Leaders Reference Principles of Leadership 1. Know yourself

Leaders Reference Principles of Leadership 1. Know yourself

Leaders Reference Principles of Leadership 1. Know yourself & seek selfimprovement 2. Be technically & tactically proficient 3. Make sound & timely decisions 4. Set the Example 5. Build the team 6. Seek responsibility & take responsibility for your actions 7. Develop a sense of responsibility in your subordinates 8. Keep your subordinates informed 9. Know your soldier & look out for their welfare 10.Ensure the task is understood, supervised, & accomplished 11.Employ your unit IAW its capabilities Nine Competencies 1. Communication 2. Decision-making 3. Planning 4. Professional Army ethic 5. Supervision 6. Soldier team development 7. Technical & tactical proficient 8. Teaching & counseling 9. Use of available systems 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Nine Principles of Training 1. Train as you fight 2. Train to challenge 3. Train to maintain 4. Train to sustain proficiency 5. Train as a combined arms & service team 6. Train using appropriate doctrine 7. Train using performanceoriented techniques 8. Make commanders primary trainers MTET-TC M- Mission T- Time E- Enemy T- Terrain T- Troops C- Civilians 7 Components of BOS Intelligence Maneuver Fire Support Air Defense Mobility/ Counter-mobility/ Survivability Command & control Combat service support

METL M- Mission E- Essential T- Task L- List OACOK O- Observation A- Avenues of approach C- Cover & Concealment O- Obstacles K- Key terrain Troop Leading Procedures R- Receive the mission I- Issue the warning order M- Make a tentative plan M- Movement (Initiate) R- Recon C- Complete the plan I- Issue the OPORD S- Supervise 14 Attitudes 7 Core Values 8 Step Training Model 1. Enforce Standards L- Loyalty 1. Plan the training 2. Set the Example D- Duty 2. Train the Trainers 3. Accomplish the mission R- Respect 3. Recon the site 4. Take care of soldiers S- Selfless Service 4. Issue the order 5. Be dedicated & selfless H- Honesty 5. Rehearse the training 6. Accept responsibility for self & I- Integrity 6. Execute the training subordinates P- Personal Courage 7. Evaluate the training 7. Obey lawful orders 8. Retrain as necessary 8. Be honest & courageous 9. Maintain physical & mental toughness 6 Paragraph OPORD Training Cycle 10. Show competence & self- confidence 1. Situation METL Development 11. Act fairly & equitably W/ subordinates 2. Mission Planning 12. Be loyal to nation & constitution 3. Execution Execution 13. Be loyal to superiors and subordinates 4. Service Support Assessment 14. Show initiative & self- motivation 5. Command and Signal 6. Safety

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