4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) 4-H SET

4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) 4-H SET

4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) 4-H SET Initiative Plan of Action Goal #1: Improve youth science literacy through educational programming that: 1. Use high quality curricula based on UC ANR initiatives 2. Prepare volunteer educators with effective professional development 3. Are designed to meet the needs of diverse youth audiences Goal #2: Advance the research-base of youth nonformal science education. Goal #3: Support the first two goals through effective resource development. Guided by the 4-H SET Leadership Team

Andrea Ambrose, Corporate and Foundation Major Gifts Officer, California 4-H Foundation Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty, County Director San Benito County & 4-H Youth Development Advisor Martin Smith, Associate CE Specialist, Youth Curriculum Development, UCD Steven Worker, 4-H Science, Engineering, and Technology Coordinator, YFC Key Accomplishments 2008-2014 Professional Development: Prepared hundreds of 4-H staff and volunteers to facilitate high quality science education; e.g., hosted the 2012 Western Region 4-H Science Academy & numerous workshops.

Curriculum Development: Developed, tested, and disseminated over a dozen 4-H science-related curricula. Research and Evaluation: Published over 20 research and evaluation studies in JOE, CalAg, Afterschool Matters, and others. Partnerships: Strengthened collaborations with external stakeholders; e.g., Lawrence Hall of Science, California Afterschool Network. Fund Development: Secured over $2.4 million in support for 4-H SET programs and activities from USDA, ANR, corporations,

foundations, and cost recovery/program fee sources. Examples of Key Youth Outcomes 1. 91% of California 4-H members report liking science. 2. California high school students who participate in sciencerelated 4-H programming take more and higher level science courses than their non-4-H peers. 3. 4-H members are 1.5X as likely to do well in science classes. 4. 4-H girls are 2X as likely to have plans to pursue science careers. Future Efforts 2015 and onward Program development in the areas of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Water Environmental/Ecosystem education Animal science and bio-security Plant science, gardening Connections between science and engineering Capacity Building 6. Build 4-H professionals (staff & academic) capacity to provide effective professional development for volunteer educators 7. Build organizational capacity of the California 4-H for durability and sustainability. Linking to Water Quality, Quantity, and Security 4-H SET efforts have initiated programming for youth to learn about human interventions in the water cycle

and then apply this knowledge through a service-learning project. 4-H efforts to improve science literacy in the area of watershed science not only provides youth with the opportunity to engage in a critical local issue, it also expands UC ANR's reach to the youth who will be responsible for developing and implementing water policies in the future. - Darren Haver, Water Quality Advisor, South Coast REC and Orange County Director Linking to Endemic and Invasive Pests and Diseases ANR has a history of supporting 4-H youth in animal science projects where they care

for, breed, grow, show and market their products. Recent efforts focus on help 4-H youth develop biosecurity practices that will reduce the risk of disease spread. Projects include: publishing the Bio-Security in 4-H Animal Science curriculum (Smith et al.) conducting research funded by a 2013 ANR grant planning the inaugural 2015 State Animal Science Symposium Linking to Sustainable Food Systems

The Discovering Healthy Choices curriculum developed through a 2011 ANR Grant is a multi-component, school-based approach to supporting regional agriculture, promoting healthy behaviors, and reducing childhood obesity. Education Goal: youth learn about the nutrition in foods we eat and the connections with agriculture science, native plants and animals. Research Goal: Identifying promising practices for science and nutrition education.

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