What Have We Learned & Whats Next? 7th

What Have We Learned & Whats Next? 7th

What Have We Learned & Whats Next? 7th September 2016 Neil Buxton General Manager CRP Performance National Context CRP Performance All Designated Lines Designated Line Performance All Designated Lines [35] 2,600,000 2,400,000 Journeys 2,200,000 2,000,000

1,800,000 1,600,000 1,400,000 1,200,000 1,000,000 P 01 08 P 05 08 P 09

08 P 13 08 P 04 09 P 08 09 P 12 09 P

03 10 P 07 10 P 11 10 P 02 11 P 06 11

P 10 11 1 20 P1 5 20 P1 9 20 P1 Period 3 21 P1

4 30 P1 8 30 P1 2 31 P1 3 40 P1 7 40 P1 1 41

P1 2 50 P1 6 50 P1 0 51 P1 1 60 P1 5 60 P1 9

60 P1 3 61 P1 4 70 P1 8 70 P1 2 71 P1 CRP Performance Growth: Period 1 2006/07 to Period 4 2016/17 TOP FIVE COMMUNITY RAIL PARTNERSHIPS CRP

TRAIN OPERATOR 1. Bristol TM Severn Beach Great Western Railway % GROWTH SINCE 2006-07 206% 2. Truro - Falmouth Great Western Railway 155.1% 3. Derby - Matlock East Midlands Trains 128.8% 4. Exeter - Barnstaple Great Western Railway

112.0% 5. Oxenholme - Windermere Northern 96.8% (Transferred from TPE 1.4.16) The Value of Community Rail CR lines can demonstrate a rate of growth 2.8% above that normally expected from regional lines CRPs more than pay for themselves, adding economic, social and environmental value 3,200 CR volunteers give 250,000 hours per year in support, giving additional financial value to the railway of 3.4m pa Station adoption is an outstanding low-cost/high-benefit measure, particularly where security or other problems can be addressed without high capital expenditure.

Community Hubs DfT keen to develop social enterprises and community businesses based around redundant railway buildings The aim is to make the station the focal point of its local community a Community Hub Options could include pub, caf, post office, general store, bike hire, library, childrens nursery, meeting rooms, start-up office space etc etc etc etc.. [email protected] Station Etchingham, East Sussex Station Hubs & Pop-Up Buildings Recycled and converted 20 container Landeilo Station Hub

The Caboose Community Stations - Gobowen Severn- Dee Travel Community Ticket Office Severn-Dee Travel Community Caf Community Stations - Northwich The Zone work training opportunity and cyber-caf Affordable Business Opportunities Whitby station The Waiting Room

Independent No music No slot machines No TV No lager Just good beer and good company! Waiting Shelters Gainsborough Central Kents Bank Waiting shelters dont have to be like this Belper the next generation

And theres always the station garden, big. Hindley or small! Some great examples from our friends in Scotland.. Local Authority Involvement Local authorities are struggling financially However, its important that they remain engaged and involved CRPs and station adopters can still deliver a number of their outputs: Social cohesion Environment Regeneration Access to work, education and health Community Rail in 83 UK Local Authorities!

Bath And North East Somerset Bedfordshire Blackburn With Darwen Blackpool Brighton And Hove Bristol

Caerphilly /Caerffili Cambridgeshire Carmarthenshire /Sir Gaerfyrddin Cheshire Cheshire East Clwyd Conwy/Conwy Cornwall And Isles Of Scilly County Durham Cumbria Cumbria

Derby Derbyshire Dyfed East Lothian East Renfrewshire East Riding Of Yorkshire East Sussex

Edinburgh Essex Flintshire/Sir Y Fflint Glasgow Gloucestershire Greater London

Greater Manchester Gwynedd /Gwynedd Halton Hampshire Herefordshire County Of Hertfordshire

Highland Inverclyde Isle Of Wight

Leicestershire Lincolnshire Medway Merseyside Midlothian Milton Keynes Norfolk North Somerset North Yorkshire Northumberland Nottingham Nottinghamshire Oxfordshire Perth And Kinross Peterborough Plymouth Powys - Powys

Redcar And Cleveland Scottish Borders Shropshire Somerset

South Gloucestershire South Yorkshire Staffordshire Stirling Stoke-On-Trent Suffolk Surrey Swansea /Abertawe Torbay Tyne And Wear Warrington Warwickshire West Sussex West Yorkshire Wiltshire Worcestershire Wrexham/Wrecsam Where Heritage meets Community. ng i r ke

c i P v Le am i sh < North Yorkshire Moors Railway > North Yorkshire Moors Railway nd a l ath o G < Northern Rail >

Middlesbrough GROSMO NT Sleights Ruswarp WHITBY Where next? RSSB/DfT: Heritage & Community Rail Tourism Grant 75,000 grant to publicise and encourage visiting the UK by local rail Involving links to many other organisations Ready by May 2017 Several languages

Website Concept Website Mockup ACoRP Re-organisation Three key drivers: ACoRP member survey revealed shortcomings of delivery in certain fields No succession strategy and ageing staff! (also includes diversity agenda) Arriva Rail North franchise commitments (and possibly others in the future) The Main Aims To refine ACoRPs internal structure To give the CEO a more strategic role To help ARN deliver their franchise commitments With the ARN funding, aim to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts To deliver a better product overall to both ACoRPs members and the wider rail industry

New Working Areas Operations CRPs; station adopters; community stations; Welsh and Scottish liaison. Improved delivery in the areas of Training, Induction and New Uses for Unused Railway Property Commercial & Administration Events; training; communications; office management; Training and HR roles will be outsourced as required. Improved delivery in the areas of Marketing, Communications, Access to Funding; Links with Tourism & Heritage facilities Finance Financial matters; financial oversight and reporting New ACoRP Posts Heavy type: post to be filled Light type: post filled This is a railway. but this is THE railway

www.acorp.uk.com The Old Water Tower Huddersfield Railway Station St Georges Square Huddersfield HD1 1JF

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