CYLINDER REPAIRS A CLOSER LOOK 20+ Years Experience For over 20 years, Berendsen Fluid Power has been at the Forefront of Australias fluid power industry, nation wide. COMPANY SNAPSHOT Berendsen Fluid Power is a locally-owned hydraulic services provider. We provide an end-to-end range of products and services suited to well established, multi-site organisations. With nine fully equipped workshops across the country, Berendsen is one of Australias largest specialist hydraulic service providers. Our national footprint allows us to consistently provide high quality services, competitive prices and seamless communications for multi-site organisations. Our safety systems underpin a high level of safety awareness by staff, organisational standards and training to drive positive

outcomes. Our technical know-how, comprehensive workshop facilities and quality control combine to provide superior life and performance, from turnkey systems to rebuilt cylinders and components. Supported by our extensive workshop facilities, we maintain a fleet of field service vehicles manned by adaptable and highly skilled technicians who provide emergency response services in addition to planned maintenance services and technical support. END-TO-END CYLINDER REPAIR PROCESS Many hydraulic cylinders at work in Australia today endure a torturous life under extreme conditions. While it is possible to quickly return a cylinder to basic working order after a component failure, a superficial repair is usually temporary. Specialised equipment and an understanding of the complex forces, tolerances and materials involved is required to restore the original performance and reliability of the unit. Here is a look at the end-toend process that makes Berendsen Fluid Power a leading cylinder repair facility trusted by Australian industry. CYLINDER DISASSEMBLY Our facilities feature heavy overhead cranes and

special purpose disassembly equipment including hydraulic nut tensioning devices to handle very long, large bore cylinders. Our special purpose cylinder disassembly benches can accommodate cylinders up to 12,000mm length and 600mm bore and can develop up to 90,000Nm nut tensioning torque and 20 tonne pull apart force. INSPECTION/EVALUATION Cylinder condition is evaluated down to the micrometre through digital and manual measuring and testing equipment to assess tolerances, bore concentricity, rod straightness, crack detection, chrome hardness and thickness, and surface finish. Our extensive experience in cylinder failure diagnosis enables us to identify the underlying cause of wear or catastrophic failure. END-TO-END CYLINDER REPAIR PROCESS RELIABILITY ENGINEERING Through sophisticated simulation software, our in-house engineering department is capable of analysing stress concentrations in cylinder components to determine whether the material and component design is optimal for the application. Berendsens in-house engineers can then redesign components to significantly improve the reliability and longevity of cylinder components. New designs are tested and verified by computer simulation prior to

manufacture, ensuring the long-term performance of every component. REPLACEMENT PARTS AND SEALS Where original spare parts are not readily available Berendsen employs high-speed CNC machines and other devices to rapidly manufacture cylinder components in-house at our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. Our engineering department utilises CAD design to ensure all manufacturing details conform to specifications and we have an extensive library of component designs for a wide range of equipment types. In addition, our close working relationship with seal manufacturer Hallite gives us access to a complete range of high quality standard seals. Where required, Hallite will design and machine seals to our exact specifications immediately, from a wide range of materials. END-TO-END CYLINDER REPAIR PROCESS MACHINING AND RECONDITIONING Our knowledge of OEM specs and cylinder tolerances gives us the ability to

accurately assess those parts that may be reused or reconditioned, and those that must be re-manufactured. Berendsen has the equipment and expertise on site to perform machining operations to properly recondition cylinder components. Where possible, we may reclaim worn surfaces through welding processes utilising specialised jigs and rotators. Berendsens in-house machining and welding capabilities include: Turning up to 8,000mm length and 1,000mm diameter Honing up to 8,000mm length and 650mm diameter Milling up to 1,800mm x 600mm x 750mm Boring up to 3,000mm deep and 600mm diameter Deep hole drilling up to 3,000mm deep and 150mm diameter Submerged arc welding up to 1,000mm diameter Vertical feed rotator for bronze loading up to 1,000mm diameter Clevis bore reclamation up to 350mm deep x 450mm diameter CHROME PLATING / SURFACE ENGINEERING Depending on customer requirements, piston rods are reconditioned by applying a range of surface treatments to restore or improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the rod. These include chrome plating, nickel plating, thermal spraying, laser cladding and heat treatments. Occasionally cylinder bores are also chrome plated for added corrosion and wear resistance. Berendsens in-house chrome plating capacities include:

