Microgoniophotometer By: Team 11541 Sadaf Mackertich Jeffrey Herbert

Microgoniophotometer By: Team 11541 Sadaf Mackertich Jeffrey Herbert

Microgoniophotometer By: Team 11541 Sadaf Mackertich Jeffrey Herbert Peter Bowlin Lemuel Lebron Functional Decomposition Initialization Process Calibration Process

Measurement Process Customer Needs Specifications Complete System System Components Sample Holder RGB Light Holder Camera Zoom, F-Stop and Focus Polarizing Lens

Polarizing Lens Holder Sample Holder Balloon View Feasibility From Experiment: From Motor: From Existing Camera: F2=0.55 lbf T1=2.604 in-lbf R2=0.946 in R3=2.25 in

R1=.75 in Torque required: Solving for T1=0.173 in-lbf Sample Holder Exploded Video Camera Zoom, F-stop and Focus Balloon View Feasibility S=r S=2(c)tanc)tanc)tan c)tanc=difference between pitch circles c)tanc = r/2tan

c)tanc(c)tan1 degree) = 0.0759 in Max Stress: 6*10^5 Pa FOS:450 Camera Zoom, F-stop and Focus Exploded Video Camera Zoom, F-stop and Focus Video LED Holder Balloon View LED Holder Exploded Video

Feasibility c=Critical Angle A=Acceptance Applying: Outputs: nclad=1.46 ncore=1.48 nair=1.00 c=9.43o A=14.03o

Chose A=10.00o Automated Polarizing Lens Balloon View Automated Polarizing Lens Video Light Bar Polarizer Holder Balloon View Original UML Diagram Arneys Algorithm Previously in Java MathCAD Results atch

not m Does Java Results Proposed UML Diagram State Pattern - Increases extendibility of the program by encapsulating different behaviors that a single class will exhibit into external state classes

- Reduces large clumps of ifelse blocks and case statements, thus making the code easier to read and understand Phidget Controller and Listeners - The Phidgets controller already comes with a library of functions to plug into the program - The program will make use of these various Listener interfaces to implement complete User control of the motors, needed in

adjusting zoom, focus, and fstop Strategy Pattern - The Strategy pattern will again improve the programs modularity and extendibility by encapsulating the gloss measurement algorithm as a separate. - Future revisions to the program will allow more than one algorithm to be used and selected amongst others

Builder Pattern - The Builder pattern separates data representation from manipulation so as to de-couple as many class dependencies as possible. - It will be used in the program to efficiently implement a means of providing multiple forms of output using the same resulting data Likelihood

Severity Importance Risks Action to Minimize Risk 2 2 4

Create precise CAD model Jeff, Sadaf, Pete Cannot deliver one Extremely difficult to simple to use executable program within time file frame 3 2

6 Meet with software professionals Lemuel Fail to automate device Incorrect part was ordered or delivered 1

2 2 Prioritize tasks to limit time loss Sadaf, Pete Sample loader destroys samples Function of the device is lost

Flawed design 1 2 2 Test on thinner paper and create a factor of safety. Manually controlled. Jeff 5

Sample holder fails to keep sample tight to cylinder surface Cannot acquire a proper measurement Flawed design 2 1

2 Check prototype and modify as necessary Jeff 6 Motors fail to operate under normal conditions Project will be set back until new camera is

purchased Incorrect choice of motors 1 3 3 Create limits Sadaf, Jeff,

Pete 7 Damage to Circuitry Cannot operate device Improper program of circuitry or water damage 1

3 3 Create cover for circuitry Lemuel 8 LEDs burn out Limits test spectrum range

Overuse 1 1 1 Create easy to change LED holders and purchase extra. Lemuel

9 Seepage of light from LED holder Improper measurements Flawed design 1 3

3 Place rubber over exposed areas. Jeff, Sadaf, Lemuel, Pete 10 Camera optics break Project cannot continue Improper installation

1 3 3 Purchase a new camera with known F-Stop Jeff, Sadaf, Lemuel, Pete 11

Fail to machine parts correctly Fail to automate machine Incorrect measurements 2 2

4 Purchase cheap, replaceable parts Jeff, Sadaf, Pete ID Risk Item Effect Cause

1 Interference with motors and housing Fail to automate device Imprecise measurements 2 Fail to incorporate all

software aspects 3 Parts fail to meet criteria 4 Owner Importance Action to Minimize Risk

Owner 2 2 Research stronger LEDs that can be ordered with low lead time Sadaf 3

6 Order enough stock to increase ring thickness Jeff 1 1 1 Use adjustable bolts to

level horizontal surface in the device Pete Dirty Polarizing Lens 3 1 3

Order new polarizing lens and install on existing housing Pete Uncomfortable use Too high spring constant 1

1 1 Research springs with lower spring constants with low lead times Jeff Outputs incorrect Incorrect programming

3 3 9 Rectify the existing Java program with Mathcad code with Jon Arney Lem 6

Create assembly fixture to epoxy pinion gears to motors research helical gear vendors with low lead times Jeff ID Sub Function Risk Item

Effect Cause Likelihood Severity Updated Risks 1 RGB Light Holder

LED Intensity is too low Low measurement resolution Weak LEDS 1 2 Gear Ring

Countersink breaks through side of ring Ring will not secure onto camera Broken Countersink 2 3 Polarizing Light

Bar Horizontal Position angled Polarized light is not correctly filtered Angled Holder 4 Polarizing Lens Existing polarizing lens

creates disturbance in the image due to Artifacts are generated in the measured images 5 Sample Holder Spring is too strong to be comfortably used 6

Software Math calculations do not produce correct results Gear Ring Backlash due to offset centers creates error in movement of camera components 7

Movement of camera components is inaccurate Offset centers 2 3 Gantt Chart

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