Nourishing Traditional Diets The Key to Vibrant Health

Nourishing Traditional Diets The Key to Vibrant Health

Nourishing Traditional Diets The Key to Vibrant Health by Sally Fallon Morell, President The Weston A. Price Foundation What is a Healthy Diet? Atkins Diet? Vegetarian/Vegan? Zone Diet?

Macrobiotic? South Beach Diet? Juicing? Food Combining? Metabolic Typing? All Raw? Even Lisa is confused! Or is it the US Government Official Diet. . .

. . . designed to promote the products of commodity agriculture? NPD Photo Photos from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration copyright and courtesy Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation Swiss Village Photo

Primitive Swiss Villagers Swiss Bread Photo Modernized Swiss Primitive Gaelics Oats

Eskimo Moms Primitive Eskimos Eskimo Decay 1st Gen Eskimos Seal Oil

Salmon Roe Navajo & Sitting Bull Primitiv e

Indians Modernized Indians Primitive Seminoles The Teeth Tell the Tale! STRAIGHT TEETH

CROOKED, CROWDED TEETH Plenty of room in head for Compromised space for pituitary, pineal, hypothalamus master glands in the head Good skeletal development, good muscles Poor development, poor

posture, easily injured Keen eyesight and hearing Poor eyesight and hearing Optimal function of all organs Compromised function of all organs

Optimistic outlook, learns easily Depression, behavior problems, learning problems Round pelvic opening, easy childbirth

Oval pelvic opening, difficult childbirth Modernized Seminole South Pacific Map Primitive South Pacific Boys

Primitive South Pacific Women South Pacific Foods South Pacific Decay South Pacific 1st Generation Hawaiian TB Ward

Primitive Aborigine Men Primitive Aborigine Women Aborigine Decay

Aborigine 1st Generation Africa Map Primitive Africans Masai African Decay

Africa 1st Generation African Boys Dental Casts of Modernized and Primitive Individuals

Pottengers Cats Dental Deformities The Facial Bones The Sphenoid and Maxilla MKW

Tommy Agnes McPhail Teenager Group Temptations Bill Codys Wild West Show 1910

Elvis South American Children Modern Children Most modern children have thin faces and need braces to

straighten their teeth Thin Faces Jordana G o

Natural Beauty Individual beauty is a matter of both design of the face and regularity and perfection of the teeth. Nature always builds harmoniously if conditions are sufficiently favorable, regardless of race, color or location Weston A. Price, DDS Great Variety in Traditional Diets

Some had no plant foods Some had few animal foods Some had mostly cooked foods Some had large amounts of raw foods Some had milk products; some did not Some had grains; some did not Some had fruits; some did not What are the underlying characteristics of these healthy diets?

1. No refined or denatured foods Refined and Denatured Food Components 1930's Refined and Denatured Food Components Today Refined Sugar

Refined Sugar High Fructose Corn Syrup White Flour Pasteurized Milk Skim and Low Fat Milk Hydrogenated Fats Refined Vegetable Oils Isolated Protein Powders Additives

White Flour Vegetable Oils Canned Foods Condensed Milk Life in its fullness is Mother Nature obeyed. Weston A. Price, DDS Factory foods are not Mother Natures foods!

2. Every diet contained animal products FISH AND SHELLFISH: including organs, oil, bones, heads, etc. Weston Price found the best bone structure among those eating seafood BIRDS: Chicken, ducks, geese, etc., including the organs, fat and skin.

RED MEAT: Beef, goat, sheep, game, etc., with ORGAN MEATS and FAT preferred. MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS EGGS REPTILES INSECTS


B6 Cholesterol Magnesium Vitamin B12 Iron Very Long Chain, Zinc Superunsaturated fatty acids Copper


Fatigue Depression Multiple sclerosis Tingling in hands and feet

Obsessivecompulsion Anemia Sleep disorders Manicdepression Cancer Irrational anger

Heart disease Dementia/ Alzheimers Vitamin B12 ONLY IN ANIMAL PRODUCTS: Usable vitamin B12 is found only in animal products. Analogs in soy foods or bluegreen algae actually increase bodys need for B12.

