Los Angeles Mission College Accreditation Training May 29,

Los Angeles Mission College Accreditation Training May 29,

Los Angeles Mission College Accreditation Training May 29, 2015 Purpose of the Training Better understanding of addressing the standards

New ways of searching for and collecting evidence Preserving evidence in different formats Training materials

Folder materials Resource sheet Low Tech Clicker cards Training evaluation

sheet After the training: PowerPoints posted to the ASC resource web page Questions and answers

posted on website Participation Audience response system (Low tech clicker cards) Question cards Peer discussion

Lets have a peer discussion Lets have a

beer What are the things we are most proud of that stand out? Tell us about them. Goal of the ACCJC symposium was to pick out areas of emphasis scenarios that were designed to make people think. Response card question Who has primary responsibility for providing

leadership for Accreditation? A. Faculty through the Academic Senate B. Accreditation Liaison Officer C. Faculty ASC Co-chairs D. Chief Executive Officer Format for the report

1. Standard section 2. Evidence of Meeting the Standard 3. Analysis and Evaluation (Whether or not, and to what degree does evidence demonstrate that the institution meets each standard? How has the institution reached this conclusion?) II.C.2. The institution identifies and assesses learning support outcomes for its student population and provides appropriate student support services and programs to achieve those outcomes. The institution uses assessment data to continuously improve student support programs and services.

SCENARIO II.C.2 The institution uses a single student survey as its means to assess student support services. The survey is administered once per year. Does this evidence support that the college meets the Standard? Clicker vote A for Yes or B for No. Would a student survey alone be sufficient for an institution to demonstrate it

has appropriately identified the student services it should offer? TO THINK ABOUT: Do all students complete the survey? Is student self-reporting of their service usage or perceived need sufficient to guide the offering of student services that are appropriate to achieve learning outcomes for the colleges entire student population? How is this survey used for filling service gaps and for continuous improvement of student services?

II.A.4. If the institution offers pre-collegiate level curriculum, it distinguishes that curriculum from college level curriculum and directly supports students in learning the knowledge and skills necessary to advance to and succeed in college level curriculum. (Pulls out pre-collegiate curriculum for emphasis

Expresses the expectation that pre-collegiate curriculum is distinguished from the college level curriculum. Identifies the need for pre-collegiate curriculum to support advancement to college level curriculum). SCENARIO

II.A.4 The English department has developed a map showing students how to navigate from pre- collegiate courses through transfer level courses. This map is available in the department and in the course schedule, but not in the catalog. Does this evidence support that the college meets the Standard? Clicker vote A for Yes or B for No. Is there a definition of pre-collegiate and are courses in that category so identified?

Is the pre-collegiate curriculum geared toward preparation of students for success in the college level curriculum? Does the departmental mapping take into account desired time to completion? Is there regular work between faculty doing precollegiate instruction and those teaching collegiate courses, to ensure alignment of SLOs?

II.C.3. The institution assures equitable access to all of its students by providing appropriate, comprehensive, and reliable services to students regardless of service location or delivery method. (ER 15) EXAMPLE II.C.3 The Counseling Center holds daytime and evening hours, and offers email or web service through its appointment system.

The college has discontinued hard copies of class schedules, but now provides an adequate number of computers for student use on its campus and outreach centers. II.C.5. The institution provides counseling and/or academic advising programs to support student development and success and prepares faculty and other personnel responsible for the advising function. Counseling and advising programs orient students to ensure they understand the requirements related to their programs of study and receive timely, useful, and accurate information about relevant academic requirements, including graduation and transfer policies. EXAMPLE

II.C.5 A department offers an orientation session for students interested in a particular program, so that they understand the educational requirements and the preparation for careers they will receive. Counselors distribute course sequencing materials to students as they plan their class schedules for the next year. Searching for evidence Evidence can include:

Policies Operational documents Minutes Reports Screen captures from Web sites Emails

Other sources ACCREDITATION EVIDENCE LABELING & SENDING EVIDENCE ([email protected]) Sample Text/Narrative:

Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) is committed to ensuring that all instructional programs address and meet the mission of the institution as stated in Standard I. The recently revised College Mission Statement was approved by the Board of Trustees on October 17, 2012 and states the following: (II.A-1) Sample Evidence List: STANDARD II.A EVIDENCE

II.A-1 Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees Minutes October 17, 2012 Sample E-mail submission: To: [email protected] Cc:

On the Subject line, list the Standard section that the evidence is for. Subject: Standard II.A.1

II.A-1 Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees Minutes October 17, 2012 Response card question File names for evidence submitted should contain how many characters in length? A. 15 or less

B. 20 or less C. 27 or less D. 35 or less The old way of searching for evidence Rod Austria

Show visiting team how we are reflective and show plan to improve Dont just try to look good Discuss challenges and action Cant say this is vexing for us and do nothing Question Cards?

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