Switzerland Point Middle School Expectations Assembly Fairness We

Switzerland Point Middle School Expectations Assembly Fairness  We

Switzerland Point Middle School Expectations Assembly Fairness We want students to know what are our expectations for behavior. We follow a system of demerits (progressive discipline) We follow the St Johns County Code of Conduct What to expect in the Deans office We do investigate all incidents We do give you an opportunity to tell your side of the

story Decisions about consequences are based upon the investigation and are in line with the St. Johns County Code of Conduct. Daily Conduct 4th demerit 1st demerit, 2nd demerit, 3rd demerit: Detention Sent to Dean

Lunch 5th demerit Sent to Dean 1 Day ISS 6th demerit 2 Days ISS 7th demerit 1 Day OSS

8th demerit 2 days OSS Warning, Parent Notification Dress Code Shirts with Cold Shoulder Sleeves These are allowed!

Yoga Pants/Leggings-Allowed (but with exceptions) NO! Shirt must be same length in the front and back and long enough to cover your butt. Yoga Pants/Leggings-Allowed (but with exceptions) ! S E

Y Toys are not allowed TARDY POLICY 3rd TARDY to class = lunch detention (will be issued by the Deans) 4th TARDY = 2 lunch detentions (will be issued by the Deans) EACH TARDY AFTER #4 = 1 DAY ISS (will be issued by the Deans for each subsequent tardy) The hallways are crowded. It is imperative that you walk on the right side of the halls. Walk forward at all times paying attention to others around you. Do NOT Run! In the smaller hallways, you can NOT walk two or three side by side. You have to walk single file

to allow enough room for students to access their lockers and for traffic to flow both directions. NO ROAMING! A demerit for defiance will be given to those who roam. Hallways Small HallwaysDown on BLUE; Back on BLACK! Gray Tiles are Neutral Zones for lockers Main HallwaysStay to the right of the blue! NO GUM! EVER! Chewing gum is not allowed on campus. Violations result in a demerit


t e m ti h g u o n e t No in r

e k c . s o l s a l o t c Y

go R E V E n e e w t be K C O

L R U O Y LOCK r u o y e r a h

s T O N o D n o ti a n i b m

o c PUT THE CELL PHONES AWAY Cell phones are not allowed on your person. They can not be in your pockets. They must be turned off and placed in a book bag, purse or locker. They may not be used during the school day which INCLUDES morning drop-off or at dismissal. Your phone will be confiscated! I was texting my mom.

Social Media Do not post anything that you wouldnt want your Grandparent to see. Nothing is private . . . expect it to be screen shotted, forwarded and shown to everyone!!!! If you see anything inappropriate tell a trusted adult. DELETE does not mean DELETE!!! Buses Face the front Riding the bus is a privilege and you can be removed

from the bus if you cannot act appropriately Conversational voices Classroom rules apply Bus stop is considered school, the same rules at school apply to the bus stop. NO BUS PASSES Violations result in bus

referrals Referrals can result in loss of riding privilege NO BUS PASSES NO BUS PASSES CAFETERIA/PATIO Get in line as soon as you arrive. No skipping in line. IF YOU TOUCH A FOOD ITEM THEN YOU MUST BUY IT. Get everything you need when you go through the line, no going back in to the line One Raider Buck to eat on the patio. Spiritwear Out every Friday.

Do not touch anyone elses food. Cafeteria is monitored by video, do NOT leave your trash! Eating in the cafeteria is a privilege, not a right! No switching seats . Recycle CORRECTLY! Dos

Relax! Eat ONLY on tile Talk with friends Read personal books Play Games Enjoy Makers Space Work on homework

Clean up after yourself Check out SPMS books Follow all school rules ch n u l r e p s t n

e d u t d s e v 0 t r 3 s e

Only st ome, 1 s 1 c Donts Leave a mess at your table. Be disruptive or rude. Read SPMS books while eating or drinking. Eat on the carpet. Leave your backpacks in the walkways

RAIDER BUCK$ Must have your name & teacher signature to use or will be confiscated. Cannot give your bucks to another student Use them for ice cream on Fridays and/or to sit outside on the patio. DONT BE A BULLY! Report Any Bullying Consequences can be severe up to and including suspension and/or arrest

TELL US WHEN SOMETHING ISNT RIGHT! HORSEPLAY RESULTING IN INJURY Can result in suspension Length of suspension depends on severity of injury- not the intent! KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FEET TO YOURSELF! Dismissal Top & bottom lockers are released separately for safety reasons. After you access your locker, you need to exit

the building. There is NO waiting for friends or roaming around. If you need to see a teacher or use the restroom, do so BEFORE you access your locker. Demerits will be given to those who are roaming. No cell phones, if you have a cell phone out it will be confiscated (NO PHONES ANYWHERE ON CAMPUS: FRONT LOOP or BUS LOOP) Do not hang around, roam around, and stop and talk (Bikers and walkers need to leave when dismissed) Stealing If you take anything that does not belong to you, it is STEALING! Does not matter how small it is (gum, candy,

1 chicken nugget) Stealing WILL RESULT in an automatic (minimum) 1 day out of school suspension May result in charges being filed KNIVES and other CONTRABAND WHAT TO DO IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY BRING IT TO SCHOOL: Bring it immediately to a staff member (Teacher, coach, dean, principal) Holding on to it may result in suspension and more severe

consequences All level 4 offenses (alcohol, drugs, battery, weapons, contraband, major acts of misconduct, etc.) are automatically a 10 day suspension AND Gaines referral for alternate placement. Gaines placement can be a 45 or 90 day placement (or more) Off campus felony arrest Gaines placement does not end because school year does, it carries over to next year!

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