ABSORPTION DIFFICULT: Absorbed through a complex process involving an intrinsic factor, secreted in the stomach. VEGETARIANS AND THE ELDERLY: Deficiencies are most likely to appear in VEGETARIANS, who do not consume animal products, and in the ELDERLY and those deficient in hydrochloric acid or pancreatic enzymes, who cannot produce or use the intrinsic factor. PASTEURIZATION: B-12 is almost completely destroyed

by pasteurization. African Vegetarian Cow Products Products that come from cows Even strict vegans cannot escape dependence on animal products. The Origins of the Modern High-Fiber,

Vegetarian Dietary Movement SYLVESTER GRAHAM (1794-1851) advocated a whole grain, vegetarian diet to promote chastity and curb lust. Preached that excessive sexual desire caused disease. The Food

Puritans! JOHN HARVEY KELLOGG (1852-1943), Seventh Day Adventist who promoted a highfiber, vegetarian diet to combat the twin evils of constipation and natural urges. Preached against sexual activity, even in marriage! 3. Dr. Prices Key Finding Primitive Diets contain 4 times the calcium and other minerals, and

10 times the fat-soluble vitamins as the modern American diet. Sources of Vitamins A and D SEAFOODS Fish Eggs LAND ANIMALS GRASS-FED!

Fish Livers Insects Fish Liver Oil Butter and Cream Fish Heads

Egg Yolks Shell Fish Liver, Organ Meats Oily Fish Animal Fat

Sea Mammals (Especially mono-gastric animals such as (birds, pig, bear, Guinea pig) The Fat-Soluble Activators A and D A question arises as to the efficiency of the human body in removing all of the minerals from the ingested foods. Extensive

laboratory determinations have shown that most people cannot absorb more than half of the calcium and phosphorus from the foods eaten. The amounts utilized depend directly on the presence of other substances, particularly fat-soluble vitamins. It is at this point probably that the greatest breakdown in our modern diet takes place, namely, in the ingestion and utilization of adequate amount of the special activating substances, including the vitamins [A and D] needed for rendering the minerals in the food available to the human system. It is possible to starve for minerals that are abundant in

the foods eaten because they cannot be utilized without an adequate quantity of the fat-soluble activators. Weston Price, DDS Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Bricks and Mortar The body is like a house or temple, built of bricks and mortar

Bricks = Minerals Mortar = Fat-Soluble Activators A and D Conversion of Beta-Carotene to Vitamin A Conversion Problems Needed to Convert Carotene to Vitamin A Fats in the diet Enzymes (as yet unknown)

Thyroid Hormone Vitamin E Conversion & storage is difficult or impossible for BABIES AND CHILDREN DIABETICS Individuals with poor thyroid function Individuals with poor liver function Individuals with poor intestinal absorption

Individuals with high intake of sodium nitrites and nitrates Individuals exposed to pesticides and other toxins Individuals who consume lots of carotene Even under optimal conditions, plant sources of carotene cannot supply sufficient vitamin A optimum health. for

Vitamin A is Needed for Protein assimilation Calcium assimilation Proper growth Prevention of birth defects Proper function of the glands Thyroid function Immune system function Production of stress and sex hormones Eyes, skin, bones

ACTH Cholesterol Cholesterol, the Mother of All Hormones Pregnenolone

Progesterone Pregnenolone Progesterone DHEA Androstenedione

Testosterone DOC Corticosterone 18OH Aldosterone Corticosterone 11 Deoxycortisol

Estradiol Cortisol Note: Vitamin A is needed for each conversion. Trans fats inhibit enzymes that make these conversions.

Pig Study Vitamin A Stores are Depleted by Stress Excess Dietary Protein Cold Weather Fever and Illness Physical Exertion Exposure to Toxins

Dioxins and Vitamin A DIOXINS DEPLETE vitamin A stores in the liver. Vitamin A protects against dioxins - almost 80 scientific papers on the interaction of dioxins and vitamin A - take your cod liver oil! FISH EATERS in Japan do not have high levels of dioxin in the blood, meaning that there are protective factors in the diet. CHLOROPHYLL prevents absorption of dioxin from

the intestinal tract - eat your greens! Vitamin D Myth MYTH - To get adequate vitamin D, just expose your face and hands to sunlight for 10 minutes every day. TRUTH - The body makes one form of vitamin D out of cholesterol by the action of UVB sunlight on the skin.

However, except in the Tropics, UV-B is available only at MIDDAY during the SUMMER months. Vitamin D Food Sources All healthy primitive groups, including those living in the tropics, had rich dietary sources of vitamin D. Fish liver oils

Egg yolks Shell fish Organ meats Insects Fat of birds

Butterfat Fat of pigs Roles of Vitamin D Healthy bones Insulin production Proper growth

Immune system Mineral metabolism Nervous system Muscle tone Cell Function

Reproduction Feel good chemicals Healthy Skin Longevity Synthetic Vitamin D2

MADE FROM VEGETARIAN SOURCES OPPOSITE EFFECT TO ANIMAL SOURCE D3 Causes softening of the hard tissues (bones) Hardening of the soft tissues (organs, arteries). ADDED TO PROCESSED VEGETARIAN FOODS Soy Milk Rice Milk Oat Milk

