a prototype solution for detailed modeling of large scale interconnected Critical Infrastructures exposed to multiple hazards due to Climate Change. Assess the direct and indirect impacts and assess cost efficient adaptation of solutions in different types of scenarios. CIRP aims to provide a generic plug-and-play environment for different and diverse types of impact assessment simulation models

CIRP will apply partners capabilities (models, climate data, risk resilience assessment, adaptation scenarios) in the suggested test cases. VVG , 11th May 2017 CIRP Target Users Scientific and engineering community End users (Critical infrastructure operators, decision makers, Governmental bodies etc.) Software Developers that wish to extend the

platform VVG , 11th May 2017 of Critical Infrastructure VVG , 11th May 2017 Modelling Interdependencies VVG , 11th May 2017 CI ANDI Methodology

VVG , 11th May 2017 CIRP Workflows Inputs - Hazards, Inventory, Fragility Models Output - Damage Prediction, Reporting, Decision Support Decision Support Fragility Climate Change Hazard

Definition Models Inventory Selection . VVG , 11th May 2017 Damage Prediction CIRP Analysis Examples

Drinking Water Individual Assets and Network Impact from a 100-year Flood @EU-Circles Virtual City VVG , 11th May 2017 VALABRE & ARTELIA Case Study 1 : Heat Wave and Forest fire impacts on electric and road transport networks Provence-Alpes-Cte dAzur Region (France) MIDORI MILLION (ARTELIA) [email protected]

FREDERIQUE GIROUD (VALABRE) [email protected] ALICE CLEMENCEAU (VALABRE) [email protected] Case Study 1 in a nutshell VVG , 11th May 2017 Case Study 1 VVG , 11th May 2017

Gdynia Maritime University - GMU Case Study 2: Sea Surge and Extreme Winds at Baltic Sea Area GMU TEAM [email protected] Description of Case Study Scenario 1: Oil Transport in Port Experiment Description The port oil piping transportation system is operating at one of the Baltic Oil Terminals that is designated for the

reception from ships, the storage and sending by carriages or cars the oil products. Figure 1. Piping at the pier of Gdynia Port VVG , 11th May 2017 Torbay Council - University of Exeter Case Study 3 Urban Coastal Flooding, Torbay, UK

Dragan A. Savic ([email protected] ) Slobodan Djordjevic ([email protected]) Lydia S. Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia ([email protected]) Albert S. Chen ([email protected] ) Mehdi Khoury ([email protected] ) Dave Stewart ([email protected]) Mike Wood ([email protected]) Historic Flooding Locations Flooding from different sources surface water runoff highway flooding sewer flooding main river and ordinary

watercourse flooding Coastal flooding due to overtopping of sea defences during high tides + easterly winds. All sources of flooding are exacerbated during high tides and heavy rainfall when capacity of the outfall is reduced. Historic Flooding - Coastal Flooding Coastal flooding at Torre Abbey and Livermead in Torquay. Roads between Torquay and Paignton having to be closed. Bottom right photo Effects of coastal flooding at Goodrington, Paignton, a major tourist area of Torbay.

Storm Damage - Critical Infrastructure Storm damage to Livermead sea wall in 2013/ Breach of Defence Damage to the highway, sewage rising main (serving the whole of Torquay); high pressure gas main at risk of failure. If sheet piling hadnt protected the gas main all residents/businesses within 250m radius would have to be evacuated. International Case Study: Effects of Cyclonic pressures, consequent flooding & effects on critical infrastructure / adaptation policies in Bangladesh BINGUNATH INGIRIGE

University of Huddersfield [email protected] The effect on the embankment infrastructure after Cyclone Aila VVG , 11th May 2017 Case Study: Rapid Winter Flooding Dresden Region RALF HEDEL, STEFAN HAHMANN PATRICK BRAUSEWETTER [email protected]

Description Case study area Densely populated area in the triangle of DE/CZ/PL

Center of industry, science, culture, settlements City of Dresden as the center, population >500,000 many smaller cities and towns nearby in the main development area along the valley of the river Elbe Hilly topography (up to 1,200 m), smaller water bodies from the mountains are directed to the valley of the river Elbe Historical floods of river Elbe:

1845 2002 2006 2011 2013 (Mar/Apr) (Aug) (Mar/Apr) (Jan) (Jun),

VVG , 11th May 2017 Example: damage at Free State of Saxony 2002 Casualties: 21 Damage costs: 8,6 Billion EUR Damaged buildings: >25,000; 400 totally destroyed Damaged roads: 540 km Damaged social facilities: 280 Evacuations: 35,000 (only City of Dresden)

Main railway station Evacuation of hospital Pictures:, VVG , 11th May 2017 This project has received funding from the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement

No 653824 Thank You For Your Attention

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