Global Technology Associates Reston, VA | San Diego,

Global Technology Associates Reston, VA | San Diego,

Global Technology Associates Reston, VA | San Diego, CA Phone: 703-476-8999 GTA Company Confidential Summary Customer pain points GINA strengths and accomplishments GINA solvable challenges and competition Historical business models Go forward plan GTA Company Confidential

Where's the pain? Tools Perspective Sales 101: To sell someone something there must be a gap between where they are and where they want to be Networks are complex and changing Engineering managers are under pressure to improve network performance without spending more money They have many tools collecting dust Too difficult to manage Not integrated No clear impact on network performance GTA Company Confidential Where's the pain? Services Perspective

Neighbor problems PN/PCI Footprint management Golden Parameter List (GPL) - parameter compliance Maintenance - performance tracking Mobility problems GTA Company Confidential Prevailing Views About Data Propagation models are out Drive test data is old school and expensive Network data and handset based data are the way

to go (eg HOM) GTA Company Confidential GINA Accomplishments/Advantages The benefit of starting a product later rather than sooner is that you can Learn from other companies experience Take advantage of new technology that was not previously available Old planning tool companies invested huge amounts of development in Map display and basic presentation Reporting Integration

The experience of the GTA team has enabled the small group to accomplish what larger groups took much longer The data architecture and presentation of geo-spatial data Dealing with the network interfaces GTA Company Confidential GINA Strengths Web GUI Easy install Easy upgrades Familiar user interface

Everyone using the same data All data in one place - all on one screen Context relevant pop-ups of related data Fast display of EXISTING data Site/Sector CM/PM/FM data Drive test Imported propagation GTA Company Confidential GINA (Solvable) Challenges Web GUI - Sense of lack of control Reports kick off and progress is unclear Users can produce results but the UI requires training Data timeliness and quality depend on connections

allowed by the customer and getting permission to have servers behind their firewall GTA Company Confidential Competition Handset based data collection and analysis Newfield Wireless (Tektronix) Geo Arieso (Viavi) Radio planning tools (Competition or partners? Network monitoring Big Data GTA Company Confidential

GINA Ecosystem and Competition Actix Alteryx Amdocs Anite Aricent Arieso Arintel Ascom - TEMS Astellia BelAir Celcite CelPlan CommScope ComputaMaps/GEOIMAGE Danal

EDX Wireless Eden Rock Comm ESRI FORSK GL Communications Global Wireless Solutions GTS - DAS iDatalytics InfoVista KORE Telematics Mosaik Solutions Mycom OSI Network Control Newfield Wireless, Inc. Nexius

NimbeLink P3 Communications GTA Company Confidential PI Works Planet Reverb Networks Rhode and Schwarz Sanjole Sevone Spirent SwissQual Tableau Tektronix Teoco

TTS Wireless Viavi Xceed Xeus Pro XTEND Historical Biz Models Ancient LCC Software was discounted significantly when sold with engineering services Engineering services were sold at premium levels justified by including cheap software Medieval Scoreboard Software was licensed at astronomical rates The software license included ridiculous levels of

support including all kinds of data collection and validation GTA Company Confidential Go Forward Plan Open to selling GINA in whatever way customers would like Focus on solutions and reporting until UI is upgraded and then focus product on facilitating engineering practices that result in verifiable network improvements UI enhancement should be possible to deliver early next year Solution services - is credible with customers and knows how to work with GINA to get results In the current model these engagements are one-offs. Need

to create sustained engagements. If we can become a part of the customer engineering and network management practices for 2-3 years this could represent significant revenue GTA Company Confidential Introducing GINA GINA works and it is easy to use UI is functional but requires training. Once the user is familiar with the product it enables the user to manage all of the data that is flowing into GINA The keys for a successful customer launch are Identification of the customer's pain points Development of specific GINA reporting and workflows to address their specific issues A significant introduction process is required after sale

to ensure that GINA is integrated into the operators best practices GTA Company Confidential Success Model SG ATG Solutions Group Advanced Technology Group SAT

Software, Applications, Tools GTA Company Confidential Better Model GTA! GTA! GTA Company Confidential Sustained Engagement A. Initial project 1. 2.

3. 4. Get agreement to do a solution oriented project Network audit Identify changes to improve network Implement B. Develop methodology from initial project as a template for other markets C. Negotiate a deal to deploy the methodology in other markets: 1. 2. 3.

Initial phase follows initial project Training phase customer learns methodology Maintenance phase GTA Company Confidential Sales List 1. ALU 2. Net America 3. Blue 4. Cell One of Arizona 5. Ericsson in Europe 6. Huawei in Latin America - Claro 7. Huawei in Latin America - Tego 8. Shantel - Shenandoah Wireless 9. Safari Com (Mozambique) 10. Sprint

11. Samsung 12. Cisco 13. Vodafone (Tanzania) 14. Tigo (Rwanda) GTA Company Confidential Product Sales Strategy Sell GINA as part of a solution to large operators Sell GINA as a stand alone product to smaller operators Adjust roadmap to specific customer needs Custom development Features and scripts that only one or two customers might want Custom pricing

GTA Company Confidential GINA 3.0 UI upgrade Integrated core and RAN planning Net America ALU Automated causal analysis of KPIs Big data-ish GTA Company Confidential

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