Almond Milk Vitamin A and D Toxicity? BALANCE: When vitamin D is low, vitamin A can be toxic, even at low doses; when A is low, vitamin D can be toxic. ADEQUATE VITAMIN D: With adequate vitamin D - about 1000 IU per day - vitamin A is not toxic even at very high doses. VITAMIN A FORTIFICATION: Fortification of lowfat milk, cereals, etc. with vitamin A in northern countries, such as Sweden, where vitamin D intakes are inadequate, has led to

osteoporosis. BEST RATIO: The ratio of A to D in cod liver oil should be at 10 to 1 or less. Many brands of cod liver oil contain almost no vitamin D, which is removed during processing. HIGH VITAMIN COD LIVER OIL: Available through our recommended suppliers, has good A/D ratios, and supplies a good level of vitamin A in small amounts of cod liver oil. African Protestors

Shrimp Paste Sources of Fat-Soluble Activators in the Traditional African Diet Sources of Fat-Soluble Activators in the Traditional American Diet Also: Organ meats such as liver,

and contained in sausage, scrapple, liverwurst, etc. Skinless Chicken Breasts? Vitamin A per 100 grams Skinless breast

21 IU Breast with skin 83 IU Skinless dark meat 72 IU

Dark meat with skin 201 IU Chicken livers 13,328 IU Lard

Theyre Happy Vitamin D in lard helps the body make neurochemicals that protect against depression. Price Factor or Activator X

CATALYST: Discovered by Weston Price, a potent catalyst for vitamin and mineral absorption. GROWTH: Important factor in the growth of children; has potent curative powers. SACRED FOODS: Found in foods considered sacred by primitive populations--liver and other organ meats from grazing cattle; marine oils, fish eggs and shellfish; and butter from cows eating rapidly growing green grass. BASIS: Green growing plants which have an unknown factor that animals transform and store in certain fatty

tissues. PRIMITIVE DIETS: All healthy primitive groups had a source of the Price Factor in their diets. Activator X = Vitamin K2 ANIMAL FORM: K2 is the animal form of vitamin K, made from K1, the plant form GROWTH: Plays important role, especially in facial development. (Sign of deficiency: Underdevelopment of middle third of the face.)

BONES AND TEETH: Needed for deposition of phosphorus and calcium in bones and teeth HEART DISEASE: Prevents calcification and inflammation of the arteries BRAIN: Involved in synthesis of myelin sheath; supports learning capacity REPRODUCTION: Vital for normal reproduction The Synergy of Vitamins A, D and K Vitamin K activates proteins after

signaling by Vitamins A and D Vitamins A and D tell cells to make certain proteins Food Sources of Vitamin K TESTED SOURCES Natto (fermented soy) Goose Liver Cheeses

OTHER PROBABLE SOURCES Goose, Duck and Chicken Fat Egg Yolk Crustacean Butter (Hepatopancreas)

Butter Bone Marrow Chicken Liver Other Organ Meats Fatty Meats

Fish Eggs Sauerkraut Fermented Cod Liver Oil Peruvian Girl Peruvian Girl with

Dried Fish Eggs. . . for healthy babies. Activator X Vitamin A Vitamin D Zinc Iodine Special Fatty Acids All essential to healthy reproduction.

High-Vitamin Cod Liver Oil and High-Vitamin Butter Oil Dr. Weston Price found that high-vitamin cod liver oil (source of vitamins A and D) given with high-vitamin butter oil (source of vitamin K) was a very powerful

combination for mineral absorption. He used this combination to treat tooth decay, bone and growth problems, arthritis and many other disease conditions. If butter oil is not available, include other sources of vitamin K in the diet when

taking cod liver oil. How Much Cod Liver Oil? VITAMIN A Maintenance Dose Pregnancy and Lactation Illness or Recovery from Surgery Babies and Children

VITAMIN D 10,000 IU* 1000 IU 20,000 IU 2000 IU

Up to 90,000 IU for short period 9000 IU 5000 IU 500 IU

From 1 teaspoon high-vitamin CLO or 2 teaspoons regular cod liver oil. Use only WAPF-recommended brands. Taking Cod Liver Oil MIX WITH WATER, FRESH JUICE OR CREAM: Much easier than taking CLO on a spoon! Give to babies in an eye dropper BOOKS ON INFANT FEEDING: Before 1950, recommended 2 teaspoons cod liver oil for babies 3 months and older.