Preparation line comprised of caustic stripping baths and acid etching baths Chromic acid baths up to 3,800mm solution depth Cylindrical grinding and linishing up to 4,000mm length x 600mm diameter END-TO-END CYLINDER REPAIR PROCESS ASSEMBLY Over two decades of industry specific experience in longwall mining, heavy mobile equipment, mineral processing and manufacturing applications combine with in-depth knowledge of precise cylinder assembly procedures, special purpose cylinder assembly benches and calibrated nut tensioning tools to ensure correct torque specifications are achieved. TESTING Our facilities are equipped to accurately test cylinders using a range of fluid mediums, including mineral oil, water glycol and solcenic fluid. Our testing facilities have the capacity to verify cylinder performance up to 600 bar static pressure. Berendsen is also capable of developing customer-specific testing procedures to verify cylinder performance

under specified conditions, such as induced loads, using purpose-built cylinder test frames. PAINTING AND FINISHING Cylinders are primed, painted, packaged and finished to customer requirements in our in-house paint shops. OPEN CUT MINING Heavy Mobile Equipment Mineral Processing Berendsen Fluid Power is particularly well known for having extensive industry experience in heavy-duty cylinder overhaul services for mobile mining equipment, including: Dump trucks - front and rear struts, hoist cylinders and steering cylinders Excavators - boom, stick, bucket, clam and track adjuster cylinders Bulldozers - blade lift, blade tilt and ripper cylinders Loaders - bucket lift cylinders Berendsen Fluid Power is one of only a few Australian companies

that can provide large scale cylinder overhaul services for mineral processing and materials handling, including: Crushers - tramp release cylinders Stacker reclaimers - luffing cylinders Car dumpers - wheel lock and gripper cylinders Filter press cylinders LONGWALL MINING Longwall Equipment Development Equipment Berendsen Fluid Power supply and refurbish longwall mining equipment, including: Leg cylinders DA rams Base lift cylinders Flipper cylinders Side shield cylinders Coal clearance cylinders Ranging arm cylinders

Berendsen Fluid Power supply and repair cylinders for development equipment, including: Continuous miners - sheer, TRS/conveyor/apron and roof bolting cylinders Shuttle cars - steering cylinders and floor jacks Underground loaders - bucket lift, tilt and steering cylinders Drill rigs - feed cylinders and tilt cylinders MANUFACTURING Stationary Plant and Equipment For more than two decades Berendsen has built a reputation in the Australian manufacturing sector for the expert repair and refurbishment of cylinders used in heavy-duty industrial applications, including furnaces, casters, rolling mills, rod mills, coilers, slitters, finishing mills, coke ovens, hydraulic presses, extrusion presses and many more applications. Our experience extends to harsh environments where high-temperatures, corrosive fumes, dust, vibration, moisture and other factors in the manufacturing environment have an adverse effect on the working life of cylinders. Through hard-earned experience our repair techniques have evolved to improve the reliability of rebuilt cylinders, reducing downtime and saving money for our clients. Our specialties include: Mill type cylinders Large bore cylinders Furnace tilt cylinders NFPA tie-rod cylinders Trunnion mount cylinders Mud gun cylinders Heavy duty round-line cylinders

Slide-gate cylinders Stainless steel cylinders CIVIL CONSTRUCTION RECYCLING Mobile Equipment Scrap Metal Processing Equipment At Berendsen we understand that time is everything in the construction business and you can expect us to handle each and every repair with the utmost urgency. We have experience in the repair of cylinders for mobile equipment used in construction projects, including: Medium-sized excavators - boom, bucket and stick cylinders Articulated dump trucks - tub-hoist and steering cylinders Tipper-trucks - multi-stage hoist cylinders Wheel loaders - bucket and steering cylinders Graders - blade shift, steering and articulation cylinders Dozers - blade lift, blade tilt and ripper cylinders In the recycling business uptime is everything and for over two

decades Berendsen has overhauled the long, large-bore cylinders used in critical applications such as bailing presses and metal shears. Berendsens facilities are equipped with the overhead cranes, cylinder stripping benches and machine tools necessary to recondition the long, large bore cylinders found in recycling equipment. Additionally our team possess the application-specific know-how that is essential to achieve an effective, long-term repair. Adelaide 08 7221 0300 10 Tikalara St, Regency Park, SA 5010 WE PROVIDE QUALITY HYDRAULIC SERVICE AND REPAIR AUSTRALIA WIDE Brisbane 07 3120 3200 20 Bernoulli St, Richlands, QLD 4077 Bundaberg 07 4181 0300 29 Steptoe St, Bundaberg, QLD 4670

Mackay 07 4999 5400 229 Boundary Rd, Mackay, QLD 4740 Melbourne 03 9760 5000 7 London Dr, Bayswater, VIC 3153 Newcastle 02 4915 1800 10-18 Carbine Cl, Wallsend, NSW 2287 Perth 08 9353 1066 We have been at the forefront of Australias hydraulic industry for over 20 years, offering a comprehensive range of fluid power service and repair facilities, products and system solutions, as well as our own range of manufactured products.

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