SYNERGY: Cod liver oil works synergistically with saturated fat. The best combination is cod liver oil in a diet containing butter from grass-fed cows. HIGH-VITAMIN BUTTER OIL: Recommended in addition to CLO for pregnant, nursing women and those with health problems. Key Nutrients for Brain Development VITAMIN A: Cod Liver Oil, Liver, Butter and Egg Yolks from Grass-Fed Animals

VITAMIN D: Cod Liver Oil, Lard, Butter and Egg Yolks from Grass-Fed Animals VITAMIN K: Butter, Egg Yolks and Organ Meats from Grass-Fed Animals CHOLINE: Liver, Egg Yolks DHA: Cod Liver Oil, Liver, Butter, Egg Yolks ZINC: Red Meat, Shell Fish Liver: No food higher in nutrients Per 100 g

Apple Carrots Red Meat Liver Phosphorus 6 mg 31 mg

140 mg 476 mg Iron .1 mg .6 mg

3.3 mg 8.8 mg Zinc .05 mg .3 mg

4.4 mg 4.0 mg Copper .04 mg .08 mg

.2 mg 12 mg Vitamin B2 .02 mg .05 mg

.2 mg 4.2 mg Vitamin A 0 0

40 IU 53,400 IU Vitamin C 7 mg 6 mg

0 27 mg .03 mg .1 mg .07 mg

.73 mg 0 0 1.84 mg 111.3 mg

Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Eat liver fried, grilled, with bacon, in sausage, pate and liverwurst. Calcium PRIMITIVE DIETS: At least 1500 mg per day US GOVT RECOMMENDATION: 800-1200 mg per day 1500 Mg Calcium is in:

5 7-8 40 9 32 4.5 78 Cups Whole Milk = 805 calories Ounces Cheese = 900 calories

Carrots = 1680 calories Cups Ice Cream = 2517 calories Chocolate Cupcakes = 4117 calories Cups Almonds = 4077 calories Slices Whole Wheat Bread = 4305 calories 4. All cultures cooked some or most of their food but they always ate some of their animal foods raw.

Examples of Raw Animal Foods Raw milk, butter and cream Raw cheeses Raw and marinated fish Raw shellfish (oysters, etc.) Traditional ethnic raw meat dishes (steak tartare, carpaccio, kibbeh, etc.) Vitamin B6 Deficiency Linked to

Diabetes PMS Heart disease Morning sickness Nervous disorders

Toxemia of pregnancy Cancer Sickle cell anemia Kidney failure Carpel Tunnel

Syndrome Asthma Alcoholism Real Cheese 5. High Levels of Enzymes and Beneficial Bacteria

Types of Enzymes METABOLIC DIGESTIVE FOOD (1,000s discovered)

(about 22) (3 types) Delta desaturase Pancreatin Amalyses

Superoxide dismutase Pepsin Lipases Trypsin Proteases

Gluththione peroxidase Catalase Lysyl oxidase Lactase Galactase Phosphatase

When the diet contains food enzymes, the body is spared from making some digestive enzymes and therefore has more energy. Food enzymes are destroyed at 118o F wet heat, 150o F dry heat. Examples of Enzyme-Rich Foods Raw dairy products Raw meat and fish Raw honey Tropical fruits Cold pressed oils (extra virgin olive oil)

Wine and unpasteurized beer Lacto-fermented (enzyme enhanced) vegetables fruits meats fish dairy products beverages Beneficial Bacteria

OLD PARADIGM: Healthy human body is sterile and microbes attack it, making us sick. NEW PARADIGM: Healthy human body lives in symbiotic relationship with microorganisms. SIX POUNDS of healthy bacteria in our digestive tract Digest our food Assist in assimilation Create nutrients Protect us against toxins Help us feel good

Without good bacteria, we are dead! Lacto-Fermented Condiments provide enzymes and good bacteria Beet relish Pineapple chutney Ginger carrots

Raspberry syrup Cortido Apricot butter (spicy So. American sauerkraut) Lacto-Fermented Beverages

Kombucha Kvass Sour Grain Drink Resources The Weston A. Price Foundation Quarterly Magazine Informational Brochures

Yearly Shopping Guide Annual Conference Local Chapters Books from NewTrends Publishing, (877) 707-1776 NewTrends DVD Series Five-Hour Seminar on

Nourishing Traditional Diets The Oiling of America Dr. Prices Pioneering Work The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (619) 462-7600

Summary Traditional diets maximized nutrients while modern diets minimize nutrients TRADITIONAL DIETS MODERN DIETS Foods from fertile soil Organ meats over muscle meats

Animal fats Animals on pasture Dairy products raw and/or fermented Grains and legumes soaked/fermented Bone broths Unrefined sweeteners (honey, maple syrup) Lacto-fermented vegetables Lacto-fermented beverages Unrefined salt Natural vitamins in foods

Traditional Cooking Traditional seeds/Open pollination Foods from depleted soil Muscle meats, few organs Vegetable oils Animals in confinement Dairy products pasteurized Grains refined, extruded MSG, artificial flavorings

Refined sweeteners Canned vegetables Modern soft drinks Refined salt Synthetic vitamins added Microwave, Irradiation Hybrid seeds, GMO seeds

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